Tuesday, October 31, 2006


My earring broke today.

Jules :Oy

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I have to PP again.

PP #10 (? I'm too lazy to check and see what number of pet peeve I'm on) - Going over to someone's house smelling all fresh and yummy (because you've made the conscious effort to bathe and thoroughly cleanse, followed by lotions and some type of perfume), and then leaving smelling like you just smoked 10 packs of cigarettes because even though they may not actually be smoking around you, the stench of it is deep within their couch cushions and walls and if you're tall, your head is stuck in the permanent cloud that exists within their house. It seeps into your hair, your clothes, your lungs, and then the longer you stay there, the more you can actually taste the air and you leave feeling 5 years older than when you came... stinking to high heaven.

If you happen to be a smoker, don't be offended... just be aware of how you and your house likely smells. And I was worried about the cats?

Jules :O/

I'm a treasure

I like my horoscope today!

June 21 - July 21

This is a terrific day for you, dear Cancer, and you should find that your relationships go exceptionally well. Your tender and extremely sensitive nature is finally being recognized as the treasure chest that it is. There are many times in which this type of personality is seen as weak, yet today is one of those times in which you are given the full credit that you deserve.

Jules :O)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

A friend is a friend is a friend...

Welllllll, this is it. My 100th post! Happy Anniversary to me! I wish I had something good to write about. But I'm drawing a blank. So you know what? I think I'll save as draft and come back here when I can think of something that will either inspire you, entertain you, disgust you, or even just make you go Hmmmmm.

---25 seconds later---

I'm going to make this post a tribute to friends and family... especially family that you are so close with it feels like they are friends. I've come to realize that there's nothing more important in life than surrounding yourself with those you love.

When I was a kid in elementary school, I was very popular and had many friends, but I only had one best friend - I spent most of my adolescent life in the same small hick town (Athabasca, AB) and lived in a subdivision up on the hill, set apart from the rest of the town. Life was good there, I enjoyed my youth and I was free and happy. I lived across from Marty and I remember so many times where I snuck out of the house simply to lay in a wide open field at midnight and look up at the stars with him... okay so we got into some mischief too... but that's a whole nuther blog. Yup, good times with friends back then.

Then my family moved to a somewhat larger town (Lacombe, AB) when I was just starting Grade 10. I was devastated to leave behind all of my popularity and all of the people I grew up with. But even though I was the new kind on the block, I still managed to make a few friends that stuck with me for a while... and one who has remained a very close friend through the years. I treasure the experiences I had and the people who came in and out of my life throughout high school also. Although I think I blocked most of it out because at my high school reunion, I only remembered about 4 people!

My family moved away from me when I was finished Grade 12 and I chose to stay in Red Deer, with my future husband (obviously, an event not known at the time). I went to college, where I also met some great people and had a bond with a single soul.... but it didn't last. Our destiny for one another was to support eachother through college and then go our separate ways (by the way, I'd like my Mellencamp CD back... biatch!). Okay, so they don't all end well, but I take something from each relationship and learn from it in some form or fashion.

Through it all, my sister has been my rock. She's always been there for me, even when she lived 2 provinces away. I'll always be there for you too, sister! And now we live in the same city and get to see eachother often and I wouldn't want it any other way.

When I started working, after college, it was a somewhat lonely time for me. But at that time, I was too wrapped up in my romance with my hubby that it didn't matter. We had friends come and go, but really none stuck with me until I finally met Kim, and eventually let her work her magic on me! There's not a day that goes by that I'm not thankful for her friendship. She's my soul mate as far as best friends go. Ever had a friend who you could tell everything to, share everything with, even if you're afraid it's going to come out sounding lame? Yup - well, I share everything with her and she accepts me. That's my Kimmie. I love you!

And now, I have been so lucky as to add to my list of friends a group of online pals that I have made through the whole blogging experience. Each of them adds something to my life. They help me out when I'm feeling down, they share in laughter with me when I'm feeling good. They share my life's experiences with me through email and commentaries. And I wouldn't want to be without any of them.

