Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm just feeling a bit ass-y...

Last night's workout, I focussed all of my energy into squeezing my ass. I stuck the treadmill onto it's highest incline and it was like I was doing lunge after lunge. I'm hoping that if I can keep that up, this thing I pretend is an ass will get into shape eventually. Works the thighs and hips too... and calves... so I really should see progress if I can stick with it!

What is it about stick-to-it-iveness that is so fucking hard, anyway? It's like you need a constant reminder of why you're trying ot look your best. Well, that's not that hard, really... just glancing at my son, or the pic of Si on the fridge *should* be enough to do that.

Come on ass. Get into shape. You can do it. I just have to go around thinking all the time... ASS... you're SUCH an ass... but you can be a much better ass if you give it all you've got. Go ass go!

Let's call this positive ass talk instead of positive self talk. And we'll see if it makes any difference.

I'm going to go around town mumbling to myself... giddyap ass! We've got places to be! You need to look sharp, stay perky!!

How many days of doing that till I get dragged to the loony bin? Any guesses?

Jules :Op


Burfica said...

When Alekx and I started lunges with weights to get our asses into shape, all it did was make them bigger. Tighter--but bigger. *sigh*

ebezp said...

Baby I regularly go round town thinking of your ass too!!!
Maybe that type of exercise works just as well and after our time in TO you may not have to work so hard!!!!

I just love your ass Angel!!