Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just an honest question

Can a person masturbate too much? Can you get carpal tunnel syndrome from it? Cuz I've been having some seriously rockin' good times lately with my "Treat" and now my right wrist hurts.

And if you are offended by me writing this, you shouldn't be reading my blog cuz hey, sometimes I just love to speak my mind!!!


Jules :Obuzzz..ow!


The Grunt said...
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The Grunt said...

This guy goes in to see his doctor and the doctor tells the man, "Sir, you are going to have to quit masturbating." The guy asks defiantly, "Why?" The doctor replies, "Because, I need to examine you."

Had enough? Thought not. Now here's a truly tasteless joke.

This husband and wife are having wild sex. Just as the man is taking his wife from behind their nine-year-old son walks in on them and is horrified. The father is caught by surprise and laughs, tells the boy it was nothing. The boy runs away screaming. The parents try to figure out how to handle the situation and so the father decides to go to the boy's room and talk about what the boy saw him and mommy "doing". The father walks into his boy's room only to find that he is not there. The father then hears strange noises coming from the room where grandma is staying. He opens the door and witnesses his nine-year-old boy pounding away from behind at his grandma's badge. The man, completely aghast, exclaims, "What are you doing to your poor nana?" The boy replies, "It's not so funny when it's your mother, is it?"

Remember to come and visit me in hell. Bring some ice cream while you're at it.

ebezp said...

Of course you can't masturbate too much I tell you what you can do though, you can catch a sore and weary wrist over the telephone, it's highly contagious!!

Typed slowly with my left hand only!!!

manu said...


erm NO. and yes. I think you can get carpal tunnel from any wrist bending activity thats 1. repetitive 2. involves applying force

hurrah for speaking your mind! :-D

*still grinning

Random Thinker said...


And to think there are political campaigns in both the US and Canada with very important issues. Yet, your question is more relevant to most of us.

So, from a moderate liberal living in the US, my answer is No.

Just remember, if you start feeling discomfort in your wrist, switch hands.

Andy Looney said...

I have been operated upon for carpal tunnel in both hands. I believe it was caused by many years of using the heel of my hand as a hammer.

And since we're telling doctor jokes, a doctor is examining a girl and says "Big breaths".To which she replies "Yeth, and I'm only thixteen".

Tys on Ice said...

hell no!

theres never enuf love you can bestow urself with...

franck said...

At the risk of sounding naive... what (or who) is your treat?

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Yes. But who cares.. I say wank away