A friend once said to me that people don't have time to think about other people on a daily basis... they get too busy all wrapped up in their own lives, worried about trivial things and don't have time to think about others. But for me, this isn't true at all. I disagree. I take the time to think about my friends and family, all those near and dear to me at least once every day. Sometimes it's just a fleeting thought as I wonder for a moment what they're doing, or how they're feeling today. Other times, I take a few minutes longer to connect with them in some form or fashion. But - if you are a friend or close family member, you can bet you've been in my thoughts today and every day... and that's something you can count on!

Love Jules :O*

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Okay, the meat thing - she was talking about an underdone hamburger that she felt obligated to eat at a birthday party she went to the other day. LOL! But leave it to me to immediately think of meat in the deroggatory sexual way!

Anyway - here are some random thoughts.

  • I don't care who you are or how prissy you think you are, you will stink up a bathroom sometime in your lifetime.
  • It seems to me that if you're going to spend the money on iCoke's in order to get movie tickets... the suppliers shouldn't be allowed to run out of movie tickets before you can order your 4th ticket. Now I've only got 3 tickets... and one of us will have to pay to get in.
  • Today I was Elvissed watching a flipping episode of Trading Spaces. I was mad. It was the least likely place I would have expected that kind of crap.
  • Do you grow accustomed to the smell of your own home? I have cats, and to me, the house doesn't smell like cats... but I'm curious - especially now that we're supposed to list it soon, does anyone else smell cat when they come over?
  • The slippers I bought on September 14th (I think htat was the date) are suddenly too big for me and are slipping off at the most inopportune times. I was curious - do your feet lose weight first when you start to lose weight?
  • My life is one gigantic post-it-note and I don't have any sort of annonymous group to join to help me with that.
  • Winter makes me itchy.
  • There are some moments in life that are inexplicably baffling... and no matter what you do, you can't reason with them. It's best just to let those moments pass and then psycho-analyze them the next morning after they come back to you in dreamland.
  • A best friend is a best friend forever and for always. Got that, best friend???! *HUG* In fact, I like to think about all my good-going-on-great friendships that way. Anyone got a problem with that?

Well, guess that's it for now. Ta ta!

Jules :O)

Monday, October 23, 2006

what do you do with your meat?

MAN!!!! OMG! Thanks for the laughs again sista!

I went to Shell's house for our weekly gathering to watch The Office and Psych (mmm, yummy dreams here I come). Afterwards we got chatting and the conversation took a turn for the funny. Shell was talking about poking at and playing with her meat... I burst in to a frenzy of giggledom, shaking uncontrollably on the bed with my silent laughter. Finally I took a breath and managed to say: HAhahahrwahahaha... playing with your meat!!! Mpwhph! And back I went into my shakefest.

Okay, you tell me, what was the topic of this conversation??? I want your guesses and I'll let you know in a day or two if anyone was right.

Jules :Oj

it is what it is (as a friend once said)

Life IS. Life is hard. Life is beautiful. Life is astonishing. Life is a grand scale of everythingness. Life is every emotion. Life is surprises. Life is endeavors. Life is disappointing and irrational. Life is treasures and balance. Life is unpredictable. Life IS.

Jules :O/

Sunday, October 22, 2006

do you remember your first time?

I sure didn't see this sneak up on me... but it happened. It happened and it really struck me hard!!! At least for the first minute or two and then I got over it. What happened? I know, I know, just spit it out.

Yesterday I was riding in Kim's car, we were coming back from the mall and all of a sudden she turns to me and says something like: Jules, I have to say something about this, it's been bugging me! So I'm all like: What is it?!?! She reaches over to me, points at my hair and says: You have a grey hair!!!!! Look! It's right there!! So I instantly fling down the sun visor to take a gander at this accusation and BOOM! There it is!!!! My FIRST grey hair. I'm pretty sure I let out a squeal or cry or whimper and amongst my baffled gibberish, managed to say: I'M OLD!!!!! And then it was pure silence before I declared... I have to yank it out!! Followed by uncontrollable giggling.

