Saturday, August 02, 2008


I never, if I can help it... and most times I can... flush a public toilet with my hands. It's not beyond me to lift my leg just about clear over my head so that I can push down on the handle with my fully covered shoed foot.

Is this strange?

It's just that the thought of the possibility of getting some stranger's number one or number two on my hands from them making a mess when they wiped and then getting it on the handle... well really it grosses me out!

So I foot flush. I am a foot flusher. Self proclaimed. And proud of it!

Now... if I ever wake up in the middle of the night, after sleepwalking down to the boot closet, nawing on that same foot flushing pair of shoes because I thought that in my sleep it was a yummy chicken salad sandwich or something that might change how I flush entirely.

Jules :O!


manu said...

haha.. just spent the last 4 mins thinking of a way to flush one of those pull-cord toilets with my foot.. I get them a lot my side of the planet, usually in highway-side loos..all mostly yuck.

very random thoughts you have here. i like.

ebezp said...

Yay to foot flushers!!
But have done it with my elbow!!

Jules said...

Hi Manu! Welcome to my blog! Here's a free ((hug)) for stopping by!! I see you're new around these parts.. I'll do my bestto stop over and see you, too. Yeah, those pull cord ones are tricky... if you're a flip flops wearer you could use your toes...

Hmmmm, Eb!! An elbow flusher.. nice one!! I'm going to try that next time and see if it's a comfortable fit for me!

manu said...

thanks for the very warm welcome jules! must say I am enjoying the first week of blogging :-)

look forward to your posts!

Burfica said...

I watched a special on t.v. about there being more bacteria on the bottom of a persons shoes than in a toilet bowl. Just a thought, cuz you know all sorts of stuff hits the ground. number one, number two, vomit, spit, all sorts of stuff.

I personally take a little wad of tp and use it to cover the handle and I flush then throw it in the bowl.

Jules said...

Manu - Ahh, you'll get to love it around here given even more time! It gets under your skin... in a good way!

Burf - Why the hell didn't I think of flushing that way? That's like UBER smart!!

Christopher said...

I too am a FF & an EF....and sometimes, if I run into the pull cord situation, I'll turn into a NF (Non Flusher)...shhh...don't tell anyone!

shell said...

I just try to avoid these situations altogether. Is there such a thing as public washroom phobia, because I'm sure I have a mild case. UGH.

Jules said...

Topher - You haven't been to the WalMart women's bathroom in Parkland Mall here, have you!??! BARF!

Shell - Are you serious, Hon? I didn't know that!!! Hmmm... is it because of the giant psychadelic log story I told you once that apparently Topher left in the WalMart bathroom??!?

Christopher said...

[Gay Gasp!]

I told you about that WalMart story in strict confidence!