Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Best Weekend EVER

I just wanted to share with you that I'm ever so thankful for blogger. I've been on here for just about 4 years now and right from the start I made some incredible friendships. There's one friend that I instantly connected with and formed a bond that has grown into something so rich and satisfying that even though we don't live close, and I rarely get to see him, I just feel so blessed in the knowledge that we're part of each other's lives. He's definitely a best friend, definitely the only person I would ever call my soul brother, and as long as I live, I'll be thankful we found one another.

He was here this weekend. I picked him up on Thursday and from the moment we shared our first hug in the terminal, until we shared our last as we said our goodbyes we did nothing but laugh, talk, and have a good time with friends and family here. My cheekbones have never been so sore from laughing for so long at one time.

Some highlights of the weekend were:
- Hugging my SB for the first time in almost 2 years
- My sister demonstrating what it might be like to watch 3D porn
- The miriad of jokes (clean and raunchy) that kept us laughing for hours on end
- Asking a salesperson is the new Reebok fit shoes really did make her ass nice and firm
- Accidentally embarrasing the waitress at Moxies (censor button malfunction on my behalf, but I was equally embarrased, so no harm done!)
- Teaching SB how to 5 Pin Bowl
- Watching "She's Out of My League" and thinking it was so bad that we laughed so hard pee almost came out while making fun of it! (but my favorite part was when neither sis or SB could even watch the screen, one ducking down behind the seats and one barely watching with one eye covered, way funnier than the movie ever could have been!)
- Watching Kites at the Bollywood Theatre... Hrithik on a giant screen... G-A-S-P!!!
- Comfy cozy movies at home with SB, my sis and soul sis. We watched Bruno.. (OMG, I've never laughed so hard at a movie ever but then felt so guilty about laughing!!! LOL) and Vicky Christina Barcelona (which introduced me to Javier Bardem.. hubba hubba)
- Staying up talking till I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore

The entire weekend, every little bit of it, was so much fun and so great. I wish it could have continued on forever. It was happy, relaxed, cozy, energetic, hilarious, social, invigorating.. and just sheer delightful!

The only bad part was parting ways today. I've never wanted to just hug and hug and hug someone for so long ever. The thing about opening up your heart and soul to someone like that is that when you have to leave them, it's devastating. The tears flow, the gut wrenches.. but you know that you'll get to meet up again sometime and that makes everything ok.

I love you, SB, and thank you so so much!! Missing you already!!
Pinky xoxo

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the neverending questions

In the span of about 15 minutes on Monday, I was presented with this line of questioning:

How is grass made, Mommy?

Tell me how water bottles are made...

How are toasters made?

Mommy.. how are plants and trees made?

I need to know how fire hydrants are made, please.

Mommy, don't tell me.. are cars made in factories too?

How are people made, Mommy?

.... Uhhh... somehow I pictured myself giving the birds and bees talk when my son was about 12, not 4. So I just tried to break this one down and make a satisfactory 4 year old explanation of it. It went like this: Well, a mommy egg and a daddy egg join together and make a brand new egg that lives in the mommy's tummy and that egg eventually grows into a person!

Did I do okay? Thank everything Holy that he didn't ask me how the eggs join together.

Jules :Oj

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wake Up!

Last night I went to sleep around 1am, woke up at 2:22 and then woke up again at 5:55, but that time with my glasses on. Quite an eventful night's sleep, it was!! I have no idea what would have made me put my glasses on in my sleep, but my nose was sore from wearing them against my pillow when I woke up and I had a line etched into the side of my face. Still... even with the disturbed sleep, I was quite fulfilled and satisfied when I eventually pulled myself out of bed this morning!

Wonder what tonight will bring...

Jules :Oj

Sunday, May 16, 2010

When did I become a **girl**? ;OP

High heeled shoes.........

And pretty summer dresses........
I've been feeling very girly lately!! I'm not about to hand over my jeans and tank tops, mind you.. but this dress might be fun on a hot summer's day sometime.
Jules :Oooolala!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

sex dreams

I dreamed I was a stripper for hire last night, and for some reason, I was hired to go talk to this guy from my ex husband's baseball team to help coach him through a difficult moment he was having, but it had nothing to do with sex at all. Just self esteem boosting for the guy. Someone paid me a lot of money to do it though, and a job's a job, so I did it.

Is my brain telling me that I'm feeling such high self esteem right now because I've become so active lately that it will rub off onto people just by talking to them?

Can I make a living out of that somehow?

I had these gross fake boobs in my dream though, as I'm sure most strippers do (?) and I remember them feeling all foreign. They were just these ugly stretched perfectly round things jutting out from my chest. Not overly ginormous, but bigger than my boobs are now. I might not have the perkiest of boobs, but at least they feel natural. In my dream I remember thinking that they felt like they were floating and no matter what I did, I couldn't get them to "sit down" properly.

