Thursday, August 07, 2008

smell THIS!

Ever have a smell impact what you dream?

Two nights ago I was dreaming my idiotic active insane type of dreams and it let to some point to me dreaming of my 2.5 year old son covered head to toe in poo. I remember that in my dream I was really disgusted and quite livid with him that he would play with his poo like that... and as I was dreaming it, I literally was smelling it too. It was such a strong odor that it woke me up and upon waking, my sense changes slightly and I was absolutely convinced without a doubt that my cat had shit somewhere in my room. So here I am 4:30 in the morning, threw my glasses on and my bedroom light and I'm inspecting every corner of my room for cat poo. I never found any... I'm sniffing my bed to make sure he hadn't done some unspeakable on my mattress again, nope, nothing. So after about 15 minutes, I decided to just flip the fan on high and worry about it in the morning.

Got my roomy off to school, got my son eating breakfast, grabbed the spot shot and off I went, determined to find the cat poo which awoke me in the night!

Sniff... sniff... deep inhale... yep, the smell's still here. Damnit!!! That cat!!! I never shut my bedroom door anymore, there's no reason for him not to make it to the litter box! Grrr... sniff.. where's that effing cat shit... oh he's gonna be in for it when I find that cat poo!!! 20 minutes later, I still hadn't found any!! So I resigned to the thought that maybe it was just some massively realistic dream.

Then last night I was sitting at the kitchen table and had a few windows open and all of a sudden in wafted the smell... it was SKUNK! I hope like hell I don't have a skunk in my yard that was set off twice in two nights... I'm scared to go down into the back yard and look!!

Even if it is, though... I'm just relieved that it wasn't cat excretion on my mattress again.

Jules :Oj


Sornie said...

What exactly is it today with people's obsession with poo? It's so bad that I can almost smell it too. Thanks.

ebezp said...

Glad you didn't find out it was your cat....I love that cat!

I've never got to know a skunk that well so I say we track him down and deskunk him!!

Jules said...

Sornie - Who else was obsessed with poo!? You're welcome... my blog IS entitled VIVID intellect, I do what I can to make things seem real!

Eb - LOL! Are you afraid he'd have been out the door if it were him?! I'll let you handle the deskunking task... yeah?!