Sunday, September 27, 2009

I don't go deep often, so get your piece of it while you can!

There are many changes a person goes through in life. I started undergoing a major change about 4 years ago, with the bulk of it happening within the last 2 years. I began feeling bogged down, stuck, and isolated. I didn't like it. I knew things had to change. So I made them change. It wasn't easy, in fact, it was very scary. To lose your own identity and realize that you're not who you want to be because of whatever circumstances have put you there is a hard thing to come to terms with. It takes a strong person to recognize that you're not who or where you want to be and to make the change.

So I have. I am thrilled with the ongoing process of my own personal evolution. Finding blogland was a huge catalyst for finding out who I really wanted to become. I was able to open up and express myself without worrying about who read it and reprocussions. This wasn't about anybody else, it was about saying what I wanted to say, allowing myself to open up and bloom into who I have become.. a free spirited, silly, open, fun loving, communicative, inquisitive, ever accepting, sexy biiiitch. ;OP

There are a few statements that mean a lot to me these days, with the me that I am constantly changing into. And I'm really proud of myself for being honestly able to say that they are close to my heart, meaningful and true to me.

A couple of those statements/ideals are:

Live with Vitality
Positivity brings Abundance
Love Life
Loving Yourself brings Love to You
We are not ALL, but ONE
Hug More
Be Equally Tranquil and Outrageous
and probably... Eat Live Food.

LOL, I know that last one's kinda out there, but I'm just discovering the deliciousness of it all.

Anyway... thanks to all who have befriended me over the 3 years or so I've been around here. You've all played parts in helping to realize my potential and who I am comfortable being! I'm not afraid to say I effing rock, now!!

Love Jules xo

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I beckon thee.. come learn with me...

In this constant study of life, I'm often left with queries that not many normal people think about. For example...

Have you ever laughed SO hard when eating something that it just up and OOOPS, came shooting out your nose?

I know you expect me to say I haven't either. Truth is, I haven't... but I was thinking about that, because I'm random like that, and I wondered it if would hurt like hell or if it would be no different than blowing your nose. I guess that would depend on whether the food was like, a piece of steak or little grain of rice.

Hmmmm.... let's all speculate!

Jules :8haha-spew.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Be Enlightened

At a ladies night the other night the conversation was quite interesting and involved. We were talking about how the power of positive self talk and thoughts can basically re-train your brain and bring you what you seek. That's the overall gyst of it. I was even told I would be an excellent author of a self help book!

Near the end of the conversation I came up with this to sum it all up:

Positivity brings abundance.

And I really think that is a true statement. I think that whether it's weight you want to lose, love you want to find, money you want to earn, friendships you want to make, parenting decisions that need to be taken... if you just think about life positively and act accordingly, good things will come your way. There's so much to be said for the power of positive thinking, and positive self talk and I think that if more people in the world did it, truly visualized themselves in a positive place in their lives, we'd be a better society.

So I encourage you all... for today, tell yourself something positive about an issue you have been having a hard time with in your life. Make a simple statement about it like "I am beautiful" or "I am the best problem solver" or "I will find a job", whatever is applicable to you, and verbalize it to yourself 15 times throughout the day. Then take note at the end of the day if you were a happier, more positive person. You may not have achieved "it" but if you do this 15 times every day for the rest of the week, I bet you'll for sure notice a change in how you conduct yourself. And when that happens, watch goodness come flowing your way!

Jules ?:O)

Friday, September 18, 2009

7 sessions and how many in total?

I have had the hiccups 7 times today. Will somebody please put me out of my misery? I get such big hiccups that my parents (those people who are supposed to love you unconditionally and never make fun of you) used to compare me to a clucking chicken.... except louder. It's one of the family jokes about me. That, and the time I broke a crystal wine glass cuz I was too drunk when my sister announced her engagement so now I get a beer stein to drink out of... and something about taking the "chicken off the skin" another time I was drunk and talking about cooking... and my crap poor memory. Yeah, I'm well loved.