Tug. I pulled it and one other hair and just sat there in the passenger seat in shock and awe, looking at the long strand of WHITE... not grey... WHITE hair next to the natural brown one. Kim looked at me laughing her ass off and said welcome to the club!! I've never seen a grey hair on her scalp... but I do know she's had stories about them.

Now really, peeps. It's not a big deal... but for some reason - when you a woman and you find your first grey hair - your life flashes before your eyes and you wonder where time's gone. Now I kind of just wish I'd turned prematurely grey when I was 20 years old, ergo foregoing the whole connotation that greying means you're getting old.

Jules = :Ou

Friday, October 20, 2006

Can you relate to this?!!!!

Aaaahahahahha!! Okay, peeps. Di'ja know that apparently WalMart smells like fart? LOL!!

Tonight we went to WalMart to buy a birthday gift for a friend's son's birthday tomorrow. Following me so far? We're walking around and Chris says: I think Nate's poopy. I just shrugged it off, because I'd just changed a soiled bum before we left the house and it very seldom happens immediately after the next. But as we were standing in line, he made several references to it, sniffing the air a bit, but he just wasn't sure. We finished up paying for our stuff and proceeded to the checkout and then left the store. As soon as we got outside of WalMart, he declares: I think WalMart smells like fart!

I burst out laughing and I sarcastically snitched back: It smells like fart?

Him: Yes, it smells like fart!!

Me: What kind of fart does it smell like? Cheesy meatloaf fart? Spaghetti fart?

Him: What do you mean what kind of fart?! It just smells like... FART!

Me: I just wanted to see how many times I could make you say fart... (as I'm laughing my ass off at the obsurdity of the whole thing!)

The conversation carried on all the way to the car. We were both happy to be in the outside fresh air and away from the fart that is WalMart.

But then I got to thinking about it on the way home a little bit. WalMart probably DOES smell like fart. Especially this time of year when people are jam packed into the store to already start their Christmas shopping. Imagine all the bodily smells wafting through the air in any given store, then compound that with the sheer size of WalMart and how many people can squeeze into it. Then if you figure that if even only 1/3 of those people fart while shopping, you would have some maor toxic fumes to deal with! AND... given enough people fart while shopping, I would imagine it would start to seep into the surrounding clothes, thereby grasping the unfortunate odors around them and holding onto it until someone buys the clothes, takes them home, washes them and wears them. So all the clothes absorb the fart smell and thus, it just lingers in the air! HAHAHAHA! I just think that's a hilarious thought. But maybe it was just the toxic fumes.

Jules :8P

Thursday, October 19, 2006

what do your hands say?

Have you ever looked at your hands? I mean really sat down and gave them a good once over? I think hands are a tell tale sign of a person's age. Although, I have been wrong about this on occassion. People can have surgeries and were makeup... have or not have facial hair, etc. to hide their age, but if you really want a good clue as to thier age, look at their hands.

UNLESS they've just finished cleaning their entire kitchen cupboards from top to bottom and had their hands in cleaning solutions for the past 6 hours. THEN, it might not be so accurate - as is the case with mine right now. Mine look and feel like they're about 90 years old right now, and I can assure you that I'm not. My mom came over today and we attacked the kitchen with VIM, and packed another box for storage in her garage until we're ready to move. I haven't put any lotion on yet and I'm pretty sure that if I don't my fingers are just going to turn to dust and flake away. You'd think I'd get the point of it all and put on some gloves. But I hate the way they make my hands smell all rubbery afterwards.

Here's an update on the new house, by the way. It's just finished getting all of it's siding, soffit and fascia. It's just been drywalled inside (as of today), but they still needed to drywall the downstairs bathroom when I was over there. The rock for the front of the garage is sitting in the garage waiting to be put on. It really looks and feels like a house now. As soon as the mudder/tapers step foot in there I'm giving our Realtor a call and we'll be listing this house for sale. There's alot of competition all of a sudden, so that kind of sucks, but I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that it sells within a decent amount of time and for a decent price. So that's what has inspired the cleaning/packing frenzy today. Over the next week, I will be shampooing the carpets, tacking on the last remaining baseboard, decluttering the downstairs (again), attacking the boot closet (cleaning and packing), cleaning the walls, stove, fridge and pantry... and it seems like there are more things, but I can't remember them right now. Those are the major things, anyway. I'm gonna be one busy schnitzle. Is schnitzle a word... and can it be used in reference to a woman??

