Monday, April 30, 2007

me, myself and I

This conversation just happened, I hope you can stay with me here:

Me: OH! That would be a great topic to blog about!
Me: I know!!! I have to remember to do that right after I finish commenting here.
Me: Ha! Take THAT, commentors! You think you're so witty... well so am I!
Me: *laughs at myself internally so as not to draw attention*
Me: Okay, now I'm finished with that. I really am tired. And I have to pee. How many times DID I go pee today, anyway?
Me: Not as many as yesterday, you little bafoon!
Me: *laughs internally again and smiles gleefully at calling myself a bafoon*
Me: Time to go do my post quickly before bed.
Me: I really hate having to login all the time to the new blogger.
Me: *stares at the blank create a blog screen*
Me: What the fuck was I going to write about? Shit. I totally can't remember.
Me: So perhaps I'll post this conversation I just had with myself and hope people don't think I'm on special mushrooms again.

G'nite everyone!!!
Jules ;Oweeeeee!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

sometimes I don't wanna leave my fantasy world

Today I had the opportunity to lay in the bed of a truck and just look up. Look up at the sky in all it's magnificence. It was partly cloudy and as I watched the clouds above me whisp and whirl their tendrils around one another I was in awe. They twirled and spun and crawled and twisted and it was so beautiful! I blocked out all the world around me and focused solely on the wonderful white billowing, folding beauties above me. And then the most amazing thing happened! They started to draw color from somewhere. Maybe a reflection from the way the sun danced off of them, but right before my eyes, the clouds began to turn pink. I'm not kidding. Stunning light pastel pink. And then I noticed the rainbow that was forming. As if I were off in some fantasy world, pink melded into yellow and into green then blue; all pretty pastels. But only at those clouds that were nearest the sun's rays. It was cotton candy in the sky. And it looked so sweet I just wanted to stick my tongue to it and savor the loveliness of it all. I could have stayed in that moment all day.

And then a voice snapped me back to reality: "Wakey wakey, sleepy head!"

Jules :Ommmmm!

Friday, April 27, 2007

little bits of me

It's just that I need to go buy a new bra, but I hate the thought of bra shopping. It's so hard to find one that fits like it should. But how would I really know - I've never been fitted before, so I may never have had the correct size for me (did you all see that special that Oprah did?)! I know I should just go get fitted. My problem is that it's usually old ladies that fit you.... and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the thought of an old lady seeing and measurig my boobs. I mean, I know... there are times you just have to suck it up and be mature about matters. This might be one of those times. Still... the thought of it makes me feel a little bit icky. Now if it were at a place where some attractive slightly older woman worked, I might be able to overlook the age thing. Especially if she smiled lots while I was naked. But I have yet to come across this.

Other random thoughts on my mind today include:

I hate trolls. Troll dolls... I just hate them.

I have many many ways of writing. And by that I mean depending on my moods or the time of day, even, the way my writing looks changes.

I have 4 spots on my left arm that I am curious about. They became part of me about 2 years ago and have stayed exactly the same, haven't gotten bigger or smaller or changed in color. They aren't freckles or moles of any type. Yet they're there. Should I go see a doctor about them and see what s/he has to say?

I have a bracelet that I bought on my honeymoon in Panama in early January 2002. I've taken it off only once and it was very very very briefly to attach a clasp to it. It's still in excellent shape and if it ever has to get taken off me, I'm pretty sure I'll be lost.

I enjoy ankle bracelets immensely. They make me feel summery, and I love summer!

Why are the numbers on a calculator or keyboard in the opposite order of the numbers on a telephone or remote control?

Should I eat chips tonight? It's movie night and I have been very very good with my eating since starting the cleanse. I don't remember the last time I ate chips. And by chips I mean Regular Lays. Mmmmmm.... Technically they don't have yeast or sugar, so I should be allowed, but they are potatoes and those are starch, which is sugar when it breaks down, isn't it? Help me out on this one. Although maybe I don't wanna know about potatoes, because if I can't eat them, I'll die.

Jules :O?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's not

What is snot made of?

