Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Answers revealed...

The DRIP is: The actual sound I've associated with my thought process. It's the sound my thoughts make as they form in my brain and then make their way either out through my mouth in the form of speech or through my fingertips as I pound away on the keyboard.

I've only just figured this out.

Up till now I was wondering why it was always raining!

What? Don't tell me I'm the only one who's tuned into this phenomenon... that would make me (drip) abnormal (drip, drip)... and I'm not (drip) abnormal!! Would somebody shut that tap off?!

Jules :Osploosh!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007



Well, what do you think I'm referring to here, smartypants?! My nose? The melting snow? The kitchen tap? Hmmmmmmm???? You think you know me. You THINK you do. But DO you?!?!

Giggle. I'm feeling silly.

Jules :Ossssssssmile!

Monday, February 26, 2007

turn away

For Heaven's Sake, don't read this entry! Don't do it. Just turn away right now and everything will be okay. I swear, you don't wanna go any further. HELLO?! Are you listening to me?

I had a butt probe done today. I'm spending way too much time in hospitals lately.

Told you you didn't want to read it.

Jules :O----B

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar's so sexy!

I did two entries today. I'm so sparatic - some days multiple E's and other days none.

The Oscars are on tonight and I just finished doing the pre-Oscar quiz on the phone with my sister. So she jotted down all of my picks for all of the categories. But I won't remember any except for one. Best Actor. My pick is Will Smith for The Pursuit of Happyness. If he doesn't win I think I may just cry. And then I'll go see the movie again at the cheap theatre (which is where I'm sure it is by now) and cry some more.

Can't wait to see what everyone's wearing and make fun of the ugly dresses and ooohh and awww at the pretty ones! My biggest beef with the Oscars this year is that The Devil Wears Prada has been nominated for a few things. I think that movie was waaaay below what it takes to win an Oscar and I think it's an embarrasment that it's even nominated at all. Are we so hard up for A+ movies this year that THAT is the result? Come on!!!

Anyway, good luck Will!

Jules :Oj

gassy situation

Ladies and Gentlemen... introducing.... "The Gas Station Stance". (This entry should be read with your standard Instructional Video male voiceover voice for best effect).

While pumping gas, it is customary to stand in the standard gas station stance. Those of you who are too hoity-toity to pump your own gas, take a lesson here. *Ehem*

After firmly grasping the gas pumping thing-a-majigger with your right hand and flipping the lever to the upward and onward position, place the nozzle into the tank, pull the trigger-majig and commence pumping. Once pumping begins, let the left hand take over grasping the trigger-majig and assume the standard gas pumping stance: Right leg up on the little cement platform, knee bent not quite 90 degrees, flat foot. Right hand in one of two places - either in your right pocket (if it's cold out) or resting gently on the now nearly horizontal surface your leg is creating. Eyes should be darting about looking from one vehicle to the gas-pump-thing-a-majiggy (not to be confused with the gas pumping thing-a-majigger) and back to another vehicle. One side of the mouth should be slightly upturned in a "How's it goin?" kind of gesture. Head MAY nod to fellow gas pumpers, but only IF they also assume the Gas Station Stance. When the gas tank is full, hold and release the trigger-majig 3 more short times to "top up" the gas tank and get the biggest bang for your buck before withdrawing the nozzle. Remember to shake the nozzle in the hole before completely withdrawing so as not to waste any drips. You may now return to using your right hand to screw the gas cap back on and close the little gas tank door thingy. Be sure not to slip up by actually waving to fellow gas pumpers. This is not proper etiquette (and it may result in you being robbed).

What?! It was just something that popped into my head today as I was getting gas. Had to share it. Are there any objections? Hey, while I'm on the topic, does anyone else love the smell of gasoline? And the pretty colors it makes in water (or is that oil)?

Jules :Oliquidlove)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I have a beef to pick with the makers of razor blades. But before I continue, let it be known I'm slightly edgy tonight because I'm PMSy. I'll be back to being me tomorrow.

Why is it that women, who I'm sure shave more often and have more surface area to shave than men, don't have the same super high fizzle shebam razor technology as men do?

I see commercials constantly for new razors for men. It used to be two blades was fantastic. Then some brainiac decided that they should market a triple blade razor, and that was the end all be all. BUT, then they came out with a razor that surpassed all others - it had 4 blades! And as if that wasn't enough, the razor makers decided that they should make a vibrating razor to go along with those 4 blades... really make 'em dance over those tough whiskers. Really get in there good and deep and leave that face feeling fresh and smooth and delicious.

