Thursday, April 29, 2010

a sinking feeling...

From total grunge to sparkling! I told you I have a clean sink quirk, right? Here's the proof. For the last month I've been doing dishes in this filthy grungy sink and it's bothered me all along. But somebody called me OCD once and I have tried not to be OCD, so I kept letting it go. Well, last night it finally got to me and I decided to clean it. So out came my favorite stainless steel cleaner (Vim) and a scrub pad and only 3 short minutes later, I had a sink I was satisfied with!! Ahhhhhhhhhh... I'll be able to sleep better now.

Jules :Oj

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Looking good for exercise...?

HINT: When you go to exercise, remember to take out your long dangly silver earrings first. Jumping jacks and wicked assed upside down jacks would not be good if you kept them in. Can you imagine? Every time you jumped, you'd hit your cheek with the darn things. End up being bruised on both cheeks and when everyone you ran into asks who did that damage to you, you'd have to admit it was your stupidity for not taking your earrings out.

Right. The ramblings in my head. Sometimes they're so odd.

Jules :O)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The good, the bad and the garbage

I have one really shitty neighbour to the north side of me, and one super nice neighbour on the south.

Today I had a feel good moment with my south neighbour. He knocked on my door and happily asked if I had a garbage bag he could use. I asked him if he needed big or little and he said big. So I said I had some and when I got to my pantry, I noticed that I only had one left. But without even a second thought, I gave it to him. In response he said "Ahhh, thanks, Julie... you're a LIFESAVER!"

That made me feel good. I saved a life today. Because of a black garbage bag. ;OP

Tonight I'll have to go to the store and get some more, I guess.

Jules :O)

Monday, April 26, 2010

good vibrations...

I was sitting on the couch last night thinking about lots of stuff, but one of the things on my mind was my extensive collection of vibrators, and how I hardly use most of them. Buying a good one is so difficult to do... how do you know really, if it's going to work to your satisfaction once you get it home and try it out. The thing is, they're so darn expensive, too!! My favorite one broke about a year or more ago and I went on a hunt to replace it with my girlfriend, and I thought I'd bought something that would do, but either I forgot how to maximize pleasure from that type of vibe in the year I hadn't had it, or it wasn't as good as the last one. Thankfully, I still have 2 that I am satisfied with.

I think every woman should have at least one vibrator. It really takes the edge off those long lonely nights... or revvs you up pre-sex. Imagine if it were a pre-requisite to turning 16 to have your own vibrator... the amount of babies that WOULDN'T mistakenly be made, because your daughter would be home in her own bedroom alone instead of experimenting with the real deal.

I'm probably lucky to have a son. I think I'll give him a box of condoms for his 16th birthday... and hope they go old and crusty before he gets a chance to use them!!!

Jules :Op

Thursday, April 22, 2010

You'll be missed...

God Bless John, and help him find his salvation in the arms of the Lord.

He was loved, and he will be missed. I didn't know him well, but he loved me anyway. He was a very dear and kind soul. I shall shed many tears over his loss... not just for myself, but for all the people I know who were close to him.

For those who loved him and are left behind, be strong, shed your own tears, remember his smiles and laughter and have him live on in your hearts.

That's all I've got right now...

Love Julie :'O(

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A pretty topper...

My dresser was lonely...

So I thought I'd get it some company...

I super love orchids. I used to think tulips and daisies were my favorite flowers (and they're still way up there), but lately it's been the vast selection of orchids that I've seen around and about that have really tickled my fancy. I really love their delecate and intricate features. I've always wanted some, so I saw these and decided to buy them. They're not real, unfortunately... I didn't want my cat jumping up on there and eating them. I'd have been devastated! Especially since they usually cost a fortune.

I've also always wanted a birdcage. I don't want a bird, I've just always wanted this style of cage. As for the pink box, I intend to use it to store my little bit of Indian jewellery, safe and sound. That's my son the day after he was born in that photo.. it's now above my bed on a shelf on the wall.

Jules :Oj

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I bought a new sports bra today. I had to try on 3 before I found one that I thought would hold my boobs in place properly while I did jumping jacks and those somewhat difficult "kick my own ass" moves in the Jillian workout. She's a crazy lady (one of the trainers from The Biggest Loser).

Anyway.. thought it was probably worth mentioning that I've managed to get rid of 15 pounds and now am the weight I was 2 summers ago. I won't say I "lost" weight, because normally people are sad about losing something, and I'm certainly not sad that my clothes are fitting better. It's not the best shape I've ever been in, but I guess it takes time and a whole f**kload of energy to get rid of it once it goes on! If anyone asks me how I've lost weight, the answer will be: blood sweat and tears... and eating healthy and less.

I've actually had to completely cut sugar out of my diet recently, which is easier than one might think. I'm not having sugar cravings of any kind, though it is a bit difficult to find foods that don't cost a fortune that still taste better than a slab of bark. Anyway, the no sugar thing should help me drop some more weight.

Onward and forward!
Jules :Oj

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sticks and stones may break my bones but...

