Tuesday, February 20, 2007

where you least expect it

I had the opportunity to stand outside in some sticky snow today for a while as I was waiting for my ride to come back and get me. And when I looked down at the snow as I stepped off of it, I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw!

No, it wasn't that my feet are smaller than I thought. I'm a good ol' size 7.... just perfect, I think.
No, it wasn't that I had narrowly avoided stepping in a pile of dog poo.
No, it wasn't even that kerschnoooooooge sound the sticky snow makes that you know I love so much.

I pulled my foot back from the snow and was completely in love with my footprint! Yes! My footprint! I have never paid attention to the sole on this particular pair of running shoes before and I loved the design it made. I loved it so much I took a picture of it with my phone (but I don't have the cord to connect to the computer, so I can't publish it). The sole of my runners has a series of horizontal lines evenly spaced for the length of the shoe and then it incorporates a smattering of circular bubbles, if you will, periodically spread throughout! And when you make two shoe prints side by side, well you can imagine the harmonic bliss I was able to create! I was so excited that the people walking by me starred with awkward looks on their faces as if I was an escapee from a mental institution.

If there was something that could make my day today, it was my snowy footprints. Look, peeps... the whole point here is that sometimes it's just nice to find amusement in the smallest of things that life has to offer you!

Jules :OD------8


Aprill said...

It's definitely the small things in life that matter. And seeing something amazing out of the ordinary makes life worth living.

Where can I buy some of those shoes? =)

Alicia said...

I soooo need your outlook on life.

I'm the kind of person that would drive by a person like you and splash you with an icy mud puddle while you adored the design that your footprints made in the snow.


Hey, that cheered me up!
The thought of ruining someone else's day makes me smile...

(you know I'm only kidding).

julie said...

Leave it to you, Jules... ;)

Always on the Move said...

Ummmm, I find myself doing this ALL the time, especially whenever I'm at work, and am cold or bored of being outside. Maybe that's why I don't work outside very much anymore, maybe I've been busted for looking at my feet WAY too many times!
Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!
We should spend a day just doing that some time....then we'll get a new life!!!!

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Are blaming this on the drugs too? I still want some. North American drugs seem wonderful.

I'm such an unappreciative miserable BEEP. I'd love to be more positive and have a more positive outlook on life. But I gave up on that years ago.

The most positive thing I do is not punch people first thing in the morning during the rushhour getting into Central London.

Besides I'm not even sure what shoe size I am - forget about the design on the sole.

The Grunt said...

New medication, Jules? I check those things out too, so don't worry.

Skeeter said...

I know what you mean! Snow doesn't happen here very often, so a person's just got to revel in it when it comes.

Silly Billy said...

Reading this makes me realize that a little bit of Jules DOES make my day brighter!

BTW - we can swap recipes whenever you want.

Natalie said...

Sounds really nice. I often try to look at my footprints while walking but it doesn't work out. My favorite treads were on the little boys spiderman shoes i had (I have a small foot) the footprints would be spiderman walking up a wall. Too cool!

about a boy said...

im sure id love your footprint too!

Malnurtured Snay said...

My footprint is prettier than your footprint.

Random Thinker said...

I think the little things are so important, and finding happiness in them is great.

And if ya dd up all the good in little things, they far outwaigh the good feelings from one of the big things.

Steven Novak said...

"I loved it so much I took a picture of it with my phone (but I don't have the cord to connect to the computer, so I can't publish it)"

While I certanily appreciate your outlook on life...I'm gonna be honest...that's a little weird. :)


Jules said...

Aprill - I know! Like today for example, I washed my car and adored the dancing dribbles of water on the hood as I drove home! Payless Shoes... do you have that store there?

Alicia - Anything I can do to cheer you up is worth it a million times over. Just don't abuse me tooooo much! :O)

Jules - I know you said that only because you did the exact same thing yesterday!

Kim - Yes, let's do that, are you making a date with me? *blush*

SSD - Naw, you might as well know - this IS the real me! LOL! No more drugs. I'm glad I don't run across you in the mornings... *yikes* If there's one thing I can do for you in life, it's to help you to change something about yourself, however tiny, and see some joy in things around you! I'll work on that, k?

Grunty - Nope! I'm almost all au naturale now! Phewph... glad you do it too! That almost makes me feel normal!

Skeeter - Welcome! Here's your free (HUG) for stopping by! I love that you GET what I'm talkin' 'bout here!

Billy - OMG! I love you! Okay, I'm gonna need your meatloaf recipie. I'm making it tonight, but if I don't get it in time, I'll use yours for next time and see who's is tastier!

Natalie - Spiderman shoes?? How friggin' lucky were YOU as a kid?!?! (Or was that just recently?) ;OP

Baby Boy - Well of course you would! You love everything else about me, don't you?

Snay - Them's fightin' words, guy... WATCH OUT! ;oP

RT - I'm glad we jive, you and I! (hug) Even if a person can find ONE little, itty-bity, teensie-weensie happy thing in their day, it makes the day worthwhile, I think!

Steven - just for that, expect the photo in your inbox! I love creeping you out! Mwaaahahahaha!

Natalie said...

I got them while i was in college and threw them away in my last move about two years ago because they started to get holes in them (canvas shoes from payless do that). I also got some little kids shoes with wheels that pop out of the bottom but they were a little too small and hurt my feet plus the wheels were made to support a 59lb kid, not my fat ass. When I was a kid I had star wars shoes with ewoks. I was lucky then too. I'll have to go back to the little boys shoe department soon and see what gems I can find.

Hollz said...

I wish i could see the pic...

Jules said...

Hollz - someday I'll get that cord and be able to download it from my phone!