Tuesday, August 05, 2008

my UNfabulously shrunken head

Well... I wasn't expecting this to happen, but I was driving along the main drag in Red Deer on my way to the bank this morning and I went to put on my sunglasses (I have the magnetic clip on kind) and my glasses shifted ever so oddly.

My glasses never shift... I never have to push them up on my nose or adjust them. They've always fit just exactly right.

So because they never need adjusting, and they aren't known to slip and slide around my face just out of the blue... I've come to the ONLY logical conclusion:

My Head Must Have Shrunk Last Night!

It's not funny, people... I already have a small head and I can't afford to lose circumference on it! Plus, it's a little bit troubling, because I know as we age we are supposed to start shrinking, but I'm only 32 and if I'm already starting to shrink, I'll be the size of a pea by the time I'm 80!

Pray for me, my dedicated readers... my most esteemed friends... pray that I don't wake up tomorrow and have an arm that's decided to receed in length by 4cm's or something.

Jules Q:Oohno!!


ebezp said...

OMG Jules, what are you going to do hey?

I beg to differ - it is funny!!!
One of the funniest things I've ever heard in my life!!

Just about right for Ripleys Believe it or not!!

We'll all come and visit you there it's what friends do!!

manu said...

hahahahaha .. oh err I mean.. not to worry.. I have small head as well..

I like to think of it as efficient use of space and material. same punch delivered in smaller packages.. once we have all evolved to higher levels.. the smallest will be the mightiest!!

and everyone will be midgets with midget houses and midget cars :-D

Burfica said...

oh my gosh I cannot wait to see you with a pee size head!!!!

The Grunt said...

Is this just your way of saying that for once you'd like to know what it is like to be given head?

Jules said...

Eb - HAHA!! Thanks so much for your support!! At least I know I won't be lonely!!

Manu - Yay! Small head twinsies!! high five!

Burf - I've discovered that it's a direct link to the amount of times I orgasm... stay tuned, shouldn't take long!!!

Grunty - If I'd have been drinking anything when I read that it'd have been all over my computer screen!! LOL!!!