Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a Nutty Thought Played Out In My Head

This guy was having a right good ol' conversation with a gentleman sitting down just off the point of biker dude's right foot there. They were laughing and having a jovial chat.
All the while all I could think of was "Ummm... buddy? Your left testicle is in serious danger of falling right out of your speedo, there... you might want to fix that".
But then I was thinking that that was probably what the conversation was about, in some foreign language, I was none the wiser. It likely went like so:

Guy Sitting Down: Hey there pal... dija know your left nut is flapping in the breeze there?

Jovial Nut Flapper:
Oh yes, indeed I do.. hahaha... I do that on purpose.

Guy Sitting Down:
Oh? Why is that, my good friend?

Jovial Nut Flapper:
Two reasons, kind sir... because I love how the wind flowing through my pubes
feels and because it makes beautiful women such as that one gravitate to my
genitals, which I find totally outstanding!

Guy Sitting Down and Jovial Nut Flapper together:
HA HA HA HA... as they wink at eachother and Guy Sitting Down glances at his crotch to
see what he can do about getting a little bit more action.

Jules :Ohhmmm...

P.S. See update below for health results.


ebezp said...

It's exhibitionism at its grossest but I agree about that beautiful woman!!

Jules said...

Awww, thanks Eb!!!

Burfica said...

That conversation was nutty.

don said...

I'm very happy you are ok. You were scaring me. Oh, and this is why we wear those bike shorts...

Tys on Ice said...

:) , looks like JNF's modus operandi actually worked!