I was playing out in the yard with my son and nephew and right now my nephew has some sort of allergies goin' on, I think, and he had the runniest nose all afternoon. He's in the habit of blowing his nose and THEN telling you he needs a kleenex while large, slimy, drippy boogers hang from his nostrils. (Incidentally, he taught this to my son). But I was looking at his boogers today as they hung there. They were actually a really pretty green color. I know that's gross. I can imagine how you're all reacting right now, but it's totally true! In fact, I left a little one hanging there for a few minutes so I could look at it before telling Gramma he needed to blow his nose! It was sort of a cross between lime and emerald green and it looked silky and shiny. Pretty snot. Pretty, runny, silky snot. Although I didn't touch it to find out if it WAS silky, I just imagine it was (I promise!!!).

So I know that your nose hairs catch all the particles in the air and that the crusty type of snot comes from the gathering of nose hair byproduct. But what creates that pretty snot that comes all the way from deep inside your nasal cavity? I know it's not brain-drip, because the color's off; it would have to be whitish grey.

Anyway, it seemed like a good follow-up entry to the earwax one. I hope you all have some answers for me!

Jules :8D

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Y-E-S!!! Someone GETS me!


AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This post is completely dedicated to YOU, baby!!! FUCK, that was HILARIOUS! No, it was HYSTERICAL! I totally would have peed myself if I hadn't just gone pee before Shell handed me the envelope. I knew what it was even before I opened it and I started to laugh out of control!! Then, when I finally caught my breath, and after numerous "What?!? What is it!?" from Shell, I opened it and SNIFFED and then laughed hysterically some more before pulling it out. As the Q-Tip fell into my hand, the look on her face was that of utter disgust and she spurted out "GROSS!!! That's DISGUSTING!" as she couldn't help but laugh along with me.

Incidentally, it doesn't even smell!!! So my query was answered by crazy KB. And SSD... I'm sorry doll - I'm not deleting this one, I truly hope you'll forgive my un-ladylikeness and still love me in the morning. LOL!! ;OP

Jules :Owaytoofunny!!

what does SF stand for?

I noticed something while I was out and about today. I just can't remember what it was. But I was totally going to blog about it. Shit.

Instead, I'll say this:

I went to the park today and chose to wear my croc-a-likes and some pink fuzzy socks. I second guessed my choice before leaving the house, but even though the temperature was supposed to be around 12C, it was still so early in the morning that is hadn't gotten above 6C. Well, we were there almost 2 hours and I was cursing my decision by the time we made our way back to the vehicle to leave. Sweaty. Feet. I don't know how many of you own a pair of croc-type shoes, but they are HOT! I should have known better than to pair them with fuzzy socks! Honestly! That's a combination that could get me through a cold winter day! I think the worst part was that I had to brush sand off my jeans after undressing my feet and the sand stuck to my toes. Sand between your toes is a feeling that should be reserved for the beach alone. And then somehow in my sand brushing frenzy, I ended up getting a few particles in my mouth. Mmmmm, sand in the teeth. That's AWESOME! So, I stole a drink from my son's sippy cup, ditched my socks, went barefoot in the croc-a-likes and couldn't have been happier from then on.

When I got home, I DID reach down, pull up my feet and sniff them to make sure the previous sweatiness didn't result in stinky feet. I've written posts about stinky feet and I refuse to be one of those people. Stinky moldy cheese feet are GROSS! If you are prone to smelly sewer gas feet, please be one of those people who washes them when you take your shoes off! And use soap!!For pete's sake - we NEED our nose hairs!!

Anyway... will the lesson be learned? Probably not, because I currently have icy cold feet again and the thought of warm fuzzy socks in my croc-a-likes is Heavenly.

Jules :Oj


I deleted the not so much saught after earwax post. I think it was SSD's comment of it being the ultimate test of friendship - and although I completely understand his sarcasm it made me think that perhaps some things are better left unsaid afterall. Maybe I've learned my lesson. I re-read the post before I deleted it and it was one of those "WTF was I thinking?!" moments. Well, the part about me loving my son's ears remains true, I didn't ever really want to receive Q-Tip mail. That's a little bit disgusting... even for me.

