Thursday, February 05, 2009

Happily We Dream Along!

I can't help what I dream. Lately I've been having these craaazy totally random dreams.

Last night I dreamed that I was in President Obama's cabinet, appointed as his Vice President, but I knew nothing about politics. Well at least that part of the dream was true. I had to sit and check boxes on a piece of scratch paper as to whether to pass these Bills or not. The whole thing seemed to depend on me, but I kept fudging up the boxes, getting them in the wrong order and this chick cabinet member sitting beside me kept giving me shit, saying I was going to screw up the whole world if I didn't smarten up.

The other night I dreamed about a blogger buddy of mine and we were trying our darndest to build a door to this totally awesome secret tunnel underneath a house that was partly old shack/partly mansion. I thought I was doing so well with it till the judges came around and gave me 2 out of 10. Not fair. The dream led to some sort of intimate yet not intimate sequence and then ultimately back to the door again before I was spattered in ketchup and served on a platter to a table surrounded by people who were all Capricorns.

At least mine haven't been quite as strange as my sisters. She had one featuring me with a Great Dane ... and I'm NOT telling you what she dreamed I was up to in that one!

Jules :Oj


The Grunt said...

Dreams are awesome, especially how random and irrational they are. Yours are funny.

Burfica said...

I've had some very weird dreams myself lately.

Hey just think if you were the vice president, you couldn't screw up the country any worse than Obama is doing.

don said...

For what it's worth,..

Last weekend, my mom told me she had a dream in which she was riding in the limo with Barack and Michelle and told Barack Obama that he should take cod liver oil.

I guess it's good for your joints.

Pravin said...

iam guessing that u were not taking the dog for a walk then.

Pravin said...

btw that was me, tysonice

ebezp said...

Actually they are no way as crazy as some you've told me about!!

You have a friend who is in to US politics, you've just had your door re hung, I'm a Capricorn and I could let you know where to find a Great Dane!!!