Tuesday, December 16, 2008

it's down the toilet!

Oh Joy of Joys, Lord love life!!! Ido believe my son is FINALLY potty trained!!!!! I can't express to you the amount of joy seeing my son take a poop on the toilet has caused me!!! It's like a sudden calm has come over me and I have reconnected with my inner peace!!

The pee thing was an easy one, comparitively, but that number two business was making me CRAZEEEEEEEEEEE until today!!

Go ahead... go on... congratulate me right up the wazoo. If not for my perserverance, do it for me not killing my kid in the process! WAHOOEEEEE!!

Jules :Ofinally!


Alekx said...

Just wait till he starts calling you into the bathroom to show you the small islands he's pooped in there.
Yah great times.

Burfica said...

I guess I shouldn't tell you how easy my son was then huh?? I didn't even really train him, showed him how to go on the big potty a few times, and out of the blue he just started doing it one day, and never looked back. hahahahaha

ebezp said...

Hey never thought I'd be so pleased talking about poo on your blog!!!
I know it's driven you both mad so well done you .....and Nathan of course!

Random Thinker said...

sometimes its the little shit in life that means the most!

congrats to the little man and his doing the little shit well.

Jules said...

Alekx - I can't believe the size of some of them already!!! Small islands... LMAO!!

Estee - you already have, biiiiaaatch!!! ;OP

Eb - Thank you Baby... thank you for all your efforts and support through this VERY hard month!!!

C-Baby - Thanks my dear, but a correction... MOST times it's the little shit in life that mean the most.