Sunday, February 18, 2007


This is my 200th post! I was going to try and make it something super fun or funny... or special in some way. And then I realized that everything I say is all of those things, so it doesn't matter what I write! Right? Gawd, I'm so effing adorable!

The weather's beautiful, finally, and the city is in full celebratory swing for our Alberta holiday "Family Day". Even though the holiday is actually tomorrow, all the festivities are happenning today. I'm stoked, because last year Nate was too small to get anything out of it. This year, I want to go down to Bower Ponds and try some tabogganing and take in a hay ride!! Nate's gonna love the horses, I'm sure! It's gonna be fun daaaaaaaaaaaaay!

The other night I dreamed that my best friend and I were supposed to meet up at this all night arcade in West Ed. Except, as dreams go, it wasn't just an arcade, it was also a bar and had many floors to it, and only the coolest of cool and the best of best dressed got it. So even though she and I live in the same city, we were going to take seperate vehicles and meet there at exactly midnight. I went, looking all hot, and totally was allowed in. But no best friend was to be found. I searched all the levels for her and never found her, called her numerous times, but she never returned my calls. On one level I had to take my sexy spiked boots off in order to search for her and then someone stole them. For the rest of the night I was miserable, searching for a pair of boots I could wear home. I ended up wearing one huge white winter boot and a tiny little high heel. It was ridiculous, and I was red hot furious! So then numerous other events happened and eventually, I made it back to Red Deer. I called her again and she was so apologetic, but here was her excuse: I'm sorry, Jules... but I had to run off and marry Matthew McConuaghey!

The dream morphed into some craziness with having to park a car while first driving it through a posh house making sure not to hit anything and absolutely making sure to do a 360 spin at the end in order to slam it into the parking spot just so, and something to do with getting my hair bleached and curlywigged somehow by some chick who wouldn't stop poking my belly.

My only excuse is all the meds I'm on.

Jules :Oj


Alicia said...

Sorry babe... I'd leave you stranded too if Matthew McConuaghey and I were getting married! Infact, I'd leave you just to make out with him!
He's so hawt!!! (Do you like how I spelled hot?)

Jules said...

Ugh, you suck, Alicia! I was looking for some sympathy here! ;OP

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

What is it your on? I want some... I swear the painkillers they prescribe in UK don't cause dreams like that - I'm green with envy. Maybe you scould parcel a couple to me?

Ask your best friend if she'd do that in real life - if she says yes - cut her loose (interpret the dream as a psychic vision) or you can always forgive her for being honest.

I love my best friend and I couldn't cut her loose even if I wanted too - I'm such a sap like that. Though I always threaten her with that...

Oh and I love WIKI - I just discovered what tobogganing is - (how cool) and was then annoyed when I recalled that we Brits are so dry and don't do things like that.

julie said...

You beat me to the punch... I was gonna blame the meds, too.

Jules said...

SSD - LOL! Funnily enough, all I'm on are Tylenol and penicillin! But I had to stop the penn because of an adverse reaction I was having. I find it HILARIOUS that you just wiki'd toboganning because you've never heard of it before now! I wanted to go so badly this weekend, but opted not to because of my stitches. So I built a snowman instead. I love to have fun and I have the feeling that having a baby will get me out doing more and more fun stuff!

Jules - great minds, great minds, sister!