So there.

Jules :O(

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Tonight I took a tour of Central Park and Ground Zero in New York City. Even seeing it in the comfort of my own home, I felt like I was there. Central Park is absolutely stunning, with so many diverse people, huge trees, green grass, wide brick pathways, little tunnel pass throughs... I'd go there 3 or 4 times a week if I lived in New York. Ground Zero... let's just sum it up with one word: goosebumps.

I'm going to go back to New York and take some more tours. And then maybe Boston too, because I can! And you can too, if you just click here!

I was going to write about ear wax tonight, but this one is much more worthy.

Jules :Owow

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A single word means alot sometimes

Thanks to Vera - I've got a challenge ahead of me. Feel free to meme yourself and see if you can do it too!

You can only type one word answers. Sometimes not as easy as you might think. Suit up, people! Challenge is ON!!

1. Where is your cell phone? Charging
2. Your boy/girlfriend or husband/wife? Comfy
3. Your hair? Overgrown
4. Your mother? Helpful
5. Your father? Hero
6. Your favorite thing? Son
7. Your dream last night? Wet
8. Your favorite drink? Cola
9. Your dream car? Blue
10. The room you're in? Cold
11. Your ex? Forgettable
12. Your fears? Illness
13. Where do you want to be in 10 years? Young
14. Who did you hang out with yesterday? Friend
15. What you're not? Malicious
16. Muffins? Crunchy
17. One of your wish list items? Surgery
18. Where you grew up? Athabasca
19. The last thing you did? Poo
20. What are you wearing? Jammies
21. Your TV? Big
22. Your pet? Annoying
23. Your computer? Joining
24. Your life? Funtastic
25. Your mood? Chipper
26. Missing? Sex
28. Your car? Sedan
29. Your work? Mommy
30. Your summer? Playful
31. Like someone? Everyone
32. Your favorite color? Blue
33. When is the last time you laughed? Minutes
34. Last time you cried? Friday
35. School? Forgetable

Yeah - it was harder than I thought it was going to be. I almost didn't do it all right. I had "3 minutes ago" for number 33. Glad I caught that one!!! *Jules wipes brow*

J-bird :Og
J-tweedle :Oc
J-tasm :Oj
J-bean :Oa
J-spickle :Oh

How about simply "Jules" :O)

velcro like tendencies

Is this a phenomenon that bothers women everywhere, or just me?

My leg hair hurts me.

If I don't shave exactly every second day, the tiny stuble catches like velcro on any kind of potentially snaggy surface and it feels like it sticks to it while I try to move around. I know it's not actually sticking to it... but that's what it feels like. So it's an incredibly icky hurty feeling. My two day old stuble will hurt me on my pants, on my bed sheets, on a blanket, on another leg. It's prickly and pully and painful. My prickly pully painful leg stuble.

Jules :Oj

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I'm having a blah, ugly day today. I'm gonna try to switch back to my soft bubble bath picture. Maybe that will help. I have a doctor's appointment at 4 this afternoon. Wish me luck.

Jules :Ough

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

this is another fart post.

So this is how I know I have to go have a poo: stinky farts.

Now, before I continue, I realize there are some of you out there who faithfully believe that women don't fart. But I am totally out to open your eyes on the subject. Women do fart. We don't LIKE to fart around other people, unless that's your special "quirk", but we do need to pass gas on occasion. Or, if you're like some people I know, you'll just let one RIIIIIP no matter where you are and then point it out to everyone around you!

Most of the time, women's farts just don't smell. They are silent and not violent. Or sometimes they are even loud but still not stinky. But sometimes, vile farts happen. No really, gentlemen... they do!! And typically, over time, it goes like this: silent fart, pause for 2 hours, puffy fart, pause for 2 hours, silent fart, pause for 45 minutes, slightly audible and faintly smelly faaaart, pause for 10 minutes, smelly lift the butt cheek ffffaaaaarrrrrt, pause for 1 minute, vile audible to all those around you FAAAAART, followed immediately by the horrific sewer smell FFFAAARRRRTTTT that is often followed by a second tiny puff fart and a wicked smile and laughter while all of those around you are plugging their noses and waving their hands infront of their faces, laughing with you.