All the while, women's razors have been completely left in the dust. They seem to concentrate more on what kind of lubricant or lather to use with the crappy 2 blade razors they make for women. Sure, that's important, but come on! We want a closer shave that will last longer and be smoother to the touch too, damnit! And I'm sure men will agree with that statement.

Well, sometimes I just need to vent.

Actually, I'm not really all that afflicted by it. I just wanted to say my bit.

Wanna hear something stellar that happened today? I received a customer satisfaction survey in the mail for the company which built my house. I love surveys. I never miss out on an opportunity to fill one out. Hotels, restaurants, stores... and now I get to do one about our builder!! I'm excited!! I put it on my to-do list for tomorrow.

Hey, here's something else. I collect keychains from around the world. IF by chance, one of you people out there wants to send me one from where you reside, I'd LOVE that!!!!! You can email me for my address!

Jules :O*

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

good laughs are worth millions!

HOLEEEEEEE FRIG did I have a good laugh last night. During the show American Idol, in the second half of the show, a commercial for Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Granola Bars came on. We sat and watched it with boredom spilling out of our eyes, and listen as good tv viewers are supposed to do.

Then, the end of the commercial happened. Went something like this (although I can't remember word for word):

Nature Valley Granola bars. Deliciously dipped in a nut butter coating.....

Mfmmmmph! Does anyone else GET this? See what cracked me up for a half an hour so hard it had me snorting and almost peeing my pants?? See it?

NUT BUTTER coating?!?! Nut Butter. HAAAAAAAAAAA! HOW did the writers of this commercial NOT see that before they made the commercial!?!? Nut butter! Would YOU want to eat a granola bar covered in nut butter? Oh my friggin' ....... I can't keep typing, I'm laughing too hard!

Jules :OHAR!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

where you least expect it

I had the opportunity to stand outside in some sticky snow today for a while as I was waiting for my ride to come back and get me. And when I looked down at the snow as I stepped off of it, I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw!

No, it wasn't that my feet are smaller than I thought. I'm a good ol' size 7.... just perfect, I think.
No, it wasn't that I had narrowly avoided stepping in a pile of dog poo.
No, it wasn't even that kerschnoooooooge sound the sticky snow makes that you know I love so much.

I pulled my foot back from the snow and was completely in love with my footprint! Yes! My footprint! I have never paid attention to the sole on this particular pair of running shoes before and I loved the design it made. I loved it so much I took a picture of it with my phone (but I don't have the cord to connect to the computer, so I can't publish it). The sole of my runners has a series of horizontal lines evenly spaced for the length of the shoe and then it incorporates a smattering of circular bubbles, if you will, periodically spread throughout! And when you make two shoe prints side by side, well you can imagine the harmonic bliss I was able to create! I was so excited that the people walking by me starred with awkward looks on their faces as if I was an escapee from a mental institution.

If there was something that could make my day today, it was my snowy footprints. Look, peeps... the whole point here is that sometimes it's just nice to find amusement in the smallest of things that life has to offer you!

Jules :OD------8

Monday, February 19, 2007

well, it just had to be said, alright?

Okay. It's about time I fess up. There are two things I'm about to post about myself that may turn you completely off of me. But I feel like I'm brave enough to post them anyway and see what happens.

1) When I blow my nose, it sounds like a fog horn just went off. I am not a prissy nose blower. I blow good and hard in order to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, I need to blow again. There's nothing worse than boogers in a nose. Especially if they're hanging there for all the world to see, all caught up in nose hairs and whatnot. So after I'm done blowing, I generally then stick the kleenex into my nostril and let it do the job of grabbing any leftovers that may be remaining. I am not a girly girl nose blower, and I'm finally willing to admit it.

2) My hiccups sound like a live chicken getting plucked. I make this estreme chagaaaaaaaawwwwk! sound every time I hiccup. They literally shake my body so hard they hurt. People stare... hell, I've even seen people point, laugh and stare at me when I've hiccupped. The only good news about this little bleep about me is that often I'll only have between 1 - 3 of them and they they're gone... usually.

Okay, so that's something about me you didn't know. I'm anxious to hear whether you still love me or not!?

Jules :8P
P.S. And then sometimes there's that really sticky snot.... ;OP

Sunday, February 18, 2007


This is my 200th post! I was going to try and make it something super fun or funny... or special in some way. And then I realized that everything I say is all of those things, so it doesn't matter what I write! Right? Gawd, I'm so effing adorable!

