Wednesday, January 31, 2007

my fongerw... and musoc

I'm not sure what's happening to my fingers. Is it my fingers or my typing skills? Seems I've lost the ability to either type correctly or spell correctly, but I think the issue is with my fingers and not my brain. I'm constantly misplacing i's for o's and vice versa, s's for w's and vice versa and r's for t's and vice versa. What the heck's going on?

It's sad, I know. Lots of you are going to probably stop loving me for it, but I'm putting it out there and admitting that I am going to watch (and have been watching) American Idol this year. I might even get sucked into Canadian Idol - although I never like it as much. I watch the Idol shows purely for entertainment value. I don't care if it's all a gimick, or if it's all just about hype and ratings. I just like to initially see the stupid people and then I like to actually see if there's talent out there. A time or two they've actually been able to give me goosebumps when they sing. I love music and I love listening to people sing. If I can be moved somehow by a note or a lyric or a melody it just makes my day. Music can take the crappiest of days and turn it around to the brightest. It can get my heart pumping or slow me right down and relax me. I find some kind of joy in just about any kind of music.

Soon, hopefully, I will be receiving some CD's in the mail with some original songworks on them from a friend of mine, Matt. I'm really wholeheartedly looking forward to inserting the cd's and seeing where the music takes me. Will it evoke thought, or will I just simply be able to listen to it and let my mind and body absorb the intricacies of it all? We'll just have to see.

You got a problem with me watching the Idol's now that you know how much I love song? It's just a damned pity that I can't remember a musician's name, band name or song title to save my life! I really must commit to making an effort to doing that someday. Or do I?

Jules :Olalalalalalalalalala!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

your suggestions?

What movies should we rent tonight?

Jules :O?

Friday, January 26, 2007


Well now I think I've seen it all. I was walking through WalMart one day last week and do you know what I saw? For pete's sake - I spotted, out of the corner of my eye BUM PANTIES! I literally did a triple take and then it stopped me dead in my tracks as I bared witness to a rack full of bums hanging out at me. As the words "What the..." escaped my lips, I leaned in for a closer look and realized they were literally panties with built in bums and a fake bum crack built in for realism. Further investigation of the diagram on the tag revealed that they will enhance the curvature of your booty quite a bit! Make you look like you have J-Lo bum. Can you imagine?!?! You meet a guy, he's all touching your ass all night at the bar, all up in yo junk and wants you to go home with him. You do and as you go to perform your stip tease, you realize that you have your FAKE ASS ON!!! Ohhhhh, baby. Nice fake ass.....

WTF?! I've got some extra ass that I could shave off and give to someone really in need. Maybe I'll start up a clinic for booty injections. Would doing something like that be considered a "pay it forward" kind of thing? Bhwah!

Jules :Odumbfounded

Thursday, January 25, 2007

fullfilled desires


go here and read this if you haven't already!

Okay, as if the guy needs any more publicity.... he only gets hundreds of comments (although half of those are his own in response to others - I'm on to you Steve). The point being that his blog severly cracks me up most times (except for his creepy Tuesday stories which just leave me saying WTF??!!). So I'm going to share the link: . Probably everyone who reads this blog has already gone to check him out, but I needed to make mention. My favorite stories so far are the ... oh who am I kidding? There are too many to list that atually made me laugh out loud!

Now, there are plenty of other people's blogs that make me laugh. But this one I just feel like making a special note of today.

Steve - I'll be waiting for my check in the mail.

Jules :Og

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

M&M's anyone?

Thanks to Vera, I got to find out what I'd look like as an M&M tonight! Holy crap, am I ever sexy! I'd eat me.


Jules :OD

Here's the link - I knew I forgot something last night.

bringing back care bears

I spotted a care bear in my wall tile tonight. I have to stop spending so much time in the bathroom!

Jules :Oj

Monday, January 22, 2007

Is there anything to write about tonight? I could probably go on endlessly about one specific topic, but it's probably better left unsaid. Yeah. Unsaid.

I will say, though, that my lips have been extremely dry the past couple of days. I can't get enough chapstick. Before bed, I apply LipMedics (the one in the tiny little blue canister with the screw on lid) and all day long, I use the tube version of it. I don't know if it works to it's fullest potential though. Because if it did, would my lips be on fire right now?

What is your favorite dry lip remedy? I don't have cold sores, or cankers or that funky rash kids get when they can't stop sucking over top of their top and bottom lips (you know, the red ring around their mouth?)... I just have dry lips. And I need suggestions.