Jules :Ow

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Don't take this too seriously...

Here it is. My response to it all. It seems like everyone (well, just about everyone) is feeling some sort of resentment towards either life, or their blog – feeling obligated to maintain it and entertain their followers. My thoughts on the subject…. And look out – this is rocket science! If you started your blog because you wanted to have readers and you craved attention and you thrive on the comments people give you, you have no right to be allowed to bask in obligatory feelings. You asked for the position you’re in.

On the other hand, if you started your blog just to babble, as I do, and put your mere thoughts onto the web somewhere with hopes that the odd person or two will stumble upon you and find you amusing, but now you have a “following” that you didn’t ask for – I can see where you might feel obligated.

But you know what? Here’s what it comes down to. WHO CARES? Really. If you’ve managed to meet a few people along the way that you have gotten close enough to maintain a friendship with then I think that’s gravy. That’s all you really need, anyway. So write, or don’t write. Read or don’t read… comment or don’t comment. What does it REALLY matter in the grand scheme of your life’s spiral? I suggest not getting overly caught up in the whole blogging thing. If you have something to say – say it. Otherwise, just ride the waves as they come ashore.

Jules :Ou

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I could do with this...

June 21 - July 21

You are likely to receive a windfall of some sort today. Be cautious with it, dear Cancer. If you invest it wisely it will serve you long and well. Your curiosity has been piqued about some rather esoteric subjects, such as astrology or metaphysics. Why not visit your local library to check out some books on these topics of interest?

Jules :Os

Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm such a kid - have I said it before? A story for my own amusement.

So, I've never laughed as hard ever in my life as I did tonight. Have you ever just been hanging with your best friend and just decided to get silly for no apparent reason? Well, that's what happened tonight with Kim and I. Was it something in the air? Did someone put something into our Coke's today? We'll never know. But the result was priceless.

Here's the equation: Kim + Jules + digital camera + a bad case of the sillies = laughter so hard my sides and my cheeks ache! Not to mention a few dozen snorts.

So what were we taking pictures of?? Well, it started just innocently enough with us taking headshots, and then she took some clothed crotch shots while I was busy, and then we hung upside down and took a few pictures, and then it happened. I was craving more, but I didn't know what to take a picture of. So I snapped an upside down picture of my nose and she stole the camera and zoomed in on my nose hairs! Okay, I realize that everyone has nose hairs. But the FORESTS that are my nostrils was a real shocker to me! So I jumped up, after a long stint of ginormous laughter, and exclaimed: OMG! I have to go trim!!!!! And into the bathroom I went with a pair of scissors. She took more pictures and so did I of her, finally tracking down her nose hairs too. HA!

Okay people. I really am 30 years old. I promise! Just sometimes something comes over me and I have that uncontrollable urge to not act my age. And MAN! Did it feel good to laugh like that again... it was even harder than the other night with my sis.

Other events of the day: It's not as though my teeth are horribly yellow, but I feel they could be whiter. I bought a white light tooth whitening system today and did my first 3 - 10 minute applications. I think they're whiter already. We'll see after 3 more applications. Kim took pictures of me with it in my mouth and you can see my cheeks glowing this neon blue color. I took a before shot and an after the first application shot, and even though I know I should be focusing on my teeth, I can't help but just be reminded of the cover of Rocky Horror.

Next on the agenda = recovery and blowing my nose all night to try to get the clippings out.


I'm all moody!

So Kim and I were in the mall today and because I had to find some new earrings. Nate keeps trying to play with my sleepers and I was afraid that if I kept them in I'd have a torn earlobe before long. So I went to Claire's and found some like I used to have before and the lady said that it was a sale, buy two items get the third for free. So guess what I bought?! No... no more toe rings... but Kim and I bought mood rings! LOL! That cracks me up! The last time I wore a mood ring I'm sure I was 10 years old.