I love rocks. I love smooth round rocks especially, but I also love vibrantly colored ones. When my son and I were out being at one with nature the other day, I found this one. He was playing with sticks and stones, and I was mostly just enjoying watching him and relaxing, but he called me to the water line at the ponds I was at and I looked down and couldn't resist this one. I love heart shaped rocks too... so this one's basically all 3 good things wrapped into one!

Also, my son found these two that he had to bring home, but first, while they were drying, I made a little mini inukshuk with them. Have you ever seen a rock with a belly button before?

Jules :Oj

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Twisted and knarled.....

So... can anybody spot what's wrong with me in this photo?

Here, let me help you...

Incase you still didn't get it:

Holy Hannah!!! This nasty big assed white hair was catching the sun's rays today like a pro fisherman catches bass! I was just looking at my lips in the car mirror and WHAM. Out of nowhere it hit me. A giant, knarly, twisted, half white half brown, half thick half thin hair. If you can call it a hair. It looked like a pube more than a head hair... well, if I were to ever let my pubes get out of control long, I mean. It was N-A-S-T-Y. Still, I contemplated leaving it in as a sign of my life... I've never thought I'd be one to die my grey hairs away, so I left it there for a while and then it got the better of me and I yanked the thing right out. Look at it. Have you ever seen such an ugly hair in your life? Come on. I couldn't leave it in and ruin the rest of my appearance. Shame it was so gross looking and spazzy. I might have left it there just so I could look distinguished.

Jules :Ohahaha!

Monday, April 12, 2010

So I was in the pet store having this really great conversation with this bird. It was really very interactive. We took turns perfectly. He'd make a squawking sound and I'd mimic him back. I started to feel like I was getting pretty close to the thing, and I was pretty sure it was telling me about how lonely it is up there in that cage day in and day out.. with a side conversation of "Squawk... you should see the crazies that come in here all the time"... mixed with a little bit of "Frrrrrrshhht... I hate the flourescent lighting in here, can you make them turn it off?"
So I was feeling the bond, right? Enough to pull out my camera and snap a photo or two.
So I get two pics of it and was about to take the photo of how much the silly thing costs ($599) and I am interrupted by a lady that works there. She says to me "Excuse me... ohhhhhhh, I'm sorry... you're not allowed to take photos of that bird". So I immediately put my camera away and ask why, was it hard on the bird's eyes or something and she responds "No, it's just because of the bird's privacy." No further explaination.

Are animals covered under the F.O.I.P.P Act now too? That stands for Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. For pete's sake. Was I supposed to write to his parents and get written permission to post his photo on my blog? A little piece of paper with the mother's footprint on it or something? Give me a break! LOL

Anyway, here's the bird that I bonded with.

Jules :Oj

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chasing Trains

I spent a portion of the afternoon chasing a train today with the boys. My son loves trains, he says they are powerful enough to move the whole entire earth. I guess in a way he's right!! I think he just meant because he can feel the power of the train rocking the car as we wait for it to go by. So we would catch it, park, let it go by, catch up with it again, park, let it go by and then a third time. Finally I thought that was good enough... though I probably would have gone to 5 times if my bladder wasn't screaming at me to empty it out. :O) I'm sure I'd have ended up in Penhold or even Innisfail when all was said and done if it weren't for that large peppermint tea.

Strange past time, I think... and I'm not sure I'd have done it if it weren't for the boys being with me, but it was sort of a fun way to spend a cold afternoon.

Jules :O)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Holy Hannah...

My inbox is lonely... somebody needs to email me... STAT!

Jules :Oj

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bhangara ROCKS!

Dance, I say!! Dance just for the love of it, and for the spirit of Punjab!!!

On Easter Sunday my sister and I went to the 1st annual Jashan International Bhangara Competition in Calgary. And let me tell you... it was spectacular!! An absolute gorgeous feast for the eyes, ears, and soul. The music was loud and ever so rhythmic, the dance teams were dressed in India's finest dress, every single person in the competition wore a giant smile and completely exuded pride in being there. There were some very clever moments, touching moments, and moments that filled the whole audiance with edge of your seat excitement. As a bonus, after the 8 teams that competed were being deliberated about to see who'd take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd we all sat there being treated to a mini concert. An Indian Rap duo sang 3 songs and that was followed by a soloist who sang 4, I believe. The judges still needed more time to make their decision, so after the mini concert, just random people from the teams and the stagehands, etc. started to sing and dance mixed to the beat of the ultra cool Dohl Drum beats. It was so amazing! It was my first Bhangara Competition and I tell you now, I can not wait to see it again next year!!

Unfortunately, the photos were hard to take in the auditorium, but I got a few. This one is enough to get a glimpse of the amazing colors and culture. And I've also included a video clip of a bit of one of the dances.

Just... WOW! What a fantastic opportunity to experience another culture and to take in the astonishing dancing, colors, sounds, and truly soul energizing music. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to wear some fantastic jewellery!

Jules :Owoweee!