Also, I'm looking at my desk and I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that's sitting on it right now. If I disappear over the next few days, please, for God's sake, send a search party - they'll find me somewhere burried amongst all the desk stuff.

It's almost February.

I'm trying to turn a Power Point presentation into a DVD. Whenever I go to burn the DVD, it won't record the Celine Dion song I have playing in the background throughout the whole presentation. It just records the first 3 seconds of the song and then it quits, but the slide show continues. WTF? Seriously, does ANYONE have ANY suggestions?? This little project is due on the 25th of January and I MUST figure it out!!!!! UGH.

Time for bed. Don't forget to brush your teeth, floss and use a Q-Tip!

Jules :Ohappilyscatterbrained!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

staring at the floor... again!

I had plenty of time to discover it as I sat there on the john tonight. It was the first time I really got a good look at my new bathroom floor. I found the old man face right away, and from different perspectives, he looked either steaming mad, or gleeful. Then I looked around more at the lino and found the most hilarious figures!!! This is why I must blog tonight. There are pigs having sex with eachother on our bathroom floor! But not only this. They are standing pigs who are going at it almost from behind! It's way too funny! I should try to take a picture. The pig at the back is smiling and it's ear is hanging down in exhaustion while the pig who's getting boinked looks rather relaxed and satisfied.

You heard it here first. I'll figure out how much to charge for admission and let you know.

Jules :Owow!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

My socks

I don't know what it is, but I love-love-love fuzzy socks. They are warm and cozy and provide a little bit of extra cushion when you walk. They are like wearing clouds on your feet. I don't know what materials all of my fuzzy socks are made of. There are several kinds. Some of them feel like chennille (sp?), while others seem more angora-like. Whatever the case, they're stupendiferous (who can guess the origins of that wordie?)!!!

Here's the trouble. They twist. They twist and turn around my feet all day long. They tend to fit a bit looser than other socks and as a result, sometimes the heel unds up on top. If this has ever happened to you, you'll affirm that this is a strange feeling. It's strange to serve the purpose of alerting you to the problem so that you can fix it and move on with your day. I don't like twisted socks, but it's not enough to deter me from wearing these little tubes of heaven on my feet.

The other day, I was visiting my sister and after being all snuggled up by myself under a blanket, legs crossed, I needed to stretch. The stretch caused my socks to twist and I poked them out to fix them. But they seemed so far away and I was so cozy and comfortable. So I asked my sister: "Sister, could you please fix my sock?" as I stuck my foot out towards her. And do you know what? My sister outrightly refused to untwist my sock! No way would she just reach her hand out and turn the soft fabric. Instead, she laughed and scoffed at me and instructed me to fix my own sock. So I pouted for a moment, then fixed them both myself. This was a big deal because it meant coming out of my toasty comfort. But I did it anyway and then as I was about to tuck myself back in nice and tight in the chair, she reached out and said: "But I'll pet them before you take them away!!!" as she rubbed the top of my foot, smiling!

Next time you want to pet my softy-socks, sister... you'll have to untwist them first!!!

Jules :Osoftsocksrock!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You do it too, admit it!

I have 3 minutes to write this blog because I have a cold and I'm tired and not feeling well and want to go to bed at midnight, and now I have less than 3 minutes.

Did I ever confess that I have an on again off again romance going with The Weather Network? Sometimes you'll walk into the room to find me glued to the stupid channel. Other times, I must ask that the channel be turned to 17 every 10 minutes so I can watch the local forecast over and over again. I don't know why this is. It's not like the weather's going to change all too drastically within 10 minute time spans! But honestly. I think my record of times in a day that I've found myself in a weather channel induced coma is 14. Luckily, I manage to snap myself out of it eventually.

I also like to keep tabs on the weather where the people I chat with or blog with live. But I only know the exact locations of a couple of you. If you want to share your city/state with me, please do!! Then I can compare your weather to mine and see who wins the right to compain more on any given day.

Crap. It's 4 minutes later. Time for cold pills and Neo Citran.

Jules :Oh

Monday, January 15, 2007

Hold your orb high!

My sister and I watched the Golden Globes tonight. Afterwards, I posed the question: Who is the hottest male you saw here tonight? We decided it must have been Jake Gyllenhaal. Yes, he's yummy. As far as complete ensembles for women went: Drew Barrymoore took the top prize in my eyes. She looked amazing from head to toe. Pretty in pink.