THUS - You have come upon the appropriate time to gracefully exit the room and retire to the washroom to have a poo.

The stinky fart means you need to poo. Don't ignore the stinky fart or else you'll get all bunged up and that's a whole nuther post.

Jules :Ou

P.S. Apparently blogger's being mean to me and not letting myprofile pic be visible. I've tried about 20 times to upload new images and frankly, I give up. I have no idea which photo will be there when I'm allowed to get out of the time out chair. I hope it's not the one of me cutting my nose hairs.

I forget.

I've been accused of not paying attention.

If I've offended anyone, I'm sorry. It's not that I don't pay attention.... it's just that I forget. I forget quicker than [insert some tired old cliche that means fast]. I am the most forgetful person you'll probly come across. You can tell me something and if I don't mentally repeat it like 20 times, or write it down somewhere, it's gone.

I can't even remember my own medical history most of the time. I carry it around with me on a typed out paper in my bag incase I ever need to reference it. I've even confused my son's birthday with my nephew's. Often, when someone asks me how my weekend was, I really have to think HARD about what the hell I even did! Recently I lost my calendar. I was borderline frantic, because I knew I had stuff written down on it that my brain wouldn't be able to recollect on it's own. I found it, after 48 hours of searching.

Very important things, or things that I go over and over and over again will stick with me. I am capable of memorization. But often, that takes too much effort. I was very good at my job though, because I retained the 'important to my job' stuff well.

What was this post about? I've forgotten.

Jules :Ohuh??

sometimes I think

It's April 18th and we had a major freak snowstorm that lasted all morning here. A total white out. Couldn't see anything. The snowflakes were brilliant and wonderful - as big as a quarter or more in size. And very very wet. Heavy and wet. I got soaked just going from my car to the mall.

Anyway, it got me thinking about something. I think that someone needs to invent a way for vehicles to shake themselves off like a dog does just after it gets out of the bath. You just press a button or flick a switch and the car shimmies and shakes until all of the snow falls off. No more need for car brushes to get rid of the snow, the car just does it for you. No more need to get snowed on, you just wait patiently while the tires bounce up and down and the body shakes the snow away. The whole process should only take 30 seconds or so... longer for a thicker layer of snow. And it should work in conjunction with the heater so that any ice that has formed will quickly melt away. That's what I think.

On a totally different note, my cat pet's himself. I have a black cat (with 3 white hairs) who loves to pet himself. All I have to do is merely let my hand fall over the side of the couch or chair or bed, and there's the cat, rubbing madly across it. He will even sit on his hind legs, grab my hand with his two front paws, pull his face toward my hand and lick and rub, lick and rub - therefore effectively cleaning himself. And I just have to let my hand simply BE there. But he makes me itchy after a while, so then I have to make him stop. He gets mad for about 10 seconds and then patiently waits till the next time my hand falls over the edge again.

Jules :Oj

Sunday, April 15, 2007

update on movie night

The first movie, which occupied Saturday night, was World Trade Centre. I was completely left speechless during and after the movie. For half of it, I couldn't catch my breath and for 3/4 of it, I cried; a steady stream of water running from my eyes. It was, without a doubt, the most powerful movie I had seen in a long time - maybe even THE most powerful movie EVER. I thought that enough time had passed since 9-11 that perhaps I would be able to watch it and think of it as just fiction somehow.... but there's no way on earth anyone can see that movie and not just be brought right back to that day in 2001. Very, very, very haunting. And it haunted my sleep last night too as I shot straight up in bed after hearing the most piercing shrill scream I've ever heard. It wasn't until I was drifing off back to sleep that I realized I was dreaming of people being caught in the wreckage. So, on a scale from 1 to 10, this movie gets a 15 from me.

This afternoon I watched Man of the Year. I was DOG tired after swimming and I'm afraid I fell asleep for about 10 minutes near the beginning of the movie. But because it was a short lived nap, I woke up in time to catch the gyst of the film and I actually really enjoyed it. I'd be willing to bet that some company actually DOES come up with some form of computerized voting method before the end of my lifetime. Will it be accurate?

