Sunday, December 21, 2008

sudden movements

The Priory in England's Birkenhead is undoubtedly one of the single most emotional places I've ever visited. Ever since Si shared his first photographs of it with me, I've been in love with it. It moves me beyond reason. I saw a photo he took of it tonight with the age old stone walls that are covered in hues of reds, greys, charcoals, and greens all lit up with the winter's sunshine and it struck me so powerfully that I just started to unexpectedly cry! Wow... the person who coined the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words really got that right!!!

This isn't Si's photo, but one of my own that I took while I was there.

Jules :Oj


The Grunt said...

Very cool! So, are you able to fly or something? How's you get that shot from way up there?

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Oh dear. I feel I'm gonna have to google where the hell Birkenhead is :(

Christopher said...

Great shot...I'd love to see this in person.

ebezp said...

Well guys you are all welcome to come over and see it for yourself!!
It is really magical!!
We could all have a cry together!!