Saturday, September 27, 2008

you don't want to know this...

My body is producing waste that is almost pure black and redish-orange. I'll leave it to your imagination as to which waste is which color...

Do you think I'm just getting ready for Halloween early?


Jules :Owtf?

Monday, September 22, 2008

still here!

Just a quick update...

I've got medical testing at the beginning of October to get to the bottom of my issues.

I'm moved and I love it here!

We're settling in great (mostly)... with a few exceptions, namely the one that's nearly 3 years old, but he's getting there. They say home is where the heart is, his heart still lives at our old place, but it's on it's way here.

I dunno if I'm gonna hop on the Heroes bandwagon again this year or not... but I am STOKED about The Amazing Race starting up ... this Sunday, I think!

I have had an ongoing battle with Telus over my internet/phone connection since I lived at the old house (see a couple of posts ago). It's slowly making me become a mean person.

I had a shit dream about a fellow blogger who doesn't actually exist called Spazzz last night. It left me incredibly sad and for some reason I can't shake it. Shake. Shake!!! Go away, dumb dream! And if any of you leave comments under that name, I'll be so mad at you! Be warned... see... that's the mean streak in me coming out. Stupid Spazzz.

That's it for now. My feet are cold and I'm thirsty.

Jules :Oc

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

oh for fuck.

Oops, I accidentally piblished just the title of this post, and while effective in itself, it probably wouldn't have made much sense to anyone.

Just wanted to say that as if I didn't have enough stress with the house stuff, now I may be sick... but maybe not. I'm dead smack in the middle of testing to see if I get to become a lab rat again. Wish me luck, people! Odds are alright that I'll be fine but will still need surgery. And this time, it's nothing to do with my bum or getting my tubes tied. Woooo!

Later, Gishies.

If you're asking yourself right now WTF is a Gishie, don't friggin ask me, I just felt like calling you all that!

Jules :OP

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Okay... this is without a doubt the most stressed I've probably ever been.

Got a phone call from my builder yesterday saying there's the possibility I may not get my keys on Friday night due to the electrical inspection not being done in time (maybe) so then I wouldn't be able to move till Monday. What that means, besides the fact that the utilities have been axed from this address as of the 20th, is that my moving crew goes from 10 people down to 3. Shit man... that's not fucking good at all. Plus, then I'll have my Babe to look after while I try to move, not to mention having to take time out to care for my "roomie". It's just NOT going to work if I have to move on Monday.

Add to this the fact that that bank is only JUST NOW getting the paperwork to my lawyer for me to sign, I had to wait for that to happen before the house insurance can go through, and I still haven't even signed my final mortgage papers! Shiiiiiiiit!!! I've got 3 days till I'm supposed to move and there's still so much that's not done yet that will ensure it's mine, despite my every effort to make things happen FAST. Bank holdups, builder holdups... they go hand in hand and now it's bank holding up the lawyers, and the lawyers holding up the insurance! Wow.

Advice... don't buy a house with posession within 20 days if it's not move in ready. It's just hardly possible to get everything done because as much as you think you should be a priority, other people don't always jive with that mentality.

I'm sure that if I were to examine my hair, there's GOT to be about 4 new grey ones in there from all of this. I just need to get through the next 3 days, and then move and then abso-fuckin-lutely collapse into a giant puddle on the floor of my new house. Oh, but not before I organize for someone to come spatula me off the kitchen floor and repackage me into some semblance of "Jules" before Sunday night when my boys are back.

I need to go pass out now.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Behold, the brown!

Life's so great looking through a brown filter!

Well, what I mean is that I much prefer sunglasses with a brown tint. Whenever I have the need to put mine on, it's like looking at an old world in a brand new light, so vibrant and beautiful and striking! Glory be, brown tint is thee!!

Jules 8O)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just an honest question

Can a person masturbate too much? Can you get carpal tunnel syndrome from it? Cuz I've been having some seriously rockin' good times lately with my "Treat" and now my right wrist hurts.

And if you are offended by me writing this, you shouldn't be reading my blog cuz hey, sometimes I just love to speak my mind!!!


Jules :Obuzzz..ow!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh My Jeeezzzz...

Holy fuck fuckerson.

This moving thing definitely has some frustrating bits to it!! I haven't been online at all the last couple of days because of a major maufunction in employee capabilities at Telus. I called in and requested that my services be transfered from this address to my new home on September 20th, because that's the day I'm moving, and that was on Tuesday morning. By Tuesday at 5:30 I'd lost my connection here and wasn't able to get it back. Fast forward countless hours spent on the phone to Telus, on hold, talking to tech support, getting cut off, etc. and FINALLY today I got my connection back. It was without a doubt seriously HARD going for 2 days without a connection. But I'm back now and God willing, the actual move date won't be as disrupted!

On another note... holy man alive! I don't know what I ate that did this to me tonight, but I feel SO bloated and gassy. I feel like if I were a balloon even the slightest touch would pop me. I haven't been eating junk food, haven't eaten beans or cabbage or really anything super fibrey... so I dunno. I'm just happy there's noone around to notice me passing all this gas... and super happy that the gas has no stink factor.

I had a dream last night that I was being attacked by spiders of all sorts. They were ganging up on me and had absolutely covered my right hand, wrist and forearm and were biting me like there was no tomorrow. They were SOOO trying to kill me in my dream... hmph!! When I woke up this morning, I had a SUPER itchy spot on my right hand and it felt exactly like a bug bite of some sort, yet there was no evidence of having been bitten at all. Now I ask you... was it itchy because of my dream, or did I dream that because while I slept I really did get bitten by something that didn't leave a mark?

The Canadian version of So You Think You Can Dance just began tonight and I have to say that Canada's dancing population that's trying out for this show ROCKS! I am SO looking forward to seeing this. It's the first time they've done a Canadian version and it looks very promising. So if you normally watch the other one, for sure give this one a try! The next episode airs on Sunday night.

Happy Day, Everyone!!
Jules :Omwah!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I bought a house.


Jules :OD

Monday, September 01, 2008

Oh Seriously, Pick a Better Name!

So there I was just listening to the tv, it was on Treehouse, as I drank my coffee and talked to Si after supper, when all of a sudden a commercial for a new cartoon I'd never heard of comes on. Yeah... I damn nearly shot coffee through my nose. Well, in reality, I think I just giggled a little bit to myself and then made a note of coming back to blogger later to write about it.

The title of the new cartoon: Toot and Puddle

Is that like Fart and Shittle?


Jules :Oj