It was gorgeous here today - finally!! I actually went for a walk before supper with the family and I didn't need to wear a jacket. It's about time! I wish everyone a Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

movie night

Two movies to watch tonight and tomorrow: World Trade Center and Man Of The Year. So depending on which one we put in tonight, I'm set for either laughter or tears. I already have a headache, so it might as well be the tear jerker.

Mmmmmm, me and my rice cakes, curled up on the couch under a blanket, soaking it all in.

Jules :Ocrunch!

Friday, April 13, 2007

I feel so... cultured!

I really really liked the performance!!!!! I was sooo glad that I could comprehend what was happening, since I had only ever heard the title CATS before and had no clue what it was about. My favorite character was Rum Tum Tugger... The Ladies' Tom. He was very entertaining. The whole show was, though. Although I'll be the first to admit that when the show first opened and the lights were going on and off and it was crazy music and no cats were there yet, I thought the thing that came down was a spaceship. WHAT?! I already told you I had no clue going into it what it was about! LOL It didn't take me too long to figure out that it was the "stairway to heaven" so to speak.

So the only disturbing part about tonight was that I had to hold in a fart for 3 hours. What a relief that finally was when I was home and in the privacy of my own bathroom. Phewph!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh.....

Jules :Omeow!


We're going to see CATS in 3 hours!!!!! I guess I'd better go get pretty!

Jules :OD

Thursday, April 12, 2007

in the mud

I don't have much to say tonight except that the mud looked brilliant on my walk back home. It laid there in it's simplistic beauty, cascading over itself in perfect harmony... and perfect randomness. Yes, the mud had "ness" tonight. And I loved looking at it.

Jules :Og

Random Thoughts Thursday

Some of my thoughts today:

Good news! We don't have to pay on taxes this year! Woohoo!!! What a relief that is. I just wasn't sure because of me being on Mat Leave, how it was all going to work out.

Also, I found another animal mixed into the pattern on my floor lino in the bathroom. It's a happy turtle. I'm begining to develop a good relationship with my new turtle and he's a really good listener and pillar of support.

Cashwes are my favorite nut, bar none.

Even in the day and age of emails, chat, internet, etc... I've learned that receiving real mail in my mailbox is still a thrill for me!!!! I LOVE the mail I just received from SSD!!

I'm not allowed to eat sugar or yeast, or some fruit and some meat right now with this colon cleanse thing that I'm on. I'd better at least drop a few pounds by the time I'm done, damnit!!! Grrr. Do you know how hard it is to even FIND food that doesn't contain sugar and/or yeast?! Frig.

I'm also not allowed to drink Coca-Cola. You already know how much this is going to affect me.

I think it's time to pay attention to my feet again. Possibly tonight.

Is there anything better than sunshine and warmth after a long dreary winter?

Jules :Osigh!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

a quirk, perhaps?

I wash my hands... a lot. When I worked at the school, it was a necessity to prevent getting sick as much as possible and I guess it just became habit.

It's the first thing I do whenever I get home, and I do it many many many times throughout the day. Doesn't matter if I went out to the mall, or out to my mom's house, the grocery store, or just out for a walk. I take coats and shoes off and then I go wash my hands. And I wash them for the full 20 seconds, unless I'm in a real hurry. I wash the palms first, then the top of each hand, then I pay extra attention to inbetween the fingers, finishing up with under the fingernails. And when I go to dry them, I don't just pat them dry, or let them air dry. I tend to dry my hands hard with the towel. As if that bit of extra scrubbing will get rid of whatever germs made it through the washing.

I don't think I'm OCD on this, because it doesn't kill me if I don't wash them when I get home. But I have been known to have dry hands because I wash so many times a day and then only put lotion on at night before bed.

I guess I'm sharing this with you so that you know that you could eat a whole meal off my hands, they're so clean. You know, in case the need for that ever arose! ;O)

Jules :Oj

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Holeeeeeeeee shit do I ever have a massivly bad headache. What the hell am I blogging for? I just didn't want you all to start missing me too much. Now I have to go swallow a bottle of Tylenol and crash. Nite nite!