This is normally where people put "I digress", but I can't stand that phrase, so I'll just say: Anyway... Put me out of my misery... unless this is some strange form of losing body fat. Then I guess I'll stay here for a while and endure. ;O)

Jules :O(hic-URP)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Penis!

I was with one of my girlfriend's at the park today and her son was playing with mine, but was a tad bit grumpy. When we were teasing him about how he must have put his *angry pants* on this morning he really set us straight. Keep in mind, this from a little boy, not quite 4 years old.

He looked at his mommy and then at me and grabbed his bum and exclaimed: "Nooo, angry stuff comes out of this end" and then grabbed his penis and equally exclaimed "and happy stuff comes out of this end!!"

Well OMG... it was sooo hilarious we both just about peed ourselves laughing so hard. Somehow I couldn't help but think about how if he only knew that what he just said was, in the mind of an adult, so perverted and actually, very true!!!

Jules :OHA!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lashy Lovenot


Do eyelashes get droopy with age?

Honest question, because I had my glasses off last night and I was looking at my mp3 screen at my future body and noticed light bouncing off the underside of my eyelashes. Normally, I wouldn't have been able to see this light but it was there, clear as day last night. I've been thinking for a while now that my glasses lenses seem to be dusty alot of the time, but now I think it's just droopy eyelashes with bouncy light making the illusion of dusty lenses.

This is all a bit disheartening to me. I always used to get compliments on my beautiful long eyelashes. I never used to have to wear mascara, people just noticed them. They used to stick out beautifully almost so far that they'd nearly rub against my lenses. Now they just seem to be in the way, and nobody ever says how astonishing they are.

If even my eyelashes are droopy at my tender age of 33, what the hell else is coming to greet me in my years to come?

The important question is this: aside from, or in addition to using an eyelash curler, what can I do to make my lashes curl and stay there?!?

Jules ):Oohno!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

If you ever doubted my coolness, you won't now!

Had a snowball fight today. Si found some snow behind the arena and we went over because we were looking for something to pass a few minutes and we looked at each other and sort of went "you wanna?" with winks and wicked grins and then the snow started to fly! It was so much fun! To mark the occassion, we kept a snowball on the windshield and drove all the way home trying to keep it on. Stopped at the Macs Convenient Store and had some girls look oddly at it. Went around many corners and tried desperately not to have it slip off. Guess what? We arrived safely to our destination (aka home) with the snowball still in tact!

So there you go! We shall patent the Summer Snowball Fight. I might take my little one down there and repeat the whole thing tomorrow!

Fun, fun, fun!

Jules :Oweeee!!

Monday, September 07, 2009

It's all on the screen...

I went to see a movie tonight "The Proposal" and while I really enjoyed the movie (and the company!) I was distracted several times by how dirty the screen looked. I couldn't help but think "I wonder if these screens ever get washed, or dusted?" There was a large portion of the right side of the screen that looked like it had vertical lines etched in it, but I'm not convinced that it wasn't indeed just the place where the curtains hadn't just rubbed against and cleaned, leaving us watching a mostly dirty screen with a few tiny clean bits.

It didn't make the experience horrible, and the popcorn was good... so I'm not gonna complain. But I AM curious, so if anybody knows the answer to the question "are theatre screens ever cleaned?" do let me know!

Jules :O?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Let's go halfsies!

I am so much better with my right side than my left. My whole body is that way. I take better photos from the right side of my face. My eyelashes are marginally longer on my right eye. I have a nicer right shoulder than left and my fingers just seem slightly more slender on my right hand. My right knee is uniquely birthmarked (notice how I skipped a section or two there!!). My right toes are slightly cuter than my left, although my left foot is the tattooed one, so that makes it rock hugely.

I'm much more effective when I point with my right finger when talking, to illustrate my seriousness. The left one just doesn't seem to hold much water. I can just do so many more things better with my stronger, tighter gripping right hand.

What do you think about yourself? Are you more partial and complimentary to your right half or your left half?

Jules ;OP