Saturday, November 29, 2008

Try this, and remember that!

So... do yourself a favor the next time you're in the bubble bath. Make a bath FULL of bubbles, lay back, scoop some up in your one hand (enough to create a glorious bubble barrier between your skin and your hand), close your eyes, and gently caress some body part with the bubbles, making sure your hand doesn't touch the part you're caressing.

Just. The. Bubbles. Should. Touch. Your. Skin.

It feels like someone else is caressing you. Really. If you do it right, that's what it feels like!!! How wonderful to stumble upon that little discovery last night in the tub!! Wait, was that last night? I can't even remember.

On a Different Note:

It's the holiday season approaching and I just wanted to take the time to remind everyone what the holiday's are about. They aren't about presents or who cooks the best turkey dinner. They are supposed to be about sharing celebrated and spirited time with family and those you deem family, even if they aren't. They're about being thankful that you have special people and family in your life to share the season with. They're about making people smile and laugh and feel good in knowing that you are there with them. They're about the magic of life.

So when you're making your Hoilday plans this year, don't forget that more likely than not, all the people really want around you is... YOU!

Love Jules


Cinn said...

Awww .... I like this post. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

I wish I had a bathtub. Note to self - when I buy a house, get one with a bathtub!

P.S. And what exactly were you doing in the bathroom to make this wondrous discovery? Hrmm?

ebezp said...
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ebezp said...

As random as ever babe!!

I wonder would now be an appropriate moment to post the picture of you with a Santa type bubble beard!!!

The second part is lovely beyond words.....