Here are the colors and what they mean:
Blue Green - Flirty
Blue - Calm
Amber - Crabby
Green - Happy
Black - Sad
Purple - Excited

I've been wearing it since about 11:30 and it's actually pretty accurate. I'm surprised. I lost Nate's jacket in the mall and it started to turn Amber, until I found out that Kim's sister found it again and then it turned back to blue and blue green. And I've just had a call from someone that I wish had gone better, and it's turned me to nearly black. Don't worry, it's nothing major though.

So, yeah. Really, this has been mindless dribble... but sometimes it's good to feel like you're 10 again.

Jules :Oj

Friday, October 13, 2006

what's your definition of guns?

So here's how the story went tonight. Sitting on the couch, after watching an episode of The Office and then Psych which my sister taped last night and brought over, just chillin and having some laughs. The show's over, but I'm a little hyped up about James Roday (my newest Hottie Mc Hot Pants crush) and just enjoying good times.

Sister: So, I pulled out my big guns at work the other day.
Me: WHAT?! You showed everyone your nipples?!!!! (I say as I bring my fists up to my boobs and point my index fingers straight forward wildly flinging them about).

End of story - because we just cracked up!!! I laughed so hard, I cried, snorted, gasped for air, probably peed a little bit, and vibrated myself nearly right off the couch. I got into that heavy silent laughter - the one where your whole body shakes but no sound comes out. Then I took a breath and this funky laugh came out that even I've never heard myself produce before. Shell laughed even more, and that made me snort. I had to end it and go to the washroom before I really did have an accident. So I come back to the couch and we tried to pick up the conversation where we left off, but neither one of us could remember what we were talking about. So we babbled on with something else and then, BOOM! My fists were back at my boobs and I exclaimed: "Your GUNS!!! We were talking about your guns!", as I made the familiar motions once again. Bwwwwwwaaaaaahhhhahahhahahaha, gasping for air - round two of laughter and then she says to me: "Since when are a person's guns their nipples?! I thought guns were muscles!", as she flexes her arm to produce her bulging bicep.

Hmmmmm.... goes to show you what watching a hottie on tv does to my mind! LOL! Frigh, it was funny. Maybe you had to be there, but close your eyes and picture my fingers swirling madly about with this devilish look on my face and you'll get the idea. Felt really good to laugh like that.

Jules ;Op
P.S. Sister, you had to know I'd be blogging about that! *giggle*

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

can you do the math?

Here's the equation... see if you can follow it.

Theatre + nachos + peanut Glossettes + medium Coke + eaten within the first 30 minutes of movie because you skipped supper + already upset tummy/slight nausea before going to the show = urgent need for bathroom break right smack dab in the middle of the climax of the movie.

Thankfully, I had my sister there to keep an eye on it and fill me in when I got back, but I was only slightly confused, because I wasn't gone more than 2 or 3 minutes. (What? Factor in time alotted to walk to and from the bathroom, please). The good news is that while I was doing my business, I got to be entertained still, by the teenager on her cell phone, trying to explain to her parent where she was.

So here's what we went to see: Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest. OMG!!! You'll notice it's been added to my profile under favorite movies. I Loved it - and I loved the first one too. I love the characters... and I think there's just something ... "special" about Mr. Depp in this series. Here's my favorite line from this one: "Persuade me". When you see it, or if you have already seen it... you'll know why. Yum. Anyway... it was great to get out with
Shell. And I don't think I could have picked a better person to see that movie with, because she loved the first and this one as much as I did. YAY! Thanks again Sista!

Okay, now on a somewhat seperate theme... who here's ever seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show? C'mon... you can admit to it. You NEED to admit to it - come clean. I personally loved watching Dr. Frank-N-Furter strut his stuff in heels and lingerie. Every time the Time Warp comes on somewhere over the radio or wherever obscure place I've heard it before in public... it makes me completely sing along and remember the day when Shell and I practiced doing it in the livingroom.