The weather's beautiful, finally, and the city is in full celebratory swing for our Alberta holiday "Family Day". Even though the holiday is actually tomorrow, all the festivities are happenning today. I'm stoked, because last year Nate was too small to get anything out of it. This year, I want to go down to Bower Ponds and try some tabogganing and take in a hay ride!! Nate's gonna love the horses, I'm sure! It's gonna be fun daaaaaaaaaaaaay!

The other night I dreamed that my best friend and I were supposed to meet up at this all night arcade in West Ed. Except, as dreams go, it wasn't just an arcade, it was also a bar and had many floors to it, and only the coolest of cool and the best of best dressed got it. So even though she and I live in the same city, we were going to take seperate vehicles and meet there at exactly midnight. I went, looking all hot, and totally was allowed in. But no best friend was to be found. I searched all the levels for her and never found her, called her numerous times, but she never returned my calls. On one level I had to take my sexy spiked boots off in order to search for her and then someone stole them. For the rest of the night I was miserable, searching for a pair of boots I could wear home. I ended up wearing one huge white winter boot and a tiny little high heel. It was ridiculous, and I was red hot furious! So then numerous other events happened and eventually, I made it back to Red Deer. I called her again and she was so apologetic, but here was her excuse: I'm sorry, Jules... but I had to run off and marry Matthew McConuaghey!

The dream morphed into some craziness with having to park a car while first driving it through a posh house making sure not to hit anything and absolutely making sure to do a 360 spin at the end in order to slam it into the parking spot just so, and something to do with getting my hair bleached and curlywigged somehow by some chick who wouldn't stop poking my belly.

My only excuse is all the meds I'm on.

Jules :Oj

Friday, February 16, 2007

sleep un-disturbed

So I forget when exactly, but we got a new mattress set not too long ago and I have a new problem. It used to be that whenever Nate would go lay down for his nap(s) I'd come down to the computer and blog or email or chat, whatever. But ever since the new bed came, I simply can't get enough of it!!! It's literally like laying on a cloud. Well, not literally, since if you decided to try to do that you'd just keep falling. But you know what I mean, right? I find myself getting groggy as I put him to sleep and then my brain tweaks and says: "Jules, face it, honey... you know you WAAAAANT it!!" and my feet take me to my bedroom door instead of my ass taking me to the office chair! Ugh. I just want to lay in bed forever. I think I need a laptop.

Jules :Ommmmm!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


The Thursday night comedy line up on NBC sucked ass tonight. I wasn't humored by any of it. And it had better resume being exciting next week or I'm gonna stop watching 'em all. I think The Office left me the most disappointed. I'm so sick of hoping for Jim and Pam to reunite in passionate flames. Whatever. I'm going to bed.

Jules :Oblah

Your letters

So just a recap... I've assigned the following letters to the following people (because you wanted to play with me!!):

Vera - D
Baby Boy - F
Billy - K

Thought I'd better just post that here incase you all haven't gone back and looked in the comments for your letters!

Jules :Ob


New Blogger FINALLY got me. Crap, hey? It makes me sign in every time, too, which I find annoying because the way I had it set up with old Blogger I didn't have to. I just bookmarked it and it always took me right to my dashboard. Whatever. Out with the old, in with the new. I hope it treats me well. At least I didn't lose my profile hits like Grunty did!!! Mwaahahaha!

Here's the big question of the day... pause for brief explanation, first. Sometimes we, as adults, like to say silly/stupid/habitual things. Right? Often, I tend to call people by pet names or silly names. And out of those times, I often resort to things like this: Goofy McGoof Pants!

And I know I'm not the only one who does this. People might find it annoying, but I have two things to say about that. 1) It's part of who I am - accept it... and 2) I've heard YOU do it, so bugger off! :O) (I love you!)

THE QUESTION: If you were to use expressions like that, which of the following do you think you use more often, or would be more tempted to use the most?

  • You're such a Funny McFunster
  • You're such a Funny McFunPants
  • You're such a Funny McFunFun

I feel like I'm forgetting one here. If I remember it, I'll come back and add it in. For now, that's my nonsense post!

Jules :Obeengoogled.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My V-Day wish for you all

Okay, for the past hour now I've been trying to read through everyone's blogs that I've missed over the past couple of days, and wish everyone a Happy V-Day, but I'm running out of time and feeling really spacey again. So here:

I love you ALL! Happy Valentine's Day!!! I'm currently reaching through the monitor at wherever you're sitting and hugging everyone. Kay? Seriously... I am!