Now, if only The Pursuit of Happyness would have been nominated or Will Smoth would have won, I could have gone to bed completely satisfied. Neither of those events happenes, however, so I go to bed feeling all empty inside and wishing for more. But maybe I'll have a dream involving Drew and Jake and all will be right in the world again.

Jules :Or

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm not always a pile of sunshine. Mostly. But not always.

There are just some things I was thinking about earlier today that I want to get off my chest. Warning: I may be interpretted as a bitch after you read this post, but someone (important to me) once told me it was my blog to do with as I please. I hope you all keep coming, despite this moment of extreme outspokenness.

1) I hate inconsiderate smokers. I really really hate it when a smoker smokes around me (me = non-smoker), stinks up my clothes and hair and imposes their filthy habit upon my lungs. I have had lung issues in the past which were life threatening and the last thing I need in my life is having to breathe someone's second hand smoke. It's bad enough I have to breathe the pollutants of the world on a daily basis, but keep your damned smoke away from me. I'm sick of being the poilte girl who just sits there not saying anything about it. Smokers: if you must smoke, would it KILL you to ask the non-smoker if it's alright with them first? And then actually respect it if they don't want you to light up while they're around? Geeezzz.

2) If you're having an issue with something and it's pissing you off, blow your steam off quickly (and not in the presence of others if you can help it) and then get over it and move on with your day. I can understand if something dreadful has happened and it's just naturally going to take a while to get over it, but I'm talking about the little things that go wrong in your day that are really insignificant in the grand scheme of your life. Deal with it, learn from it, and move on. Please. Geeeeezzz.

3) Would it KILL people to friggin flush the public toilet half way through their explosive poop so that when they're all done it doesn't plug the toilet and sits there all disgusting and stinky for the next person who needs the stall? It's called a courtesy flush people. Do it. Often. Geeeeeeeezzzzzz.

4) I hate it when people constantly change their plans with me. Think about your plans and plan out your day before you commit to doing something with me, or meeting me somewhere or asking me to meet you somewhere. Really think about it. Don't just think fleetingly if you don't think you are having the kind of day where sponteneity will be possible. I will cut you some slack if something important comes up, or your plans HAVE to change because of things outside of your control... but again... Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz. And be on time while you're at it, alright? I hate people who are late for no good reason. Geez.

Okay. If you think I'm talking about you specifically, I'm not. These are just general things that bother me and for once, I wanted to speak out, so to speak. So don't internalize these things. I'm going to go have a bath now and simmer back down, learn from my thoughts and get over them.

Jules :O!

Friday, January 12, 2007

This is the last day!!!!!

OMG! OMG! O--M--G!!!!

Today is the last day for Delurking Week!!!!! I need more of you to speak up for pete's sake! Or is that all of you, really? I might have to withdraw and go cry if it is. I thought I was more popular than that. Come on, stroke my ego, people!!! Just say hello, even, if you're too shy.

And a special shout out to all those who did fess up to being around! You R-O-C-K!

Jules :OifIseeyouI'llhugyouforfree!
P.S. I just looked up the wall where the sun is shining in and bouncing off of something and it's making this incredible wavy pattern on the wall. It's sooo beautiful. Have to run and grab the camera and try to capture it. Bye!

price tags matter, you know!

In the Beginning:

I have been trying to locate a new bathroom set (towels – all sizes, bath mat, shower curtain) and last weekend I went to the mall and to Linens and Things and I just wasn’t happy with ANY of it. I fell in love with a particular shower curtain, and then couldn't seem to find any towels that coordinated right, or were large enough. It was depressing and I’ve been dwelling on it since. So I’ve been chomping at the bit to go try again. Last night I went shopping to Sears, where I hadn’t tried yet, and got all down to some serious business. Found a shower curtain that was neutral (because our bathroom is small and I didn’t want to overpower it with patterns) and then worked my way from there in a frenzy of towel finding excitement. All was going well and I'd decided on burnt orange as the power color with a grey-taupe as the background color. Took everything to the till and when the lady said what I owed, I nearly had a coronary! I ended up spending $400 on the whole bunch!!!!!!! $400!!!!!!! WTF?!!? I didn’t even look at prices! Just colors and matching stuff together, etc., and I think it was due to my extreme frustration at actually finding anything I liked, so I didn't really care!

