Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Love Is...

I wouldn't normally do this, but tonight I'm so full of love and warmth that I just have to share this. I don't know about you, but anyone who says this exact thing to you and also time and again with variation on a regular basis deserves to have your love in return!

"But then there's you!!!! Yes babe the wonderful YOU. YOU who I need and want more than I have ever needed or wanted anybody. YOU S.I.R. [[[Sexy, Intelligent, Remarkable]]] who has become MY Everything, MY reason, MY life. YOU who I can't live without and YOU who occupies all my thoughts and actions, while I try to go about my 'normal' life...."

Goodness Sakes... am I one lucky woman, or what!!!!!

Jules :Owow!!!


Random Thinker said...

Nah, you're not lucky. The lucky one is the person who wrote that to you, for you, about you!

I think Santa's already brought you the best Christmas gift.

Alekx said...

And then they pull the blankets over your head when they fart in bed. And you laugh, that's when you know it's really really love. LOL

Burfica said...

Or two days out of major surgery and you can't move, they help you to the toilet, then they bend over, fart in your face, and run off laughing. Oh good times. hehehehehee

ebezp said...

Wow yes indeed I am the lucky one!!

Babe I've always told it as it is, you know that and that is the way that it is!!
I feel humbled by my own words but to know that it affected you so deeply to post in such a relatively 'public' place is fantastic and makes me even more secure about OUR feelings for each other in OUR world.
I love you so Angel!

Jules said...

Oh RT - you are so sweet to say that. I definitely couldn't ask for a better gift this year, for sure!

Alekx and Burf - How can one tell you're sisters? LOL!

Si - Oh Love.. the relationship that we have has become more than life to me and it's about time I started to glimse into it a bit more on here... I just want the world to know how much you love me, because your love gives me wings!!!