Chris got me the coolest V-Day gift (aside from my favorite Lindt Lindor chocolates). We're going to go see CATS on April 13th!!!!! I'm SOOOO excited! Real theatre!!!!! *sigh*

Jules :Oxo

A syllabic review

Man was I ever out of it today! Whatever. I'm sure I'll be back to my normal self soon.... Hopefully! As I've been out of it, the thing that keeps rolling through my head is the whole concept of syllables. Do we, as English speakers, tend to opt for less syllables when we speak... and if so, is it out of laziness or do we just like to take short cuts... ?

Here's an example: Would you rather say, "Six one way, half a dozen the other", or "Same either way"? That's 10 syllables versus 4. Now, the first saying is more fun to say, so are more people apt to say that one, just cuz it's fun, or would they take the short cut and take the road of the latter phrase?

Another example: Tylenol or Acetaminophen? 3 versus 6. Advil or Ibuprofen? 2 versus 4. (Those are just the meds talking).

Yup - that's my post for today. What? It got'cha thinking, didn't it?

Jules :Ospacey!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The low down (the very low down...)

Well - I'm all done, I'm fixed!!

My hospital stay was interesting, to say the least. I had to be there at 12:30 (so I was there at 12:15, you know how I like to be early) for an op time of 2:40. Why you have to be there more than 2 hours early, I dunno. And I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get it done but the nurse listened to see if my cold was in my chest and she gave me the all go ahead, so I got into my funky hostpital gown and housecoat. Gotta love those things. Here's what transpired in the Day Surgery waiting room.

Between listening to the old man suck the roof in with his snoring, the 3.5 year old girl screaming at the top of her lungs and crying for the first hour and a half and the old lady two curtains down telling her visitor some stories, it was a pretty interesting wait for my surgery. I tried to sleep but who could with stories to listen to like the ones she was telling! I'm gonna share two.

Story 1 - She went into detail about a young man she knows who could have landed a 6 figure job in New York with some fancy company (but she couldn't remember the name of it) except that he had to be tested for TB, you know, before he could be approved for the job. So he went to get tested for it, and low and behold, he tested positive, unbeknownst to him! So poor boy, he had to settle for some job for 1/3 the salary in a small town in Alberta. Then she went on to talk about more things involving initials - Her own TB test, EEG's, CT's.. and it made me chuckle how it seems like way too many things are jargonized in hospitals.

Story 2 - The old lady has 3 dogs and during her lengthy hospital stay in Calgary (4 months) her daughter looked after them all. Shortly after returning home, she went outside one night to get her littlest dog only to find him chewing on: yup - you guessed it - a stomach lining. And it was a FRESH one too - couldn't have been more than 24 hours old, ya know! Must have been that the coyotes tore up some animal and left the stomach and poor little Mopsy (yes... Mopsy) discovered it, brought it home and started chowing down on it. (It worries me slightly that there are coyotes around that often in her neck of the woods).

So then she shut up for a while after talking about finally able to eat chicken and mashed podadoes (no misprint there, that's how she pronounced potatoes) and I focused on a lady about my age who at 3pm came back from her surgery. I overheard her talking to the nurse, and no word of a lie this is exactly what she said: "Yeah, I'm finally part of the 'control the human population club... have your wife spayed or neutered!'" LOL!!! Although technically, you can't have your wife neutered, but I still thought that through her drug induced state her comment was hilarious. And it made me feel better about what I was about to go do. My dad said recently that you have to have humor about these kinds of things.

So They FINALLY came to get me for surgery at 3:45, and I got in at 4pm for the actual procedure. I was back in the post-op recovery room by 5 and home by 6:30. Okay, my doctor told me I'd have a little bit of cramping for 24 - 48 hours and then be good to go. Take Tylenol for pain as needed. Simple enough. He lied. I had a miscarriage before having Nate and this surgery was equivalent to having the worst contraction, except it doesn't come and go in waves. It's a perma-contraction for 24 hours. And it's all in the back and legs too. It sucks. Makes you wonder how rough they are on you when you're knocked out. But, having said that - I 110% feel like this was the best thing to do and I'm really looking forward to the resulting life changes (once this stupid contraction ends)!! ;O)

Time for a nice long nap - hopefully!!!

Jules :Osorebutsurviving!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Wait!!! You're NOT lost!!

I decided that it might be time for a change. I think I look good in shades of green, what do you think? Plus, with this template, I don't have to select small for font size, so overall, it's a timesaver for me. Anything to get me back to blogging more, right? I know. You all miss me.

