Friday, January 16, 2009

some bullets for you

Here are some things of note about the Big TO.
  • If I were ever to open a business in Toronto I would call it the "Slush and Puddle". Toronto in the winter is some mess of a wet sloppy city, I tell you!!

  • In Toronto, Caucasion people are the minority. It's a vast semblance of multiculturalism which I thoroughly enjoyed!!

  • Everyone wears scarves in TO. Men and women alike. And they don't take them off when the come indoors. It's like they're all trying to permanently disguise their necks like they all have huge goiters or something lurking underneath.

  • Women love their boots. They either roll up their pants to show them off or they tuck their pants in. I remember as a kid I hated it when my mother told me to tuck my pants in. I didn't realize it would be such a fashion trend in my adulthood! I tried it, it felt stupid.

  • Men carry handbags or shoulderbags just as much as women do. And I'm not just talking laptop bags. Actual large bags, probably full of hair gel and body spray. And scarves.

  • There are always sirens going off in Toronto. Si and I joked about seeing the same ambulance for days on end just roaming the streets lost in search of where it was supposed to be. And there is an overabundance of Police. Some just aimlessly riding the subway, some directing traffic while a hauler truck gets loaded, some just chasing punks who are riding skateboards where they're not supposed to. But it makes for a very safe feel to the city.

  • Which is good because there's a bum on virtually every corner. And I'm not talking about asses, like my last post. Full fledged homeless people. I guess TO has one of the highest homeless populations.

  • Speaking of big things... TO people are infatuated with being the biggest, longest, highest, oldest... every tour guide mentions the height, deth, weight, size, age of all of the landmarks... even if they're not landmarks, just to make the things in TO (and Ontario) seem like the biggest and best!

  • In TO people walk everywhere. This is due to the drivers being crazy, I'm convinced (see pic below for verification). This lady kept going back and forth, hitting both vehicles again and again till she was hopefully eventually satisfied that she caused enough damage.

  • But overall, it's a very friendly city. Nary a time went by where you weren't in a lift with somebody who just struck up conversation out of the blue. Mind you, some of them were drunk, pretending not to be....

I had a fan-fucking-tastic time in Toronto with Si!! It was really a fun, adventurous, explorative time and I'm talking both within the city and within our relationship!! I can't wait to see him again, whenever that may be!

Jules :Oj


Alekx said...

I love vacations to places I've never been to before. It's great to watch the culture there and people staring at you cuz you "don't fit in"
It's greatness.
Glad you had a super duper time.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

I went to Torro in da 90s when I was 8 or something. I can't seem to recall any such observations. Rather I was like a kid on a candy fix and literally followed my uncle everywhere (that's the uncle I use to live with - back then he used to live in Toronto). I loved the malls with a passion.

I can literally picture that woman driving forward and crashing into the car in front & then reversing into the car behind LOL. I love it. Thanks for sharing they sweety :o)

ebezp said...

The big TO was fantastic as was my company, we did it all and loved it all.
Thank you for a wonderful time together Angel!

manu said...

got a cousin who lives in TO and have heard a lot about how cosmopolitan the city is.. I think thats true for most of canada right? well.. have to make a trip to north america sometime soon.. but maybe in the summer though! am guessing that riding a motorbike through slush, mud and ice isnt such an enjoyable activity !! :D