Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the honest truth

Something strange.

When I get my period, I lose my sense of humor. It's replaced by some sort of energy draining black hole that causes me to only be able to make a straight face or a frown. Smiling is extremely fatiguing and completely wipes me out. Thank goodness this only lasts for 2 or 3 days out of the whole thing or I'm sure everyone around me would want permanent disassociation status!

If anyone out there is planning to come visit me for the first time, please call and check ahead as to what my cycle is so that when you meet me I don't appear to be the devil. I don't think that would make a very good impression.

So just call me up and let the conversation go something like:
"Heya Jules! I'm planning a trip across Western Canada and would just love to meet you while I'm going through Alberta. Would you mind giving me your menstrual cycle dates so that I can plan accordingly and be assured to see the happy go lucky Jules who offers free hugs rather than the black bear who will scratch my eyes out?"

Bonus points to you if you actual use the words "menstrual cycle", especially if you're a guy.

Jules :Oblech.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Huggin'

My sisterhood called me a mother-hugger and I took it in the best possible way! Afterall... I AM a mother... and I've never been more of a hugger than I was today!

I made up signs that said "Share Some Love" on one side and "FREE HUGS" on the other side and took them down to City Hall Park today from 2 - 3 with the mindset that I just wanted to make people smile by offering them free hugs!

It started off rather slow, but then 3 of my friends showed up for moral support more than anything else and that gave me the jump to get on with it. My aproach went something like this: "I just wanted to share some love and offer people free hugs today... would you like a free hug?" Sometimes I had to add "No strings attached, just a hug to make you smile!" Most people happily hugged me, just a few shyed away. All in all, I gave free hugs to 20 people today! Watching them walk away all smiling from ear to ear, talking to their partners or friends about the hug was something special!!! One hug I gave left the man in so much delight that he found a friend along his journey and I overheard him say "Nice nice girl - free hug!!!" He was Asian and didn't speak much English, so getting to hug him was a fun challenge, but I did it!

The best part is that I felt so great about brightening up those 20 people's days that I may just make this a monthly affair!! I saved my signs, just in case!

So world... here's
from me (just pretend, alright?)!!!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Had you ever considered??

So, I was thinking (I know... scary) and if you'll join me and think about it, and I mean really think about it... I believe you'll agree with me when I BOLDLY announce that I think that both Cinderella and Snow White have amazing communicative Superpowers.

Wiki defines Superpowers as being "another term for superhuman abilities, that is, any abilities that a human does not possess in real life." So I think it applies to these special ladies. I'm not quite sure they fit into the Superhero category, but perhaps...

Both Snow White and Cinderella have super human powers to talk to, understand and command animals. I mean, let's face it, animals and birds totally dig those sweet little women! Let's paint the pictures here. So, either of the ladies are in need of some help with cleaning a house or tidying up a cabin in the woods, all they have to do is start to sing and then all the animals come to see what's up. Then all either of them does is produce a note towards the birds and they'll make a bed or give a sponge bath, or whistle to the deer and they'll dust off a chair. Sing a La La La Laaaa and the mice go crazy polishing shoes! Sing a happy working song and the squirrels do all the dishes. If that's not a superpower, I don't know what is!!!

Yeah... Cinderella and Snow White... the unrealized, uncelebrated superpower beauties! I bet the next time someone asks you what your superpower would be if you could have one, you might have to just think about this one for a little while!

Jules :Oj

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Sometimes I feel a little bit Autistic when I'm in the bubblebath.

Last night I had one and I totally fell victim to the bubbles. Laying there in a complete blanket of them, I let them just fully envelope me. I laid my head back into the water, just my face sticking out, and listened to the beating of my heart beneath the water's opression. Hard, heavy, loud in my ears in combination with the rising of the bubbles inside the water as air escaped the thick layer holding me in. It was almost as if I could close my eyes and imagine being back on the soothing lull of the train I went on just past.

Thump thump, rolling bubble... thump thump, bubble.

Moving slightly more out of the water, I then took two giant balls of bubble and placed them on my eyelids. I sunk back into the water, chin deep, and gleefully giggled as the popping bubbles tickled my eyelids. Lost in the sensation of the touch on my tender eyelid skin, I sat motionless as long as I could before giving into the overdose of feeling it created.

Tickle-pop! Tickle pop-pop-pop!! Giggle...

And then I sat up slightly, ears and eyes back to reality, and just played with the bubbles in my hands and watched them pop. I dragged sheets of bubble between my fingers to see how far I could stretch them without them breaking apart. I did it over and over again.

Squish. Pull. Squiiiiiish. Pulllllll. Ohhhhhhhh... that's fun!

I did it till I eventually ran out of bubble to play with. Then I dunked myself again in hopes of feeling the escaping air on my scalp for a moment or two more. When I was completely satisfied that I'd drained all bits of bubbley fun from the bath, I let the water drain.

Yeah... a little bit Autistic. Or just passionate about bubbles. Not sure which.

Jules :Oj