Friday, August 15, 2008


The agenda for the night was do some prelimiinary house hunting drive by's, get a slurpee and some Lays Classic chips and stick in the movie "Scenes From A Sexual Nature". It takes place in London! What a nice surprise on so many levels!

I'll update this later and let you know how it all turns out!

In the meantime... just FYI - my house is conditionally sold, pending sale of the buyer's home. I'm house hunting like mad and is my new addiction! I could be moving into my own place by October... wish me luck in finding something that hasn't been snapped up before I can even see it!

***UPDATE on the movie: Ummm... ? Confusing? Controversial? Romantic? Funny? But you know.. the whole time I just sat here thinking "Where's the sex?!?" One bare bum in the whole thing! Well, so far... anyway... and it's almost over, I think! At least there was some talk about multiple orgasms. That happened in the beginning of the movie... but was it enough to carry me the whole distance? Ummm...

Jules :Oj


manu said...

the whole time I just sat here thinking "Where's the sex?!?"

.. thats what I am thinking after reading this .. haha.. the title lead me astray methinks :-D

best of luck with house hunting!

ebezp said...

House hunting can be stressful, so make sure you have someone to vent with over the 'rubbish' that is out there.

A bare bum carry YOU the whole distance? Who are you trying to kid?

Random Thinker said...

Congrats on the house... although, how does that relate to Sex?

Good luck with your search. I hope you find something special for you and your little one.

And, one observation... you must be a romantic at heart! I mean your order of posts - first is Love, then it's Sex. Yup, you're a true romantic!

The Grunt said...

I heard there was a tawdry sex scene in the lost director's cut of Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Burfica said...

I want sex... wait...what was this post about???

Jules said...

Manu - Well, that's the goal sometimes... catchy title, crap post! LMAO!

Eb - LMAO @ you too!!Bare bums... well... when that's all there was that's got to suffice! heehee! I do have somebody to vent to about all the rubbish, and believe me there IS LOADS of rubbish!

RT - How does house hunting relate to sex? Oh Boy... don't even get me started!! ;O) Yes, C-Baby... I'd say I am very much a romantic at heart!

Grunty - Ahh... pity it's lost... I'd paygood money to see that... bedknobs... hmm... broomsticks...

Burfica - You're supposed to say that to Gigantor, My Dear!! ;O)