It's just a jump to the left
And then a step to the ri-i-i-i-i-ight
With your hands on your hips
You bring your knees in tight
But it's the pelvic thruuuust
That really drives you insa-a-a-a-a-ane
Let's do the time warp again
Let's do the time warp again

Oh YEAH, baby!! ;OP Okay, I will open up this round of Judgement........ on your mark, get set... GO!

Jules :OY

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This morning I woke up and loved my life's spiral again. This evening, it just seems really twisted and uncertain. I was going to type out a playlist of all the songs that touched me deeply on this specific day, but it was extremely obvious when I wrote them all out as to the kind of day I was having. So I ixnayed the list and am going to attempt a story that made me laugh, after the fact today.

When I got Nate up this morning at 6:45, he was in a fairly good mood... standing in his crib - a little bit snotty nosed still from his cold. I cleaned him up, changed him and went into the livingroom to snuggle as he had his morning bottle. We do this ritually every morning and it's always cool. Well, this morning, during our snugglefest, he must have had more runny nose as he nestled snug up into my neck. I went about my day - went out with my mom and nephew, did some errands, etc. Went to the mall for lunch and then finally back home. I was out of the house from 9:30 - 1:30. I played with Nate for a bit and then at 2:30, gave him another bottle and laid him down for his afternoon nap. Then I went into the bathroom to just check myself out (don't ask me why) and I ended up seeing IT. There IT was! A booger. Smack in the middle of my neck. A nice little stringy green booger, maybe about 1cm long. Sitting there plain as day. The only possible way it could have gotten there was during my morning snuggle and I walked around all day with it there!!!

And I just thought people were looking at me because I was hot, or something - as my horoscope led me to believe:

June 21 - July 21

Insights that may come welling up from the past can be put to work for you in a positive way, dear Cancer. You could use these insights as inspiration for a creative project of some kind, or you could just make them work for you in your day-to-day dealings with others. You should be feeling especially romantic and sexy today, and you might want to go shopping for clothes made of soft, touchable fabrics. Relations with lovers should be close and passionate.

Jules :Of

I'm in the $$

WOW! I am smokin' some major assssss on this AdSense thing. I've made it up to an astonishing $16.09 since June. I am impressed. No, I am I-M-P-R-E-S-S-E-D! Somehow I don't think this is the new line of income my horoscope keeps referring to.

Jules :Oi

Monday, October 09, 2006


PP #9 - Squeaky nose breathing. Have you ever laid in bed at night and it's perfectly quiet, or there's the mellow sounds of music in the background, but all you can hear is the not so quiet breathing of your squeaky nose? It squeaks when you either inhale or exhale, rarely both. You blow it, it doesn't help. You adjust your position... You try putting vaseline in it... it still squeaks. You sniffle and suck back whatever you can to try to make it go away, and it's still there. You become totally fixated on it, so that it's ever so slight noise drowns out even the music that's playing and you lay there awake for an extra hour because it becomes deafening! UGH!

Jules :8P

feather plucking insane

So this has been driving me absolutely crazy insane and I need to talk about it.

For the past 3 days now, maybe it's been 4 days - I've lost track... I have had an itchy finger. It's my pinky finger on my left hand and it isn't just itchy. It is itchy down to the aching tiny little bone of the first knuckle. It is an itch I've never felt before.

I've tried scratching it. I've tried pinching it. I've tried soaking it, banging it, clamping it... I've tried sucking on it and ignoring it. I've tried biting it and then using my teeth to scratch it... so much that I was afraid of knawing my fingertip down to the bone. And now not only is it itchy, but it also has this slightly raw feeling to it.

Guess what? It's still itchy. It's a neverending, drive you mad, toy with you kind of itch. What the hell does having a chronically itchy fingertip on your left hand mean??? Can anyone tell me?

More importantly, can anyone tell me how the hell to get rid of it?!!!!!!

Jules :OH

Friday, October 06, 2006

don't fret... I know you'll miss me.

Okay, quickly, two things. I'll be gone tomorrow, back on Sunday... so don't panic that I'm not posting anything tomorrow! I've done 3 today now, just to tide you over. It's Thanksgiving this long weekend here and tomorrow we're taking off to Camrose to visit my Dad. My sister and her family will be there, as well as my brother whom I hardly ever get to see. So I'm stoked. I'm more stoked about all of us getting together than I am about the turkey... and I LOVE turkey!

