Wednesday, January 10, 2007

straws and cats

I've just chewed on a straw for the past hour and it's made my tongue raw. It was time to spit it out. And I say spit it out because when I chew on a straw, it isn't just the end of it. It's the end and then I fold it and chew, fold it and chew, fold it and chew until I"m chewing on the whole thing all folded neatly in my mouth, and fits down one side of my molars.

And have I told anyone lately that I have 2 cats to give away?

Jules :Ospfwt!


Alicia said...

Oooh, make it 3 cats...
I kinda hate my new cat, and would love if you could find him a new home too.
No pressure.
He'll just end up euthanized if you can't find a decent home for him.
Good luck.
(seriously, I'm a cat person... I was joking)

Jules said...

We HAD three, but one ran away. I was sad for about a week. Now I'm grateful. But since we moved, the other two won't stop HOWLING. Day and night. It's making me slowly go insane. I don't mind going insane, but I'd rather have it happen quickly than over so much time.

julie said...

I hear Canadian cats howl more. Maybe it's because it's so freakin' cold there!

Always on the Move said...

I just vomitted in my mouth! When are you going to get rid of this disgusting habit Jules?!?! I'm feeling so green right now! (I mean my skin is green right now).
I'll take your cats. I Love them! Even the stinky one! ;oP