Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time for some of that randomness that is me...

I have to remember that applying "Twisted Citrus" lip gloss does NOT constitute a daily dose of vitamin C. It's just soooo yummy, I forget.

I have been busy painting my basement. Man, things take so effing long when it's just you doing it. Someone needs to invent: The Painting Party. I'd be the first to attempt it, but it's like my house repels the people I want to have over and attracts the people I don't. Go figure.

Do you ever put stuff up on your Facebook status just idiotically and without thought and then have all of your friends get all concerned because they seriously think either something's really wrong or you've gone nutty?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... no, nothing.. just mmmm.

My sister is throwing a Hindi party at my house on Saturday. So Saturday morning she and I are going saree shopping in Calgary. I'm freaking IN LOVE with sarees and salwaar kameez's. I think they're the most faminine gorgeous clothes a woman can ever dream of wearing. Is it wrong of me to want to get married in one someday? No really, is that wrong?

I was told today that I have the prettiest hands ever. I don't believe that. But I was also told recently that I'm the most gorgeous creature in the entire universe. I've chosen to believe that!

I really want a pet Hermit Crab. I talked myself out of it because they require far more effort and room in my house than I was willing to give... but secretly I still want one. I wish one of my friends would get a crab tank and I could just put mine in it and go visit it and feed it carrots.

I also want a house hippo. Like the ones you used to see on that tv commercial for I don't remember what anymore. But it like, was 4 inches tall and slept in a bed of dryer lint. I loved that commercial. I just recently found out there are Pygmy Hippos. But I'd need a pool in the back yard and I haven't worked that into my plans. To find the youtube video just search for House Hippo.

Jules :Oj


Burfica said...

OOoo I want a house hippo too!!! hehehehe

my sister used to have hermit crabs and omg we hated those things, they would grab onto us and make us cry. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ebezp said...

Well I'd never seen the House Hippo commercial before - that is superb however I was a bit distracted by the thought of your wedding in a saree and twisted citrus lip gloss!!!! MMMMMMMMM!!!

I guess you might have to move though to incorporate a Pygmy Hippo and the perfect habitat for a Hermit Crab!!!

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Hmmm interesting chain of thoughts - I've not seen the house hippo ad either but I do know what a Pygmy Hippo is - and I don't recall ever wanting to own one LOL must be a Jules thing :p

As for the getting married in a saree thing - it'd b your Wedding so I can't see any reason y it would matter if tthats what you wanted - you can get a gorgeous White one and be traditional with the Getting married in white and stay true to your heart. But you'd have you go to India to pick up one good enough coz it'd b hard to get something like that in Canada.

Malnurtured Snay said...

I sort of have a house hippo -- I mean, he's about a quarter mile away, but he's a hippo.

Tys on Ice said...

my wife has a pet hippo in the house, she married it...

Jules said...

Burf - I never thought I'd ever hear you say you hated an animal! ;O)

Eb - You can be as distracted as you like, Darling!! xoxo

SB - If you take the Pygmy Hippo and shrink him down to about half that size, that'd be perfect! After shopping in Calgary this weekend, I know it would be hard to find a wedding saree around here... but there are plent of sites online that take exact measurements, so there's hope!

Snay - Really, that's pretty cool!!

Tys - LOL! so now all I can picture is you all stuck in lint... check your belly button, you might find some to add to your bed for tonight!