Hey - how come turkey is reserved for special occassions like Thanksgiving and Christmas and occasionally Easter? Seriously... those are the only times we eat it, and we always say: "How come we don't eat turkey more often?". But then we never do. It's a good way to get family together. Maybe I'll cook a turkey for my birthday this year. But ugh! An oven turned on for THAT long in the middle of June?

The other thing I wanted to mention is this: Everyone can relax now. A-nonny-miss FINALLY contacted me! I called her bluff and she called me back. It's Guuuuuuuud. Thanks for the email, Nonny. Wow. Who'd have thought I'd be so excited over contact from the outside world? Oh who am I kidding? I love people.

See you guys after the weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jules :Ox

you always knew there was something strange about me!

Have I written a post about strange things I do or just things you don’t know about me? Here are some of them. I know you’re going to judge me and I don’t care! :O)
  • I take the liner out of a bottle cap and chew on it, you know, the part you have to check and see whether you won the contest or not? Yeah.
  • I have to have my legs up when I’m sitting somewhere. Doesn’t really matter where. Dinner table, office chair, couch, restaurant, friend’s house… I just have to sit with them up, and most often crossed in some way.
  • I chew on straws. But not just any old way. I flatten them out, then fold them and fold them and fold them until there’s only a short straw left which fits completely in my mouth so that I can chew on it more discretely. This makes Kim gag.
  • Sometimes I chew on dental floss (but I’m trying to kick that habit because it makes Kim gag).
  • I am constantly conscious of where my nipples are pointing, and hey, if readjustments need to be made throughout the day, then so be it!
  • I have a complete disgust for hair on a toilet seat. I expressed this disgust at work one time when I was pregnant. My co-workers laughed with me as I illustrated it on the chalk board in the staff room. Then they decided to play a prank on me on my very last day of work. I came into my classroom and on my desk were what appeared to be hundreds of shaved pubic hairs scattered all about my going away gifts and desk and chair… They were lucky I didn’t puke!!! I later (like over a year later) found out that it was corn silk from husks of corn that was all brown and dried up. This time, it was Kim that made me gag. Don’t even get me started with hair on the bar of soap. We haven’t used bar soap in my house for years now.
  • I love to dance around my house – clothed, or naked… whatever the mood strikes me. Usually I am clothed. Sometimes I like to leave the blinds up and wonder whether people are watching and either laughing at me or envying me for being such a free spirit. I guess that probably depends on whether I'm wearing anything or not.
  • I am one of the very few people I know who will actually utilize a nametag on a person in a store. I like the looks I get back from the staff wearing them. It’s like, “How did you know my name… hey?! I like you!!!” Then they smile and I know I’ve made their day. With something so simple as using their name.

    Guess that’s enough for now. Maybe I’ll think of more things later, and I’m sorry if I’ve already done this post. You know me and my memory! LOL!

    Jules :Ov

ouch, my hands hurt now!

Well, it may have finally happened to me. I may have experienced road rage for the first real time in my life. I am such an easy going relaxed person that normally I don't get all worked up in traffic. Sure, I'm human, I might mutter a little something under my breath, but very seldom does it escalate into more than that.

Well, this afternoon I was at a meeting downtown and it ran later than I thought it would. It was a good meeting and I was actually quite energized from it. I took the scenic route home - Riverside Drive. It's lined with trees and in the Fall it looks brilliant. Too bad that today it was wrecked by Mister EWW-987. Why did he have to go 20 kms below the speed limit ALL the way home? And what's more... why did he have to live in my neighborhood so that I had to follow him almost all the way home? Yes, people... I was rounding the Olymel Plant and out it slipped. "You farking A-hole!! Speed up, will ya???" as I banged my fist on the steering wheel. Shocked at my behavior, I collected myself and returned my thoughts to those more pleasant ones from the natural high I had moments before, trying to mellow out instead of rearending the fool. Maybe I'll get a neon sign made that says: "The Speed Limit is 70!", and mount it to my windshield so that I can flip people off in my own way when they get on my nerves as I silently sit, smuggly smiling basking in the neon green glow.