But today I’m gonna go see if WalMart has anything similar so far as the bath sheets and hand towels go. The bath sheets alone cost me $200 last night (4 @ $50 each). Should have looked at the price tags. The facecloths were on sale though! LOL! But when all is said and done, I love what we bought, so I might be willing to just blow the cash and chalk it up to life’s little experiences if I can’t find anything else within the next couple of days.


Okay, so I went to WalMart for towels, right? I saw some that I thought might work out. They weren’t quite as large as the last ones and I thought they were a similar color, so I grabbed the last 4 bath sheets and 4 hand towels thinking that I would see if they looked okay when I got them home, and if they did, I’d return the comparable $264 worth of the first batch thereby saving $184 for a grand total of a $216 bathroom instead of $400. I hate math and all of this figuring nearly killed me. What... you don't think I'm serious?

So I took them out of the bag when I got home and do you know what? They are EXACTLY the same color. Slightly lesser quality, but for that kind of savings for the same color, I’ll deal with it! Like, seriously… WOW. I’m still trying to decide whether to go back and get the $20 bathmat in the same burnt orange color or whether to keep the $50 one from Sears in the grey-taupe. Could save another $30. I’ll have to see. It's just that the mat doesn't seem to be exactly the same color as the towels, even thought it's with those towels on the racks... so for me, it just clashes, instead of coordinating. So I dunno. SO, it was a very successful trip to the mall, I’d say!

Plus, and this is really besides the point but made me incredibly happy, I got to have lunch with Kim and I haven’t seen her in a week, so that was a major bonus. :O)

Jules :Oj

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I know you're out there

I'm so excited I could pee!! I just read this on Snay's blog and I just can't wait to see how it turns out... don't disappoint me!

As per Snay's blog: "In honor of National Delurking Week — where lurkers are pressured to comment on blogs — I’d like to invite all of my lurkers to comment on this post. I want to know who you are. " (Hope it's okay I tok that, Snay... I did say it was from you!!)

I can't wait to see if anyone new pops out of the woodwork! Apparently, it's from January 8 - 12th, so lurkers, the pressure's on to make an appearance!!! Hop to it, now! I don't bite.

Jules :OD

straws and cats

I've just chewed on a straw for the past hour and it's made my tongue raw. It was time to spit it out. And I say spit it out because when I chew on a straw, it isn't just the end of it. It's the end and then I fold it and chew, fold it and chew, fold it and chew until I"m chewing on the whole thing all folded neatly in my mouth, and fits down one side of my molars.

And have I told anyone lately that I have 2 cats to give away?

Jules :Ospfwt!

There's something in that piece of...

There's just something about the first slice of cheese from a fresh newly opened package of it. I LOVE the first slice. The end piece that's got the outline of the packing wedged into it as if to say, "Hey! Lemme outta here, I need some space to breathe! Wait... wait!!! Don't eat me just yet... just let me have a moment to relax by myself before you bite my head off!!"

What is it about the flavor of that particular piece of cheese? I don't know, for sure. I discovered this abnormality about myself when I was a kid and I used to volunteer as a visitor for the "old people" in the auxilliary ward at the hospital. I wasn't officially a candystriper, but my sister was. Or was I? Geesh, I can't even remember. But whatever I was, my sister and I would have these punch cards that allowed us to eat in the cafeteria of the hospital whenever we were there as volunteers. (At least that's how I remember it). And in that very same cafeteria, they had single slice packaged cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. It was my very favorite thing. Consider this: each and every package of single slice cheese was the equivalent to that first slice of cheese in the block that I hold so dear to my heart now. In fact, whenever I'm in a hospital cafeteria, I seek out the individuals so I can reminisce.

How strange am I? I don't really care. It's part of what makes up my "ness".

Jules :Osaycheese!

It's all in the foundation

Either my new computer or my net connection is extremely unreliable today. I'm choosing to believe it's the weather because of a severe winter storm that's wreaking havoc, but I'm going to attempt a post anyway, since it's been so long, and since I remembered one of the things I wanted to blog about.

I wear Almay Nearly Naked Foundation. I choose Almay because it's supposed to keep from clogging your pores and it actually has acne fighting ingredients. I don't have acne, but I do like a clear complexion whenever possible. The same day I purchased the last bottle of it, I made a trip to the john and was desperate for reading material. So I decided to see what the actual directions for applying foundation were, as listed on my bottle. I really was shocked and confused. All this time I thought I knew what I was doing, but then I read the directions.

