Monday, February 12, 2007


Shit. I have a cold. Do you know what this means? It means they still want me to come in for 12:30pm today but I won't know whether the surgery's a go until the Anesthetist sees me to determine whether the cold is in my chest or not yet. If it's not, I can stay. If it is, I will have to reschedule. Shit. Stupid germs.

Thanks for all your good wishes and positive vibes either way though!!

Jules :O/


jon said...

Stupid germs!

That makes me long to be in 5th grade again!

Hope you're feeling better.`

Silly Billy said...

Hope everything worked out for you Jules!

Always on the Move said...

It's 4:18pm and I'm late for work, but I just want you to know that I dreamt about being really sick (which we all know I am) and that I hung out at the hospital because all these people were having serious surgeries and then I got caught hanging out there...good thing I'm not with you, but I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wish I were!
I've been thinking of you all day and I'm hoping that they were able to do it, you should be waking up soon hunny, I hope you had sweet dreams and all. And I hope you're feeling okay!
I LOVE you bunches and I LOVE your color green!
Gotta run!
Love you!

Jules said...

I got in, but not till 4pm!!! Hospitals are always late, hey?! Sore today. Im 4 different ways. :O(

Jules said...

Jon - Let's see... fifth grade, 10 years old... yeah, good times!!!

Billy - Thanks brutha! (hug)