Sunday, December 21, 2008

this is being blunt... winter hazards.

Does anyone else around and out there feel like you're in the FLF Zone (fat lazy fuck)? It's the holidays, I'm not eating what I should be, mostly out of convenience, too many people keep giving me treats and chocolate and my brain can't seem to say no to them, it's so cold here that my muscles and bones are frozen which makes wanting to get up and exercise a challenge. The result is that I've become a member of the FLF Zone.

Good God, do I ever hope to get back on track in the New Year. I need some more motivation... anyone help me out with motivations for getting back on track, healthy eating and exercise? Maybe if you all send me enough of them, they'll guilt me back into a proper routine. See... you're just doing your part in making me a healthier person!


Unrelated... I put vaseline on my face at bedtime last night at the advice of a girlfriend of mine who said she saw it on The Doctors on tv for a woman with chronically dry skin in the winter. I wasn't caked in the stuff, but my face was shiny and waterproof. Anyway, this morning I was far less flakey, comparitively speaking to the previous morning when I woke up and looked like half my left cheek was falling off. I was comparable to some sort of newly decaying zombie, I'd say. Absofuckinlutely gross. So I was desperate to get it under control. So if I find that it didn't cause a million zits to appear, I may well do that once or twice a week during this really dry season.

Jules :Ough!


Christopher said...

Scooch over, here comes another FLF...ah, the joys of Christmas!

ebezp said...

FLF Humbug!!
Just think of being with someone who will not even notice or mention it!!