Thursday, January 22, 2009

can't keep my private thoughts in sometimes.

My left lip hurts and I have no real idea what I did to it to make it hurt.

If that's not something you got right away, my suggestion would be that you just forget about it and move on.

Jules :O!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's 9:36. I'm waiting for the laundry to dry. I fell on the ice today and now I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I have to move my girlfriend on Saturday just in time for the cold snap to come back. My days with my son have been tremendously good lately. My roomie has the most infectious giggle I've ever heard. I really need to give myself a pedicure, but my feet are totally taking the back seat these days. My mom and I are on the brink of friendship again after about 7 months of not having anything nice to say to each other. I am dealing with some serious sinus drip, it's making me hack up a lung. I think my cat thought I died when I left for my holiday, because since I've been home he's been totally unbearably attention seeking. When a child hugs you, and I mean REALLY hugs you, you know it's for real. I just found out that the actors in Indian Cinema hate the term Bollywood.. I'm shattered! It's time for me to order a new sex toy... I'm really missing Si. I learned a few Hindi dance moves, thanks to my sister's obsessive compulsive disorder and now I can really shake my hips, if I think about it hard enough. American Idol is on the tv in the background, so far there's not a whole lot to love happening there. I love being in love!!!!

I think that's enough randomness for tonight!

Jules :Oblahblahblah!

Friday, January 16, 2009

some bullets for you

Here are some things of note about the Big TO.
  • If I were ever to open a business in Toronto I would call it the "Slush and Puddle". Toronto in the winter is some mess of a wet sloppy city, I tell you!!

  • In Toronto, Caucasion people are the minority. It's a vast semblance of multiculturalism which I thoroughly enjoyed!!

  • Everyone wears scarves in TO. Men and women alike. And they don't take them off when the come indoors. It's like they're all trying to permanently disguise their necks like they all have huge goiters or something lurking underneath.

  • Women love their boots. They either roll up their pants to show them off or they tuck their pants in. I remember as a kid I hated it when my mother told me to tuck my pants in. I didn't realize it would be such a fashion trend in my adulthood! I tried it, it felt stupid.

  • Men carry handbags or shoulderbags just as much as women do. And I'm not just talking laptop bags. Actual large bags, probably full of hair gel and body spray. And scarves.

  • There are always sirens going off in Toronto. Si and I joked about seeing the same ambulance for days on end just roaming the streets lost in search of where it was supposed to be. And there is an overabundance of Police. Some just aimlessly riding the subway, some directing traffic while a hauler truck gets loaded, some just chasing punks who are riding skateboards where they're not supposed to. But it makes for a very safe feel to the city.

  • Which is good because there's a bum on virtually every corner. And I'm not talking about asses, like my last post. Full fledged homeless people. I guess TO has one of the highest homeless populations.

  • Speaking of big things... TO people are infatuated with being the biggest, longest, highest, oldest... every tour guide mentions the height, deth, weight, size, age of all of the landmarks... even if they're not landmarks, just to make the things in TO (and Ontario) seem like the biggest and best!

  • In TO people walk everywhere. This is due to the drivers being crazy, I'm convinced (see pic below for verification). This lady kept going back and forth, hitting both vehicles again and again till she was hopefully eventually satisfied that she caused enough damage.

  • But overall, it's a very friendly city. Nary a time went by where you weren't in a lift with somebody who just struck up conversation out of the blue. Mind you, some of them were drunk, pretending not to be....

I had a fan-fucking-tastic time in Toronto with Si!! It was really a fun, adventurous, explorative time and I'm talking both within the city and within our relationship!! I can't wait to see him again, whenever that may be!

Jules :Oj

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm just feeling a bit ass-y...

Last night's workout, I focussed all of my energy into squeezing my ass. I stuck the treadmill onto it's highest incline and it was like I was doing lunge after lunge. I'm hoping that if I can keep that up, this thing I pretend is an ass will get into shape eventually. Works the thighs and hips too... and calves... so I really should see progress if I can stick with it!

What is it about stick-to-it-iveness that is so fucking hard, anyway? It's like you need a constant reminder of why you're trying ot look your best. Well, that's not that hard, really... just glancing at my son, or the pic of Si on the fridge *should* be enough to do that.

Come on ass. Get into shape. You can do it. I just have to go around thinking all the time... ASS... you're SUCH an ass... but you can be a much better ass if you give it all you've got. Go ass go!

Let's call this positive ass talk instead of positive self talk. And we'll see if it makes any difference.

I'm going to go around town mumbling to myself... giddyap ass! We've got places to be! You need to look sharp, stay perky!!

How many days of doing that till I get dragged to the loony bin? Any guesses?

Jules :Op

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Touring the big TO

Toronto is a city you just have to have a ton of time to explore!! So far we've done so much I'm sure I will forget something as I try to retrace my steps!

Dundas Square - like Times Square or Picadilly Circus
Hard Rock Cafe
Exploring city center on foot day and night
Movies at the largest cinemas I've ever seen
CN Tower
Hop on Hop off Bus Tour
Casa Loma
Niagara Falls (day/night)
Royal Ontario Museum
A rather ummm... bubbly night at a local pub *hiccup*
PATH - subterranean mall connecting almost all of the different districts
Exciting hotel room escapades (!)
Slopped through slushy snow

Still on the to do list, if weather permits and we have time:
Live performance of Dirty Dancing (booked for tomorrow night!)
Toronto Zoo (if it stops snowing... or maybe we'll brave the weather)
Toronto Science Center

Having the time of my life here... it's a fantastic city and I'm with the best company anyone could hope for!

Here's an image from the Royal Ontario Museum that I cracked up at... and when you're supposed to be quiet in a museum, seeing this makes that objective awfully difficult!!! Take a look at the look on this horse's face... and then the second pic explains why!!! LMAO!

Jules :Oweeeeee!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Jettin' Off!

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! It's off to Toronto I go to be with the one I love!!!


Jules :OD