I scanned it in incase you wouldn't believe me:

Okay, I see a few things wrong with this.

1) Why would a child be wearing acne control medicated liquid foundation? Why would a 6 month to two year old be wearing ANY form of makeup? Unless they're in a child pageant... and I have serious issues with that.

2) Are you kidding me??? You're telling me that I have to reapply this stuff every time I eat and every time I drink? Okay, I ate breakfast (didn't reapply), drank some juice (didn't reapply), drank some water (didn't reapply)... and now I wonder if I look grotesque and need to go reapply? I'm scared to eat lunch!! How can I ever go out for supper again - there's eating AND drinking involved in that!?!?! I'm telling you, it doesn't do much good for my esteem to be told I have to keep putting this stuff on all day long! Plus, can we say "caked on makeup" if I followed their directions?

WTF? Yes, it's a WTF moment for me.

Jules :O?!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

my ness

Tonight, I just read through my list of people's blogs that I read (is there a name for that? Is that what a blogroll is?) and I left lots of comments in my wake. However, upon pressing the stupid Publish Comments button, I felt like each and every single comment was lacking in luster or a sense of "me-ness". I recently watched "You, Me and Dupree" and the whole "ness" thing I thought was interesting. Find your "ness". Julie-ness. Yeah. I'm gonna go on the hunt for that starting tomorrow. Tonight, I have a date with my feet. Starting right now!

Jules :O-ness

Friday, January 05, 2007

Is that how it's spelled?

So, for the last couple of nights, I go to lay my weary head on my pillow and I hear this in the ear that's touching the pillow: "Cshccccrrrrrrrchshcrrrrrrrccscscshrhshssshhhhhh" - a constant white noise sounding thing that won't go away, that's actually loud enough in my brain to keep me awake. It irritates the hell out of me and I can't seem to escape it unless I shove a blanket that has material on it that has no crunchiness to it at all, what-so-ever. So, I've taken to sleeping with the ultra soft almost cloudlike blanket I treated myself to over Christmas. I picked it out, bought it, wrapped it and opened it and pretended it was from Santa. It's my saving grace for sleeping these past few nights, I tell you. Because I've tried sleeping on my back (doesn't work) and I've tried sleeping on my face with my arse in the air (can't breathe) and the only other two options involve the pressing of my ears onto my pillow.

In essence, I feel like a 3 year old, having to sleep with her "blankie". So... I either need to get a new pillow (but the kicker is that this one IS new) or I need to locate my old one and see if the same thing happens. OR I could get crafty and creative and make soft cloud pillowcases out of the blanket I bought. But that actually makes me sad.

But right now, all I'm worried about is a nice hot bath.

Jules :Ocrunchy.

S'up wit me?

Okay, it seems like a few of you are wondering what's going on and what's running through my head, so I'm gonna give a bit of an explaination. Bare with me, okay.... I might not be as detailed as you'd like. If you need to know more, by all means email me and I'll see what I can do?

I don't usually do long, drawn out emotional posts, but since the New Year hit (and really a while before that), my life's been turned upside down and backwards and is all topsy turvy and my life's spiral is completely out of whack. My family has had bad news in more than one way - health issues with my Daddy, stressors at home, not being able to see my soul sister, etc. and it's just made for some terribly unbearable times. I have felt the need to retreat a little bit and search inside myself to see if I have just even an ounce of strength left to deal with all the shit I've been going through.

And then, I have the guilt of internalizing everything and making it seem like all: "Oh, woe is me... why is everything happening to me?" when in reality, some of the things are happening AROUND me and to family and merely affecting me. Get what I'm saying? So I am such an emotional person that all the kinks in my spiral are affecting me to the extent where my head has been terribly in the wrong places and it's just only starting to come around to where it should be, as of late. Today's January 5th, so in the grand scheme of things, I suppose 5 days to retreat, internalize, discover some things and poke my head back out of the hole, and actually be back on my way to being me a bit again isn't too bad.

I have had a few blog worthy topics to write about, but I didn't write them down, so as soon as I remember them, I'll blog some more. I think being away from here has been more detrimental than helpful, because writing my blog is my way to think through things, as spacey as I may seem sometimes!! Okay, most of the time.

For now, I will go, but you can rest easy knowing I will be around some more again. K? I'm not the type to abandon ship... and although I may not have been commenting all that much, I am still lurking.

Love Jules

Monday, January 01, 2007


Jules :'O(