But before I go, do you ever have dreams of needing to go pee really bad then you wake up lucky you haven't actually peed the bed because your bladder is so full and all along it was your subconscious nudging you to wake up to go take care of business? I have those dreams lots. Thankfully, I NEVER actually pee in the dream. I think if I were to pee in the dream, I'd wake up in a wet spot. Don't you agree? I peed my bed once, but it wasn't my bed. It was where I was working a summer job once. And I was SUPERBLY OUT OF MY HEAD drunk. I was 17. HA! Bet'cha didn't know THAT!! Frig. Why did I tell you all that?


Monday, April 09, 2007

is it really me?

I was reading Snay's blog and he posed this question to his fellow blog-a-holics:
So here’s my question to you: if you had to rate yourself, how closely does your personality which appears through your blog reflect on you? Feel free to respond to this on your own blogs, this is a question I’ve been wondering a great deal about lately.
I suppose my answer is this:

If I had to rate my real life to blogger personality on a scale from 1 to 10, after much deliberation and soul searching, I have to give myself at least a 8.5. I think I express myself on my blog the same way I do in real life, mostly. I'll admit that when I first meet someone, sometimes I can be reserved until I get to know them a bit better, but not always. Sometimes I just hug perfect strangers who've just been intoduced to me and act young at heart and never stop talking. I think that's the persona I depict on here. Fun, loving, warm, forgetful, thoughtful in respect to others and to nature, cute, playful, spacey, affectionate, interested in others, young at heart, silly... those kinds of things.

Now, the side to me that you aren't privy to on here is the other 1.5. I also have a serious and uber responsible side. The mom, the bank keeper, the bills payer, the cook, the housekeeper, the worrier, the counselor/confidant (those who email me know that side well, as do my 3D's - as Grunty says). I tend to utilize my blog as an outlet for being more free because I like to keep intune with that side of me all the time.

I am alot of things. But overall, I do think I express myself on here as I am in person. Maybe one day you will get a chance to meet me and see! Thanks for the thought provoking post, Snay!

Jules :O)


Here you go then... satisfied?! Sorry, no bum pictures! LOL! Kim, if you're not cool with me having these on here, let me know and I'll take em off. Just trying to keep our public happy! ;OP If anyone can guess what the pic second row down on the left is, they win a prize!

Jules :OP

Sunday, April 08, 2007

camera fun

Okay, a quick post before I run off to bed. Kim came over tonight and we watched The Race and then decided to get our cameras out and be silly. I love silly camera nights with Kim!! LOL!

So, tonight I learned that the roof of my mouth is very ridgy (more ridgy than Kim's), my nosehairs are neatly trimmed, our eyes are very similar in color, I can't see Kim's ball hangy thingy at the back of her throat, I have a tiny foot (hahaha, Kim!), and zoomed in bum pictures are not really that flattering! There are many other things I learned, but they are best kept to myself! Thanks for coming over sister!

P.S. I hate to draw attention to it, but your opinion on my new profile pic would be appreciated. If it sucks butt cheeks, I'll repost my bubble bath one.

Jules :Ogiggle
The sad thing is that you meet all these nice people through blogger but you'll probably only ever meet in your dreams. At least in my world that's what seems to be the going trend!

It's Easter Sunday. Eat some chocolate.

..... And then really enjoy licking your fingers afterwards!

Jules :O[

Saturday, April 07, 2007

can't fool me!

I don't know. I just don't know. Do you know? Do you even THINK you MIGHT know?? Well if you do, I'd really like to know. You know it and you're not telling me, aren't you! Huh?! I know you think I don't know that you know, but I know. Oh yeah, baby. I know.



Friday, April 06, 2007

frizzle spat!

