Sunday, April 27, 2008

Every time I go and chew a piece of gum, regardless of the kind or flavor, lately it feels like I'm growing hair in the back of my throat.

Anyone have any sort of explanation for this phenomenon, cuz I LOVE gum and I really don't want to have to stop chewing it... but I'm afraid if I can't come to reason with why this is happening (and possibly negotiate a way to stop it from doing so), I'll have to give it up completely. I know, people don't normally speak to their gum... but hey, if that's what it takes so I can still munch on it's chewy deliciousness, that's what I'll do!!

And by the way, before anyone suggests it... or something of the sort... NO! I am not picking my gum up off the ground, or letting it fall somewhere hairy before sticking it back into my mouth. So the concept of there ACTUALLY being hair in the gum is out of the question!!

Jules :OO

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Did someone hook up one of those muscle contraction pads to my back without my knowledge at some point this morning?

I think I'm slowly going insane because my back won't stop twitching. And I'm not just talking about a tiny little twitch either. It's the entire right side, back ribcage that's goin to town.

So it's 1:35 am and I can't sleep.

Try laying on my twitching side. No luck.
How about my other side? Shit. Still twitching.
Back? T-W-I-T-C-H
Tummy? Haven't attemted because I know that kills my back and I'd rather still have the twitch and be falling over from exhaustion than not be able to walk in the morning.

What if I lay on the side of my twitch WITH my arm above my head so as to sort of stretch the twitch out? No. Fucking. Dice.

Okay. It's really REALLY annoying me and I need it massaged out of my system like nobody's business. Honestly.

Jules :OWTF?!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i guess it happens to the best of us...

OMG.. my eyes need kissing better!!

No, I didn't just look at something disgusting.
No, I didn't just watch something horribly scary on tv.
No, I didn't just slice an onion.

I got what felt like mounds upon mounds of shampoo in my eyes during my shower tonight and they're STILL stinging!!

PLUS, and this is a very annoying development, my right ear seems to have developed gremlins. It constantly sounds like I've got either little things rummaging about inside of it today, or a miniature wind tunnel that doesn't depend on outward atmospheric influence to become gusty at various points throughout the day.

Owie. Fix me.

Jules #O(

Sunday, April 20, 2008

cardly speaking..

I'm really not sure where my head's been lately, but within the past 4 months-ish I have managed to lose my bank card twice. The most recent of which has happened just this weekend. I haven't the slightest idea how I kee managing to do this, but it really is a pain in the ass! So now tomorrow, I have to go to the bank and get a second replacement card, and try to figure out a new pin number and then worst of all... actually have to REMEMBER my new pin number!! Holy hell. Wish me good luck!

Also, just because of cosmic kharma or whatever... I locked my keys in my car yesterday. It was windchill factor of -18C and I was supposed to meet my mom for supper before she took off to a concert. Needless to say, we didn't make it to supper. Instead, I fandangled my way into her schedule so that she could go gather up and bring me my spare keys. So nice of her to do that for me really... but honestly?! Where's my head??? I must have left it in the tanning bed and it, too, got a little bit sunburned yesterday.

Jules :Oj

Saturday, April 19, 2008

a couple of things...

There are a few things I was thinking about blogging about today... but frankly, I'm not sure you either want to or could handle reading about them!

But you know what? I'm gonna write them anyway. Consider yourself warned!

1) I think I may have sunburned my nipples today. Not in a horrendous way, but enough to make them tender. I went to a tanning bed this afternoon because I felt the need to de-stress after having quite an up and down week and I remembered back to a time when I went to a tanning bed before going on a holiday and how relaxed it made me feel. So I went, and I stripped down and climbed on into the bed. 10 minutes later I came out disappointed that I couldn't notice any difference at all. But NOW I notice a difference!! Not only are my nipples tender, but my arse feels a little bit cherry too. Guess I'll be sleeping on my side tonight! ;OP

2) I dislike the game Monopoly. It's not that I dislike all board games, but Monopoly is one that I just can't play. It puts me to sleep just about as much as watching a hockey game on tv. "Blah blah blah... you owe me money for landing on Boardwalk!!" shreiks my clever opponent while i try not to let my forehead smack the playing field as I nod off to sleep. If I ever ask you for a sleeping pill, just do me a favor and pull out the Monopoly board instead.