Jules :Ofeelinggreen!

My 20 M's

I have been assigned another meme (from Alicia). But this one is only pass-on-able if any of my commentors decide they want to participate. So, if after reading this you are so excited that you must see what letter I assign you, just tell me: "Jules - I want a letter!" and I'll hook you up, yo!

The letter I've been given is the letter M. I have to do 10 "M" Likes and 10 "M" Dislikes.

10 M Likes:

Milkshakes - Chocolate ones - but not so thick you can't suck it through a straw. If I wanted to eat it with a spoon, I'd ask for a Blizzard, thanks!

Mommyhood - I love being a mommy. Love, love, love, love, love, love it!

Masturbation - Oh come on! Given the letter M, did you really think I wouldn't put this one?? I like it so much you shound't be surprised if one day I post a poem about it. Just warning you now. Actually, you should all be shocked I didn't put this first!

Morphing Things - I like things that morph from one thing to another thing. Like my dreams.

Movies - I used to like all kinds. But now I can't seem to bring myself to watch horrors and even thrillers are kept at bay. I think it has something to do with the time I had a severe panic attack during one at the theatre and ended up going to the ER.

Mannequins - Did I spell that right? Should I spell check it? Anyway, I love them. I think they're cool. 'Specially the woman ones with their hard as nails nipples and perky boobs. Yeah, that's realistic. This one time I was in the Bay with Kim and as we were walking around we noticed that someone had taken the liberty of "pantsing" all of the mannequines!! It was so hilarious! And no-one was rushing around in an effort to pull their pants back up. Every one was pantsed. If I had the letter P, I'd probably list "pantsing" as one of my things. Because it was that funny.

Mischief - Who can honestly say that they haven't been in some form of mischief or another? Admit it, if it isn't the hurtful kind, it's fun!

Meatloaf - Not the singer, but the food. Mostly because I make a killer one! At least I think so!

M & M's - I like them, but I find that I overlook them often. Poor M&M's. I don't treat you well!

Meadows - and not the Tim kind (I don't find him all that funny). I love a beautiful meadow of grasses and flowers. We used to have one right by where I grew up in Athabasca. I used to sneak away with my pal from across the street and go stare at the stars, laying in the grass, listening to the swishing sounds as the wind blew it all around us. Pretty.

10 M Dislikes:

Morning - If it weren't for the sunrise, I would really hate mornings ... a lot. I'd rather just sleep and sleep, but I guess that concept was blown away when I had a child.

Mushrooms - Now this is a double sided coin for me, but I more dislike them than like them. It really does vary depending on the kind of mushroom and how it's presented in a meal. Eh, maybe it's a toss up, but it starts with M, so deal with it.

Metabolism - 'Specially since mine went to shit at the age of 25!

Melodramatic People - If there's reason to be dramatic, then I'm like, all there with ya. If there isn't then it's really just complaining, isn't it?

Moving - It's stressful. Don't you agree?

Morons - I'm talking about the kind of people you see doing something or hear saying something retarded and it just makes you shake your head or roll your eyes.

Math - I am the person least good with numbers in my whole family. My Dad's a numbers freak and can do everything in his head. How come I didn't inherit some o' that, papa?

Michelob Beer - I'm a Canadian girl thru and thru.

Money - Well, this is completely a love hate relationship. They always say that money doesn't buy happiness, but how CAN you be happy at all if you have mounds of bills to pay and not enough money to pay them, so you're always feeling stressed about not having enough money! Now, that being said, my personal situation is not THAT dire, but I'd like to try this experiment. I want someone to give me a million and then I'll come back here in six weeks and let you know whether I'm happy or not. M'Kay?

The Letter M - I've come to dislike the letter M in all of this. Mainly because it's been friggin hard to come up with 10 M's that I don't like. So this one's a totall cop out. I know. Deal with it, okay?

Jules :OP


Shit. I have a cold. Do you know what this means? It means they still want me to come in for 12:30pm today but I won't know whether the surgery's a go until the Anesthetist sees me to determine whether the cold is in my chest or not yet. If it's not, I can stay. If it is, I will have to reschedule. Shit. Stupid germs.

Thanks for all your good wishes and positive vibes either way though!!

Jules :O/

Thursday, February 08, 2007

what is it with cars and me?

My signal light has developed OCD.

I don't know for sure what caused it to happen. I don't abuse my car. I keep her mostly clean. I stroke her ego it when she does a good job. I park her in a garage away from all the crappy winter weather.