Tonight was date night with Kim! We went to see Blades of Glory with Will Farrell. The reviews said it was 8.5 stars out of 10. I'll admit, I laughed quite a bit, but most of it was probably just personal joke stuff between Kim and I. But I laughed nonetheless. Overall, I'd give it about a 6.5. The most fun occurred after our movie let out. It was a short movie for today's standards and, as you all know, we collect iCoke numbers. After the theatre emptied out, we scavenged the seats for empty coke bottles. Found one! YAY! But one wasn't enough. We decided to theatre jump and we took in the last 20 minutes of Wild Hogs (again), just so we could scavenge that theatre too. Found another one!

Side note: There's something really fun about being in a movie that you've already seen and laughed at, and hearing the roar of the audience who's seeing it for the first time. It's more funny than the funny movie bits.

Anyway, there were 3 theatres left so we decided to wait till they let out so we could duck in and look for more iCokes. We found one more for a total of 3 (SCORE!!!) and then Kim had one in her pocket.

But as we looked around for bottles, Kim found some girl's cell phone. Well, of course, being the honest good citizens we are, we snooped around in it for a while and looked at her pictures and checked out her contacts, etc. before phoning her last received call's number to say we found her phone. Kim's little fingers rapidly and expertly manouvered over the tiny buttons and we made it through her whole phone in 3 minutes flat! So then we had to wait around for Mike (her last caller) to come get it for her, while we took pictures of ourselves on it so she'd know who her heroes were. The last movie let out in the process and we scooted back in and were back on the hunt. No luck.

Overall - lots of laughs and the feeling of being sneaky was fun.

Please note: This evening had nothing to do with being levelheaded! Take THAT, horoscope! I'm a free spirit... look out!

Jules :Oj


It's my Daddy's birthday today!

Happy Birthday, Daddy! You are my hero!

Love Jules
Hugs and Kisses Forever and Ever

have a level head for me

June 21 - July 21
Take care of your friends by supporting their ideas, dear Cancer. Be careful, however, that you don't automatically encourage a plan or a point of view that you know is wrong or is going to fail. Even though you may want to make them feel good by telling them exactly what they want to hear, this is not really doing them a favor. People may come up with some wild schemes, and it is important for you to bring a levelheaded perspective to the table.

Awww, MAN!!! I have to be levelheaded today?!!? What kind of shitty assed horoscope is that? I don't mind the be supportive part... but levelheaded... I don't even HAVE a penis... OR a strap on dildo!!! ;OP

I like my sister's horoscope better:
August 23 - September 21
Nurture your loved ones, dear Virgo, and feel free to escape into a fantasy world with the object of your desire tonight. Construct your wildest fantasy in your mind and make plans to set this dream into motion. Let your imagination lead the way. Have confidence that you can turn your dreams into a reality.

Construct my wildest fantasy and then have confidence that I can make that become reality??! Sweeeeeeeeeet!!!

Jules :OcanIhaveahellyeah?!

could I GET any cuter?

So it's the start of the Easter Long Weekend and I wish to all of you this:

Happy Easter! 

Jules :Oj

Thursday, April 05, 2007

your life will change after reading this post.

Here's what I'm thinking. My immune system is low (despite my introduction to the neon green pee making B Complex vitamins) and it's making things happen to my body that I can't tolerate anymore. So I'm gonna order the Ultimate Cleanse Program. It's anywyere from a 1 - 3 month long program to cleanse my... colon. Yup! My colon. (You know, in all the blogs I read, I don't think I've ever seen anyone use the word colon on theirs). Do you know how much poo gets all clogged up in your intestines and colon over your lifetime and sits there as a playing ground for toxins and yeast and gross things that do bad things to your system? Well, I didn't either, until I read a website that Kim sent over to me, and started poking around on my own. Not in my colon, people. On the net. AND, I'm gonna start taking some high probiotic stuff too, because that's supposed to help get rid of those bad guys. So there we have it. I'm totally prepared to cleanse my colon, and commit to all the toilet time that one would assume goes along with that.

All right!!! I get to study the tiles and floor and bathmat for more silly faces, and see if I can find any more animals mating! I am soooooooo lucky!

Jules :O)---cCc--<

Note to the Doctors who read this post: Don't give away my secrets! But if you figured it out and have any more suggestions, by all means, email me!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

a couple of points of ponder

Just a few of the things that are fleetingly on my mind today:

How come we have more snow now that it's spring than we did in the last few weeks of winter?

