Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Touring the big TO

Toronto is a city you just have to have a ton of time to explore!! So far we've done so much I'm sure I will forget something as I try to retrace my steps!

Dundas Square - like Times Square or Picadilly Circus
Hard Rock Cafe
Exploring city center on foot day and night
Movies at the largest cinemas I've ever seen
CN Tower
Hop on Hop off Bus Tour
Casa Loma
Niagara Falls (day/night)
Royal Ontario Museum
A rather ummm... bubbly night at a local pub *hiccup*
PATH - subterranean mall connecting almost all of the different districts
Exciting hotel room escapades (!)
Slopped through slushy snow

Still on the to do list, if weather permits and we have time:
Live performance of Dirty Dancing (booked for tomorrow night!)
Toronto Zoo (if it stops snowing... or maybe we'll brave the weather)
Toronto Science Center

Having the time of my life here... it's a fantastic city and I'm with the best company anyone could hope for!

Here's an image from the Royal Ontario Museum that I cracked up at... and when you're supposed to be quiet in a museum, seeing this makes that objective awfully difficult!!! Take a look at the look on this horse's face... and then the second pic explains why!!! LMAO!

Jules :Oweeeeee!!!


Soul Seared Dreamer said...


That's just so fricking funny - I would have literally laughed out loud too

ebezp said...

It certainly made a boring part of the Museum a bit better didn't it?
Well spotted babe!!