Tuesday, February 03, 2009

No, this is a serious question!

I don't get corn.

I love the stuff... but just frozen or fresh corn. I used to like creamed corn when I was a kid, but I have never eaten it as an adult on my own accord. I probably would still like it.

But here's what I don't get... we chew corn. We don't swallow it whole... well certainly I don't. So why is it that when it comes out the other end it is back to being whole again?!! I mean, it's not like I go specifically looking at my excrement. It's just something I've noticed through the years and haven't thought of blogging about till now.

We don't poo out refurbished peas, or whole potatoes, or carrots! Why corn?

Can anyone really answer me why?

Jules :O?


Burfica said...

Only if you can answer why every time we vomit there is corn in it, even if we haven't eaten it in weeks.

Fraulein N said...

I have no idea, but this made me laugh because: IS TRUE.

ebezp said...

Bit corny this post don't you think?
I'm with Burf on this one - corn and diced carrot, no explanation but so very true!

Random Thinker said...

I'm worried about you Jules... your blog posts are very strange, borderline wierd.

can you move up a bit on your next blog post? perhaps breasts or teeth or earwax?

Sornie said...

The same thing goes with peanuts. They are almost always in my poo (I look)

Jules said...

Burf - I never vomit, so I can't verify this... nor can I offer a reason. But you know how people say there's like 10 pounds of poo built up in anyone's intestines? I think it's corn we've eaten over the years!

Frau - Welcome to my blog! Here's your free ((HUG)) for stopping by! It SO is true! Happy to have made you laugh. Welcome to my random world.

Eb - Diced carrot!!! LMAO!! I didn't know that one!

RT - So, I've never done request blogging before.. and my earwax one that one time didn't go over so well, but I'll see what I can do, k?

Sornie - I knew that peanuts made you have to go poo, but as for appearing whole again, I wasn't aware. So that makes eanuts, corn and diced carrots recreating themselves in the intestine. Seriously strange!