When I type my name fast it almost always ends up being spelled: Juels. I wonder how many hours in total I've wasted retyping my name.

My bum's itchy.

I'm pissed off at iCoke for making me register again. Good thing I didn't have any leftover points to use up.

It doesn't matter how warm it is in my house, my fingers always get cold if I sit here long enough and type.

I sleep with a little teddy bear, pushed up against the headboard by my pillow. I do it to feel close to my Dad. Shut up. Don't judge me. Just accept that it's part of what makes me irresistable!

The Showcase Showdown for The Price Is Right today included a trip to London. It made me think of SSD.

I'm very anxious about 3:45pm today.

I think my bed's beating me up at night. About 2 months ago, I found that I had several bruises on my right wrist, but had no idea why. I couldn't ever remember hurting myself that badly. And yesterday, I discovered that I am all bruised there again.

I'm waiting for my eBay item to arrive in the mail. It's a Medical Transcriptionist Course. I hope I can be successful at making a living from home with that, like my Aunt does.

I've been thinking about number associations a lot lately. I often do that. Say some one's phone number is 314-1560. Here's my thought process to remember that phone number: 3+1=4 and 1+5=6 and no more.

I've had incredibly bad hiccups yesterday and again today resulting in some wicked heartburn. TUMS are my friend. I want to try the new smoothie flavored ones. I have a friend who loves TUMS and would eat them like candy if she could.

I can't wait till flip flop season is back (or as I call them: flops).

I only tried it once, when it first came out and was all the rage. And I didn't find it comfortable enough to continue. So I ask: What IS all the thong fuss about?!

And now my fingers are cold and this post could quite literally go on all day, so I'm gonna put an end to your misery! But if you comment... I'd like to know: What's something that was on your mind today?

Jules randomthoughtwednesday:O)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

hello? is it me you're looking for?

How come I seem to have lost readers all of a sudden? It used to be I'd come down here and have a dozen or more comments or emails from people. The last couple of days I've had very few. Not to say that the ones who've commented or emailed aren't important...

It just leaves me to wonder: How much wood DOES a woodchuck chuck?

I have some all important iCoke numbers to go punch in before American Idol starts!

Jules :O?

Monday, April 02, 2007

to Kim

I love my best friend, Kim more than words could ever say. I wanted to shout out for her tonight, because I know she's not doing all that well and could use all the support she can get right now.

Love Jules :Ohugs!


Sometimes I'm just too cute for words. I just wanted you all to know that today.

Because I know you were already thinking it.

Jules :Oawwwww!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

how do you know?

You know how I know it's spring?
I painted my toenails bright orange, with sparkles.

You know how I know it's spring?
I see motorbikes everywhere I go.

You know how I know it's spring?
I can't get yarding off my mind.

You know how I know it's spring?
The snow's been replaced by a huge lake in my undeveloped back yard.

You know how I know it's spring?
I've seen two flies.

You know how I know it's spring?
I heavily depend on my blackout blinds for the ability to sleep.

You know how I know it's spring?
I have an overwhelming desire to sun tan.

You know how I know it's spring?
It said so on the calendar.

I'd keep going, but it's been in my experience that long posts consisting of the same sentences become boring after so long. So I'm keeping it short. The paramount statement here is that I've painted my toenails anyway. It's all downhill from there.

Jules :Ox

shitty memory

I forgot today was April Fool's Day. And you know what I think about that? Big hairy effing whoopee. Actually, it's more like bhe WHOOOPPEEE! Is it just that I'm too lame to think up a good prank? Or was I the butt of too many practical jokes as a kid? It could be either, because I think too highly of myself to see if I'm lame, and I can't really remember my childhood. Maybe that's why...

Anyway... hope the rest of you didn't get too sucked in by over zealous pranksters.

I DID get invited over to dinner at my sister's house tonight, the invite being this morning... so I'm starting to wonder if that was a prank. Whatever. If I get there and there's no food, I'm staying till she feeds us anyway. HA!

Jules :Oj