Jules :O1

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Hey, where are you A-nonny-miss ? I left you my email address, but you never showed up. Are you chicken? Did you already lose interest? Hmmm??? I dare you to contact me... no, I double dare you!

Jules ;Oj

P.S. Hey! I kindof like that emoticon. It looks like I am smiling with a beauty mark on my cheek. I'm so damn cute!

have you been flipped?

I'll be the first to apologize... if I've eveer mistakenly used an emoticon and flipped somebody off, I dind't mean it! I just didn't know any better... until now. Emoticons Explained, from Telus.

But even still, after having read this short article, I still don't think I'll take the time to commit them all to memory. So now, having said all of this, I still apologize in advance for having flipped anyone off without knowing I've done it! It's just been my mission in life to come up with as many 3 part emoticons as I could think of (always starting with the same eyes and nose). I've used alot of the capital letters, and now I've been flirting with using lower case ones. But if I were going according to emoticon law, I wonder what a face like this: :OH would mean... or this: :OG ... or this: :Ok . I don't know. I just think they're fun to toy around with.

Jules :O~

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

WTF?! Go back to sleep!

It's 2:51 am. My son's been awake since 1:15 and won't go back to sleep. GUH. 'Nuf's nuf. I'm gonna have to break out the bottle.

Jules :O%#$

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jump inside my head with me for a sec.

I have 6 minutes to write this post and then it’s beddy bye time for me. Tonight, I found myself thinking about many unrelated things. A string of thoughts completely un-intertwined that somehow flowed together. See if you can follow along and not get too lost.

I think it is impossible to me to cut a piece of cheese straight and proper. I think that when I serve cheese, cracker and sausage to my guests they are all disappointed in my cheese cutting ability. Is there an ACDC song out there that doesn’t have to do with sex or nudity or body parts in some form or fashion? I like the band a lot, but I was just curious about that. Because lately, all of them are having to do with sexual subject matter and it’s making me horny. This evening, I made a comment while at a family gathering and while some people laughed at it, others did not think it was so funny. It kind of bothered me that not everyone thought it was funny… I’m such a people pleaser. I spent the evening with 2 dogs. One of which had gas. ‘Nuf said. Does anyone out there remember the show “Wayne & Schuster”? At 6:34 pm tonight I was completely overtaken with the incessant need to listen to Johnny Cash. I don’t have his CD, so I put on the “Walk The Line” movie soundtrack and danced around the living room and kitchen and hallway to “Ring of Fire” and “”Walk the Line” sung by Joaquin Phoenix (did I spell that right?). It was guuuuuuuud. After watching numerous episodes of Miami Ink tonight at Kim’s house, I think I know what I want to get for my tattoo, if I ever grow a set of balls big enough to go do it.

It’s officially midnight and I’m going to go take my shower and hop into bed. Hopefully I’ll have some kick ass dreams tonight. I haven’t been remembering my dreams lately, so I’m due to have a gooder.

Jules :O*

Monday, October 02, 2006

mind boggling

Today I went to The Forbidden City, The Coliseum, The Eiffel Tower, The Great Pyramids, The Galapagos Islands (which kind of freaked me out a bit), The Empire State Building, The Panama Canal (been there in real life too), traveled along the Golden Gate Bridge, peered into the eye of Mount Kilimanjaro, felt the mist of Niagra Falls, heard the music of The Sydney Opera House… it was a beautiful day. Thank you Guggs, for cluing me into Google Earth.

Jules :Oy

Sunday, October 01, 2006


What is this thing we call life? It is nothing more than a never ending spiral. It twists and turns, adding in new dimensions with every changing day. It is a map, pre-determined by fate or destiny or God, if you believe. There are no shortages of corners to turn to see what’s going to happen next. The spiral; it’s elusive, it’s magical, it’s strange, it’s safe, and at times it’s unpredictable. But it’s always still a spiral. Each day is just one more loop on the spiral of your life. What does the loop have in store for you tomorrow?

Jules :O?