3) Okay, I've run this past a couple of people today and I'm still not sure it's entirely appropriate to be blogging about, but hey... this is me. What the hell! I don't think I fart throughout the night. There. I said it. I think this because always in the morning, I enjoy a nice release of pent up gas. Yes, I have a morning toot. Don't worry. I save it for the privacy of my own washroom, but I wanted to talk about this because I need to know if I'm the only one who subconsciously saves their gas until morning time?! Will you be honest with me? Do you save yours and enjoy a nice morning fart as well? Do you think we should collectively do a study and set up video cameras in our bedrooms to try to catch on tape the elusive middle of the night toot and then report back to each other here in the morning? Cuz I really feel like I have to know!

Come on, you guys... by now you should know that nothing is off limits for conversation on my blog, and if this surprised you... you either haven't been paying attention or you don't know me well enough yet and I shall expect that you hang around a bit longer to do so!!

Now... it's late... I'm off to rub lotion on my sore spots and I'll see you all soon!

Jules ;Osizzzzzzzle!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

a sidenote...


Guess what?

I wore my flops all weekend and got to show off my tattoo finally!!


(just had to share)

Jules :OYAY!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I am a passionate person... does this count?

You know what?

I. Can't. Stand. Horseradish.

To me, put horseradish on anything and it completely ruins the "whatever" it is. I don't have a good enough internet connection right now to do the research for this next bit, so please do it for me, someone... what is horseradish made of?!?! Because if its primary ingredient is radishes... then I don't understand my intense hatred of the stuff. I enjoy a good radish. Crunchy, crispy, fresh, peppery. What's not to like? But horseradish?! I just find the stuff revolting.

And I'm blogging about it because it's ruined two lunching experiences of mine recently. Well, let's not say ruin, because I did still eat the sandwiches, but very hesitantly, and I cringed after each bite. Stupidly, I kept eating the sandwiches hoping, wishing, believing that the next bite *might* just be edible.

Horseradish for me is like the feeling you would get by licking a piece of freshly used sandpaper (I can make this comparison because either a) I've done this before or b) I have a very vivid imagination - you decide). It just leaves a horrible gritty disgusting feeling in my mouth.

So. If you ever eat at my house and you just feel like you're gonna have a major hankering for horseradish... be advised now. Stop at the store and pick yourself up a tiny little jar because I won't have any to offer you at my house and you won't be leaving the leftovers of the jar in my fridge!

There we go. I'm out of the closet. I am passionate about hating horseradish.

Jules :Oblech!

P.S. Is it just the screen I'm using right now or you tell me... scroll down to my pic a couple of posts down... does one of my eyes look green and the other blue? It's paramount I have the answer to this question... p-a-r-a-m-o-u-n-t! Please advise!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

a post... to tide you over until I next resurface

Helloooooo!! How badly have you been missing me? I'm staying somewhere where the internet connection is rather shitty, but on May 1st, I'll be back home and my connection will be back to normal for reliability, so please continue to bare with me, okay?

Just a few things of curiosity to me...

1) Why does peanut butter taste better when licked directly off a spoon like it's a giant lollipop than when it's on toast or in a sandwich?

2) What temperature does it need to be to officially qualify as sandals or flip flops weather? I'm DYING to be able to show off my tattoo!

3) Why does stress cause pimples?

4) Of those small gherkin pickles, how many of them can you shove in your mouth at one time without gagging?

5) Put your hand up if you can do anything "special" with your tongue. And by this I mean tricks like tie a cherry stem, roll your R's, or do that folded in half lengthwise thingy...

These are simply things I can no longer live without knowing the answers to! You MUST, as a blog reader of mine, take the time to answer them so that I can begin to rest easy at night again!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

just checking in....

I was thinking I should probably post something on here so that you all know I'm still alive and hanging in there. Things have been stressful to the extreme for me, and I'm having to deal with things I didn't really see coming... but I'm managing.

Here's proof that I do still exist. It was just taken a few days ago...

Hope you are all doing well... and let it be known that I miss you and I'll be back in due time, I promise!!

Love Jules