Yet somehow, for some reason, she has decided to develop a mental illness.

Now, when I want to use the signal light, she insists that I must first rattle-jam the signal light handle thingy up then down, up then down, up then down and then up and down one more time for a total of 4 jiggles before she will allow her signal to be turned on and work properly. If I don't do this, I get a big fat nothing. She'll let the handle move according to the direction I'm turning, but will not let her little green light flicker and click for all the world to see.

Has she just become shy? She wants to stay invisible in a crowd, perhaps? Whatever the case, I should probably have a good long talk with her and see if I can fix the brain-muck that has gotten her panties all in a bunch.

Jules :Oclickclickclick.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

cancellations are great!

Looks like I'm getting fixed on Monday!

Jules :OD

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

so it's itchy...

I've been meaning to say this for quite some time now:

If you have an itch, for pete's sake, SCRATCH IT! BUT, if it's in a "private" place, be subtle or go somewhere where no-one can see you. We don't need to see you scratch your balls. But sometimes there are just itches that come in strange places and it completely clouds any form of judgement or productivity until the thing gets relief.

Odd or aggravating places to have an itch include: nipple, butt crack, inbetween the toe, inside the ear, and belly button. If you happen to have any more examples to list here, please do!

Jules :Oblurgh!

snowy confession

I've come to realize something about myself. I may just be a snow shovelling fanatic. I love shovelling snow. I don't know if it's the fact that I'm getting exercise, or breathing in totally fresh crisp air, feeling my legs go numb, or the satisfaction of having a snowless sidewalk before everyone else does ... but whatever the reason, I love shovelling snow.

Now, what bothers me is having moved to a neighborhood where it seems no-one else exhibits this same intrinsic characteristic as I. We have lived here for over a month now and I have never seen my northern neighbors shovel, and I have only seen the product of a shovelling once from my southern neighbors. I have shovelled for them each twice now because I get so frustrated that they don't do it themselves. Do I get pissed off or do I just love to shovel so much that the feeling of neighborly generosity overcomes me and I just keep on going and going?

If you were my neighbor, would you appreciate me doing your shovelling for you? AND, the more important questions are: would you extend a friendly thank you and would you once in a while offer the favor back to me? Cuz I haven't received neither a thank you nor a give-backsie.

Here's what else I've noticed. As much as I love to shovel, I am not quite as fanatical now as when I lived in my old house. There, I only had a sidewalks to shovel and I made sure to get every last bit of snow of them - I always did the very best job I could possibly do. I felt proud of having the cleanest sidewalks within 6 houses either way. That's within 12 houses! I mean, I was serious about it. Now that we've moved, and I have more area to shovel with the driveway and all, I find myself just doing what I can to remove the majority of it. I don't go for perfection anymore. If there's still a patch of hardened packed down snow, I am able to leave it. It still bothers me, having it there, but I can deal.

At least the drive for snow removal is still there and damnit! I feel good about it!

Jules :OIknowI'mgay.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I have to go PP again.

This isn't well written, but my thoughts feel scattered. Read on anyway. Today I had a doctor's appointment for a consult to go and get myself fixed. Here's why I'm choosing to write about it: it's my next pet peeve. I have no idea what number of PP I'm at on this blog by now, but this has got to be the next one. Posting my previous PP's have been rewarding and satisfying, and I need to do this PP now too.

My appointment was originally scheduled for 9:15. I got a call from the doctor's office two days ago and they needed to re-schedule me for 10:45. So sure, I reorganized having my mom to come watch Nate and took the appointment. So I made sure today to be there for 10:45, in fact, I'm a person who likes to be early, so I was there at 10:31. There were only 2 other people in the waiting room so I thought I should have been in and out lickety split!

Sitting there on the chair beside me was the December issue of O Magazine. And that leads me to a sidetracked PP. What IS it with all the effing ads in magazines? Are there no friggin articles to read anymore? So as I flipped through that, I waited, and waited, and waited. 2 new people came into the waiting room and were seen before me.... and that ticked me off a bit, but I figured thay must have had earlier appointments than I did. That wasn't my PP.

My PP is simply this: Why do they make sure you are there so effing early when they know they aren't going to get you in until an hour later anyway?!?! I serisouly waited for an hour to get in to see the doctor, and then chatted with him for a grand total of 3 minutes, we decided I'll get my tubes tied sometime in the spring or summer (he didn't even give me a date!!) and then I was done! An HOUR for a 3 minute consult.

Good thing I wasn't paying for a babysitter.

Jules :Ogrrrrrr!