Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Quirk Alert!

Well the snow is melting and the roads are all wet and I've discovered a new fascination that I've developed because of this early spring like weather.

I love watching, in my rear view mirror, the tracks I am making on the road as I drive through a puddle. I find it totally amusing. I like seeing how long my tires stay wet for, and whether I am driving in a straight line or not, or changing lanes quickly or slowly, the duration of my curve as I make the switch over.

I know. This is strange, and potentially dangerous because I should be only glancing into my rear view mirror, not watching it, but I can't really help it. This is new to me, I don't recall having this strange quirk in previous years. Is it a new form of spring fever?

Jules :Oweeeee!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Favorite Movie EVER, as of today.

I went with my sister and saw the film "My Name Is Khan" today and let me tell you, it was unspeakably awesome. On Twitter, Shah Rukh Khan challenged his fans who've seen the movie to describe it in one word. My word has to be "IMPORTANT". It really was.

Highly emotionally charged right from the get-go.. I had a lump in my throat the entire movie, right from about 2 minutes into it where the very first stereotype and racist issues were depicted. An unfair mockery of persons with disabilities, where the guards in the airport were making fun of the main character who has Aspergers Syndrome, after they'd searched him inside and out because he was Muslim. The lump came into play there and totally stayed with me. A film about acceptance of the human race... as equals, as people... not as colors, religions, stereotypes, orientations, abilities... just people. The film says that there are only 2 kinds of people. Good hearted and minded people who help others and do good for society and bad people. Good and bad. That's the only kinds of people there are. And it doesn't matter where in the world you live... you can overcome injustices and predjudices if you have a strong will, determination and perserverance to achieve your goals, whatever the goals might be. No matter what, hatred will never prevail, only love and acceptance will win in the end. Shah's acting abilities in this film really made things clear for the life of a person with this highly functioning form of Autism. When my sister asked me over supper what I thought about this thing or that thing that people were saying in their movie reviews, I could hold it together and answer her back, I was feeling very clear headed and had definite opinions on it all, no trouble in answering her and thoughtfully presenting myself. And then she said to me "I've been waiting for you to see it, because I wanted to know what your opinion of how good a job Shah's portrayal of Rizwan was... do you think he did a good job of portraying a man with that disability?" I immediately started to cry again, in the restaurant. Because he did such a great, great job, and the message isn't just about races... it's not just about the changes of the world because of 9/11.. it's also about the face of disabilities, and how misunderstood disadvantaged people can be, how much harder they have to work at the world for acceptance, how much more they have to perservere (being in this field of work, I was deeply touched by this part of the storyline).

Quote from the movie: "In the world there are only good people who do good things and bad people who do bad things. That is the only difference between them. The ONLY difference."

This movie was limitless, showed the possibilities of what humanity could become, if all we saw in each other was whether our fellow citizens were good or bad instead of what they looked like or what they were perceived to be able to do. Just Outstanding. If you get the chance to go see it, with anyone, your friends, your family... whomever... honestly, it's not a waste of money. This movie is about the overall message, bringing awareness and acceptance to the world, having a uniform "I can do this, let's work together and not against each other" attitude. This movie shows how beautiful people CAN be if they just looked beyond outward appearances. I wish every person would go see this movie, and then begin to make a change in their attitudes towards the most destructive force of all, non-acceptance and close-mindedness.

I know that nobody involved in the making of this film will be coming to read this blog, but I want to endorse it, and ask you to live by the example it sets. If you go see this movie and leave the theatre picking it apart, finding fault, then you haven't seen the movie at all. Buy another ticket and go back and really watch and soak in the IMPORTANT messages it has to offer. This world will never become peaceful as long as all we see are races, stereotypes, colors, religions, sexes, orientations, disabilities, and so much more. Love always prevails.

Go see My Name Is Khan.


Jules XOXO

Thursday, February 18, 2010

T.A.T. (This and That.. nothing to do with tattoos)

I was pretty sure coming in here that I had something to say. Now I'm here and I've got nothing. But rather than just turn the lappy off and go to bed, I'm compelled to leave something here for you to read, since you were so nice to take the time to stop by.

I had a bubble bath tonight, and now my hair is silky smooth and smells of warm vanilla sugar. MMMMMMMM. Vanilla and coconut are my two favorite scents ever. My skin's smooth, as I used these little pumice gloves all over myself, and I am uber relaxed. The bath was only 15 minutes long, so for all of you who think you need 4 hours to have my kind of bath, now you know you can do it in a time crunch.

