Thursday, May 22, 2008

I just can't get enough SECS

I got more SECS today! Woohoo! All of a sudden, I'm being spoiled!

A handcrafted notepaper thing, a handcrafted book of friendship and love sayings, and a jar of gourmey jellybeans.... SO NICE! All of it! Thank you, Sistah!

Let me tell you what my favorite of the quotes in the book is (aside from the little pull out that says: Jules... You Rock!! )

"LAUGH as much as you breathe and LOVE as long as you live."

And now, I'll happily munch on my beans till I either find a gourmet flavor that makes me want to barf, or get too much of that fuzzy sugar coated tooth feeling.
Jules :Oj

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Dear Cancer, are you hoping to accomplish a goal that you've been working towards for a long time? Don't let delays cause you to fear it'll never happen. It may block your creative energies and cause you to lose faith in yourself. Fortunate changes are in the wind, yet it's still going to take a little more effort for you to get where you want to be. Gird up your loins and keep on going. You'll get there!


Okay, sometimes these stupid things hit the nail exactly on the head, and I'm so effing serious, all of this insanely hard work had BETTER pay off like it says it's going to or I'm hunting down the person who wrote it and having them subjected to hours upon endless hours of those pre-teen magazine quizzes (that we all take once in a while but never admit to) just as pure payback. That would be similar to having to suffer Chinese Water Torture, wouldn't it?!


On a totally unrelated note: So You Think You Can Dance starts tomorrow night. I'm psyched! Well, I'm psyched for the actual competition art, the auditions are humorous, but flaky. I love the show once it really starts though!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Please read this post out loud... especially if there's someone else near you!

Ahhhhhhh... there's nothing like a good white caulk on a Monday.

I spent all day today doing trim in my basement and sometimes you don't get the cuts exactly right, so you have to fill them in with caulk. There were some things I learned while working this caulk all afternoon.

1) Playing around with white caulk can get awfully sticky given enough time and handling.
2) Nothing covers up a multitude of sins like a great caulk.
3) Caulk fits nicely into all sorts of gaps.
4) If ever in doubt, use too much caulk and wipe off the excess with a damp rag when done.
5) When you're done moving the caulk around, make sure to clean with hot soapy water to get it all off before it dries and becomes crusty.
6) Don't attempt to lick the caulk from your fingertips, in your confused mindless state.
7) Speaking of, DO use your fingertips along the long line to get the caulk pushed into exactly where you want it to go.
8) Don't get confused and start grabbing for the brown caulk when what you really need is the white one.
9) No matter how grown up you try to be... having to say the words "Mom, can you please pass me the white caulk..." makes you laugh hysterically every time!

HAHA!! Okay, I've had my fun! Soooo many funny caulk lines... can you come up with any good ones?

Jules :Ogiggle!

Monday, May 12, 2008

these are SERIOUS questions!!!! ;OP

Okay. Maybe you can help me with convincing *someone* of this...

Can you or can you not wear off your fingerprints, at least temporarily? I've been working so hard in the basement with sandpaper the last few days that I swear to God I haven't got a thumbprint anymore! My thumb feels smooth as glass and I can't feel or see any ridges in some spots on my thumb. Now, I ask thee... is this even possible?

Also.. dogs bark, cats meow, birds chirp, seals arf, pigs oink... what do crickets do?

Very odd sidenote: the Calgary Zoo just lost 34 of their prized stingrays in the span of the last 24 hours, after zookeepers noted strange behavior happening. Hmmmmmm.... that's very very sad!

Off to bed before midnight... must be some sort of record for me!

Jules :O*

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Secret Gift!

I have no idea if any or all the SECS read my blog or not, but a great big loving THANK YOU for my Birthday Calendar!!! I absolutely love it!! And I've ALWAYS needed somewhere to keep track of birthdays... how did you know?!

Here's a pic of the front of it, and inside it's embellished with butterflies and flowers and lovely sayings and all things I love! So thoughtful! MWAH, SECS! You ROCK!

Jules :Oyay!!

Happy Mother's Day!

I just wanted to wish anyone who's a mom reading this a Happy Mother's Day today!!!

Remember to take time to give that extra special long hug, or tell your Mom how apreciated she is and how much you love her today.

And remember, just because she may not still be with you, doesn't mean you can't make this a special day for her!!

So with that... I love you, all you Mom's out there!!!

Love Jules :Oxoxo

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

couple of insightful things...

I need to talk about something that's always bothered me... and I think that perhaps if I draw attention to it, it may stop happening, at least in my house.

What the hell is it with that gross leftover crusty hand lotion plug that hangs off the end of the lotion pump and sometimes comes off with each application but most times hangs on for dear life growing bigger and bigger with each pull? You know what I'm talking about, right? The dangly crusty old dried up bit of lotion that noone ever seems to have the courtesy of making sure they take with them when they use the lotion dispenser?!

It grosses me out. More and more as it gets bigger. Take the lotion with you... so that the next person doesn't have to deal with your disgusting hard crusties! It's like a giant booger hanging there waiting to jump into someone's hand!

It's almost worse than sharing a can of pop with someone who doesn't take their "friends" off the rim after they've taken their sip. You know that one too, right? The leftover bit of pop that sits on top of the can as if it were to say: We know you wanted to drink us, but we tried it in your mouth and didn't want to stay in, so we're gonna sit out here and wait for the next person and see if we like their mouth better! Mwahahahaha!!!

Okay! There you go. Tell me what you think of lotion boogers and pop friends!

Jules :Oewwww!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

wow... where do the days go?

My days consist of this: Hang out with Nate during the day, contract a massive headache along the way, work in my basement, attempt to catch up on emails (sorry, no time for blogs right now), work some more, possibly fit in a phone call or two here and there and long for some time to treat my feet to a pedicure.

So far, the feet have taken total last priority and they feel like sandpaper from all the drywall dust downstairs.

The basement should be mostly in a state of completion by mid next week if we continue to work our fingers to the bone. And then maybe I'll be able to enjoy it before I have to move out!

Stay tuned, my friends... I miss you... I really do... and I hope you're still thinking of me! Love Jules :Ohugs

Thursday, May 01, 2008



I have a secret!!! You should call me to find out what it is!


I could just tell you on here, because really it's not much of a secret!


Babes and I moved back and took posession of the house today. It feels so nice to be home, relaxed... not having to answer to anyone except my beautiful little 2 year old! I'm so pleased! But, there are some serious working days ahead of me. I won't be staying here forever, and I have some basement development to get done this month. So out comes my tool belt and painting clothes again here right chicken luey! Back into home imporvement mode, and actually, if I can get past the aches and pains of getting 'er all done, it's gonna be well worth it in every way once it's all completed!

Anyway, I have a reliable internet connection again, so hopefully I'll be a bit more visible in blogland in the future!

Jules :OD