Tuesday, October 21, 2008



I'm going to be on vacay for a bit. Got some kick ass company visiting and I'm gonna take advantage of our time together. So just let it be known that I won't be in blogland much, at least not commenting, but I'm still checking in on you all!

Jules :OD

Thursday, October 16, 2008

don't come near me with your pore invading staaaaank...

Couple of things...

I just want to welcome Shell to the wonderful world of The Inked! Way to go on getting your first tattoo, Sis!!! It's fucking awesome!!!

My girlfriend lives in an apartment that up till recently has actually smelled good. But lately, and I'm talking about the last 2 weeks or so, the hallway leading up to her apartment really REALLY stinks like gross disgusting lingering strong body odor. It's almost enough to bring tears to my eyes as I have to walk down the hallway to get to hers. Thank GOD that walking into her place is like arriving in the land of baked goods, or spring freshness because if that smell had made it's way into her place, I'm afraid I'd have to either insist she move, or I'd never be able to stay for a visit without wearing a nose plug. Even just walking down that gross b.o. hallway I feel it seeping into my clothes and I'm paranoid that I'll leave there wreaking of it, myself!

Please people... BATHE!!! And WEAR DEODORANT for God's sake!!! How friggin hard is it to make yourself smell pleasant?!?! Come on!!! Deodorant, antiperspirant... whatever... PUT IT ON... PLEASE! Why do you feel like you can impose your treacherous body odor upon other people who actually take the time to cleanse their bodies and smell nice?! UGH. If there's one thing I hate it's being around people who smell bad... or walking through their lingering wafting trail of b.o.!!!

Woah. That ended up being a bit of a rant... sorry for that. But lets all take this for a lesson in how women feel ... presumably, how people in general feel... but for sure how women feel. And if your feet smell, do something about that too. Really.

Jules :8gross.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You honestly don't care about this... It will gross you out. Stop reading now...

I have discovered THE worst spot for a pimple EVER.


It's SOOOOO sore... and I know it's a pimple fo sho because I don't have any other things in my system that it could possibly be, and it's not a bug bite... at least I hope it's not!!! If it is, then I hope the bug left happy and it might explain a dream or two that I had...

Any guesses where it is???

Jules :Omegaouch

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Canadian Holiday Time

Happy Thanksgiving, to any Canadians who happen to stop in here and have a read! May you enjoy the company of family and friends this weekend and have a full belly as you're sitting at the dinner table being thankful for all that you have!!

Love Jules

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a Nutty Thought Played Out In My Head

This guy was having a right good ol' conversation with a gentleman sitting down just off the point of biker dude's right foot there. They were laughing and having a jovial chat.
All the while all I could think of was "Ummm... buddy? Your left testicle is in serious danger of falling right out of your speedo, there... you might want to fix that".
But then I was thinking that that was probably what the conversation was about, in some foreign language, I was none the wiser. It likely went like so:

Guy Sitting Down: Hey there pal... dija know your left nut is flapping in the breeze there?

Jovial Nut Flapper:
Oh yes, indeed I do.. hahaha... I do that on purpose.

Guy Sitting Down:
Oh? Why is that, my good friend?

Jovial Nut Flapper:
Two reasons, kind sir... because I love how the wind flowing through my pubes
feels and because it makes beautiful women such as that one gravitate to my
genitals, which I find totally outstanding!

Guy Sitting Down and Jovial Nut Flapper together:
HA HA HA HA... as they wink at eachother and Guy Sitting Down glances at his crotch to
see what he can do about getting a little bit more action.

Jules :Ohhmmm...

P.S. See update below for health results.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

nuclear medicine... wtf?!

Well, I'm officially radioactive.

I can't go through airport security for at least the next 3 days.

I guess that's a good way to keep me grounded, inject me with nuclear dye. Yuppers. I wonder if I'll glow in the dark when all the lights are off. I'd stand in front of the mirror to have a look but I'm, frankly, scared of the results!! LOL sheeesh, I hope all this prodding and poking reveals that I'm in perfect health! Stay tuned, shouuld have some answers for you by early next week.

... I'm not, however, afraid of looking at my pee to see if IT glows in the dark!!!! Ooo! Ooo!! I should go do that right now!!!

Jules :Oglowy

Went to the doc today to get all of my test results and I have been cleared of any cancer... THANK GOD. I have what is called an Adenomatoid Nodule in a Multinodule Goiter. Don't worry, you can barely tell it's there, I don't have a huge pillow of thyroid extending from my neck like people think when they hear the word goiter. Basically, the nodules in my thyroid are there, and one of them is big and they are all functioning and may cause my thyroid to over or under produce as time goes on, so I just have to watch my blood levels and go on meds if that should happen. I'm SOOOO thankful that my bits aren't all glowing like crazy. Tell you what... I've never aspired to be so much like Grunty in all my life!! YAY!

Monday, October 06, 2008

My first porn pics...

This is my own real carrot porn. I wanted to share it with you... which one's your favorite??

Boy, those were SOME juicy carrots when I bit into them, too!!!

Jules :Oyowza!

Saturday, October 04, 2008


It's time for a bath. Not just a little quick have a rinse off sort of bath, but one of those hot, full to the brim with rainbow bubbles sorts that just melts the stress and headache away. I just hope I can stay awake in it. Seems like lately I'm walking around in a total fog, unable to fully wake up, ever... it sucks. I don't know if it's thyroid related or if it's just me not sleeping enough at night. Whatever it is, I'm just tired of being so tired all the time. It makes me irritable and even more forgetful than I normally am... makes me feel like I'm not really me. Ever get that way?

Jules :Ol


If there was ever nothing to write about it is now! So why am I even attempting a post? Just in case you miss me, so that you know I'm still here. Or maybe so that I can see how fast and accurately I can type with just my right hand. The accuracy is spot on, but the speed is waaay lacking, by the way. I guess I'll have to avoid accidents involving the loss of my left hand, then. But can a person avoid an accident? If we could, there wouldn't be any, so I guess we can't.

I'm supposed to be getting my new bedroom suite within an hour's time. Can't wait, really... it will be nice not to have to sleep on mattresses on the floor anymore, and to have somewhere to put my vibrators.

I went for a biopsy on my thyroid nodules. Well, just the one that's the biggest. Should get the results from that one by Thursday. Tuesday I have a nuclear medicine scan. That just doesn't sound good, but I'm sure it will be fine. Couldn't possibly hurt more than the biopsy did!

Getting some yard work done at the new place. I've got my patio enclosed underneath for a shed and the fence will be done soon, hopefully by the end of next week.

Ho hum, diddly dum... this is boring as shit, so I'm gonna put you out of your misery! Thanks for stopping by, though!

Jules :Osnore

UPDATE: I didn't get my bedroom furniture today. Ask me how irked I am...