Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh My Jeeezzzz...

Holy fuck fuckerson.

This moving thing definitely has some frustrating bits to it!! I haven't been online at all the last couple of days because of a major maufunction in employee capabilities at Telus. I called in and requested that my services be transfered from this address to my new home on September 20th, because that's the day I'm moving, and that was on Tuesday morning. By Tuesday at 5:30 I'd lost my connection here and wasn't able to get it back. Fast forward countless hours spent on the phone to Telus, on hold, talking to tech support, getting cut off, etc. and FINALLY today I got my connection back. It was without a doubt seriously HARD going for 2 days without a connection. But I'm back now and God willing, the actual move date won't be as disrupted!

On another note... holy man alive! I don't know what I ate that did this to me tonight, but I feel SO bloated and gassy. I feel like if I were a balloon even the slightest touch would pop me. I haven't been eating junk food, haven't eaten beans or cabbage or really anything super fibrey... so I dunno. I'm just happy there's noone around to notice me passing all this gas... and super happy that the gas has no stink factor.

I had a dream last night that I was being attacked by spiders of all sorts. They were ganging up on me and had absolutely covered my right hand, wrist and forearm and were biting me like there was no tomorrow. They were SOOO trying to kill me in my dream... hmph!! When I woke up this morning, I had a SUPER itchy spot on my right hand and it felt exactly like a bug bite of some sort, yet there was no evidence of having been bitten at all. Now I ask you... was it itchy because of my dream, or did I dream that because while I slept I really did get bitten by something that didn't leave a mark?

The Canadian version of So You Think You Can Dance just began tonight and I have to say that Canada's dancing population that's trying out for this show ROCKS! I am SO looking forward to seeing this. It's the first time they've done a Canadian version and it looks very promising. So if you normally watch the other one, for sure give this one a try! The next episode airs on Sunday night.

Happy Day, Everyone!!
Jules :Omwah!


ebezp said...

Major malfunction in employee capabilities isn't exactly as nice as you said it to me or me to you if it comes to that!!!!

Listen about the spider dream, it wouldn't be anything to do at all with a web album (LOL!) called Anachrid Liverpool would it?!!

Tys on Ice said...

1. eat burnt toast. Really. Its called adsorbtion. Works for bloating. The charcoal adsorbs the gas like those gas masks..dont ask me why this word is different from absorb...i dont know, ok?...

2. the itchy bite induced the dream. Tht version is better, since the other will be like nightmare on elm street..

3. Hows the new house?

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

that's an interesting chain of thoughts - I think (from experience) that the mind is a truly powerful thing and your subconscious mind made your body think it was itchy and so it was. I had a similar dream where my body reacted to my dream thoughts. I dreamt someone had broken into my room and pinned me to my bed (we won't say who) but despite wanting to move - I couldn't. As my mind was telling my body I had someone's body weight pressing down on me. It was very strange despite knowing there was no one there my body reacted as if there really was someone there. As I said - a very powerful thing.