I'm going to see My Name Is Khan on Saturday for the first time. I say that, because I'm certain this will be a movie I will own as soon as it comes out on DVD, and I will return to the theatre to see it before it leaves there. I've never been so sure that I was going to love a film so much as I am about this one. i'm beyond excited to go see it... I'll be naturally high as a kite, and so very emotional about it once there, I'm sure. A good Bollywood movie is like a roller coaster, it's got twists, turns, highs and lows and leaves you feeling a broad range of emotions. i simply can not wait!!!

It's my weekend off this weekend. And it's been a busy month so far, so I'm really looking forward to it. I've got a busy Saturday planned, but not Friday night or Sunday. So tell me, if you had the weekend off, what would you see yourself doing... maybe I'll try something new at one of your suggestions!

Jules :O)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

You need to try this. Really.

It might seem simple, taking a bubble bath, but did you know that with the right bathtime activities you could come away with a clear mind and a cleansed soul? That's right... welcome to my post: The Art of Bubble Therapy.

Fill your bath with hot water, as hot as you can stand it and dump a bunch of bubble liquid in. As it's filling, keep moving your bubbles to the back of the tub away from the tap, that way you'll get more to work with. Use a high quality bubble liquid, one that really foams up with good density. The bubbles should outlast your bath time.

Get in, relax and draw the bubbles all up onto your exposed skin, all around you, don't leave any part of your body uncovered. Close your eyes and feel the thick layer of spongey bubble blanket your body, think about how the bubbles feel on your skin, listen to the bubbles laughing and playing, imagine they are a layer of protection to the outside world of stress and demands. They are happy bubbles, they are here to help you. You have the door closed, you're all alone, there is no need to be self conscious.

Next, sit up and put a generous layer of bubbles on top of your head, letting them stiffly drape down completely enveloping your ears. Close your eyes. Take your hands and press the bubbles into your ears. Pay attention to the popping sound only... nothing else exists except for you and the bubbles. Listen to how they sound - it should sound like a million rain droplets all falling at once. Concentrate and then visualize the bubbles being rain. The rain is like a monsoon, pouring into every crevase of your body. Every drop of bubble rain takes hold of a stress molecule and washes it away. Push the bubbles into your ears and just listen to the sound of your own personal monsoon, cleansing your thoughts, freeing your spirit. You are weightless, the bubbles make you feel floaty and light. When you run out of bubbles on your ears, either do this with more, or try the next technique.

Lay back down with your body relaxed in the deep hot water. Take a large quantity of bubbles into your palms, face them towards each other and as you close your eyes, lightly press your hands toward each other, but make sure they don't touch. Move your hands in a slow clapping motion, not touching, then move them up and down as if you were warming them up, allowing the friction of the bubbles to whisk away your tension. All of the tension that entered into your body through your hands is being released into the bubbles and each one that pops is making you more and more tension free. Each bubble that pops is a fear, or a complaint, or a stressor of some sort. Let the bubbles suck up your tension as you move your hands together, apart, up and down, never touching hands. Concentrate on the sensation of your bubble tension popping away.

Lastly, sit up and make a pile of bubbles in front of you. Lean forward and close your eyes as only your forehead touches the pile of bubbles. These bubbles represent negative thoughts. With your eyes closed, feel the playful tingle of the bubbles as they caress your forehead, each tickle is a negative thought being drawn from your forehead. Rub the bubbles on your temples in circular motions, let the bubbles massage your negatives away, never making skin to skin contact. Breathe in the warm steamy air as the bubbles draw away your negative thoughts and energy. With each pop goes your troublesome worries, your anger, and frustrations. You are left with only the happy tingles of the tickle bubbles.

When you are finished your bubble therapy, you will feel as if the bubbles cleansed your soul, emptied your mind of negativity, drew away any anguish that was building inside your body. You feel clean and fresh and renewed, from the inside out. This is a good time to go to sleep and have peaceful restful bubbly dreams.

Honestly, this might sound like I'm "on something" but let me promise you, I've not done a drug in my life and this really works if you open your mind to visualization and unique forms of rejuvenation. The keys are closing your eyes and not letting your hands ever touch your skin.. always use the bubble layer as your buffer.

When you have tried this, come back and let me know if you felt renewed.

Jules :Oaaahhhhh...

Nice one, Jenn!!

Horray for our first Winter 2010 Olympics Medalist! From Spruce Grove Alberta, our very own Jennifer Heil wins us a beautiful Silver Medal for Women's Moguls! Superb!!!

I am having a really good time with watching the Olympics this time around. Might be partly because I'm watching some of it while on Skype with Mr. Treat, I'm not sure. But I'm feeling so partiotic and proud. I do watch every Olympics though, so I suppose this isn't anything too new for me.

If you want to keep up to date, the official site is right here!

Welcome world, unite in fit and fair competition... we are all deserving and best of luck to all of the atheletes taking part in this highest sporting achievement and honor!

Jules :Oj