Jules :O)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New love affair

It's official. I love jogging. It wreaks havoc a little bit on my shins.. but hot damn does it feel good. I have a new love affair going with a spot along the river that I affectionately call Peri Trail. I go and run down there. It's a forested area, natural floors, man made path carved out but I'm still running on dirt. It smells fantastic, looks beautiful and if you can put up with the odd spider web crashing into your chin as you run through it, I'd say it's almost Heaven. It's only the 3rd time I've jogged down there, but I find my mind wandering to there quite a bit.. when can I swing my next alone time so I can go jog. My mom ended up taking my son to the circus tonight unexpectedly, so I took advantage of the time off and went and ran. I saw 3 deer on my way home from there, too. That's another reason I love it, there's wildlife over there. In the past week I've seen rabbits, a coyote, deer, a moose, squirrels and a plethora of birds in and around the natural parts of Red Deer. Here's a photo of the deer and the coyote (both images I was on full digital zoom, so they aren't the best quality, but it gives the idea) and probably the best squirrel photo I've ever taken, just for kicks.

Jules :O)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

New addition to the family

My son came home on Friday night from his evening with his dad and burst through the door with the most enthusiastic "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!" I've ever heard, as he took from behind his back a pretty pink bag with blue tissue paper inside. I was ever so happy about receiveing a gift from him this year, as it's the first year he initiated that himself. I wanted to see what the gift was but I said that I should wait until Sunday, as it wasn't actually Mother's Day until then. He insisted that I open it immediately as he was all but reaching into the bag himself! I opened the cute little card and he said he'd picked everything out for me all by himself. I dove into the gift, to find this adorable little maroon colored stuffed cat toy (it looks purple in the photo though). I glanced at him as I opened the gift, his eyes were wider than wide and completely filled to the brim with the smiles of knowing he'd done something nice for his Mommy. He was so thrilled!! And so was I. I named the cat toy "Ruby" and she will rest on my headboard. It was the most beautiful 10 minutes a Mommy could ask for.

His dad said that it was first going to be a bottle of dish soap, and then a tent.. but he settled on the cat toy because he could also buy one for himself so we could be matching. It is perfect. Plus, pink and blue are my favorite colors, so if he really did pick out the wrapping as well, major kudos to him for remembering that!!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone who's celebrating it today. I hope you had a magical moment or two like I did!!

Love Jules xo

Thursday, May 06, 2010

It's playtime!

I get a kick out of my horoscope sometimes!

June 22 - July 22
The planets want to make a deal with you today, Cancer. Either you stay in bed fantasizing about life as a CEO or rock star or you get up, get dressed, and do what you have to do to make your dreams come true. Try and convince yourself once and for all that you don't have to lose your childlike wonder when you enter the real world. That never goes away, no matter how old you get!

So basically, I'm gonna be a big kid dreaming about being rich and famous all my life, and having a great time in the process! Actually, my horoscope's gone nutty... I don't have to try and convince myself that I posess childlike wonder. I already know that's a fact!

Anybody want to play with me?

Jules :O)

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Flittery thoughts...

My son said this as he was playing on his own today while holding an action figure in his hand:

"You know Duke Skywalker (aka Luke), you only get things when you're being NICE. THAT'S when you get things. You need to know that... SKYWALKER!!! See, you don't always get what you want just by asking, you don't ALWAYS. And I'm a villian you know!!"

So, at least I know my son really does listen to me from time to time! LOL Except I'm usually a hero, not a villian.

Maybe if Luke had actually gone by the name Duke, he'd have gotten a whole lot more of what he really wanted. Sounds like a porno name. Duke Longdicker. Or Duke Longlicker.

Ok. I'm going now before I get myself into trouble for letting my mind wander to the gutter so easily.


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

OH Yeah... think warm thoughts...


So how's it goin' Mother Nature? Have you been a little bit stressed out lately? Yeah, I was just curious because it seems like your head's shoved quite far up your butt in regards to the weather since "Spring" officially began. You've been confused about where to put the wind, and you seem to be into the torture of a spring winter storm. You know, I could handle the snow if you would just stop it with the stupid wind. Then today would have been quite pretty, instead of a frozen disaster. Our highways are shut down and there are tow bans on, visibility is really poor, and I'd hate to think of how many accidents there have been. So.. you know, if you feel like cutting us some slack here in Alberta, that would sure be appreciated!

Jules :OBrrrrr....

Saturday, May 01, 2010

I'm girly...

New background again. Anyone like? I have a huge hard on for paisley's.. always have, so I thought I'd put some of them on for a while. As far back as I can remember, I've loved them. I remember one of the first gifts I ever got from a guy was given to me in a cloth paisley bag with a drawstring. It was blues, burgundy and browns. I loved it.

I went to Edmonton today and got a new duvet cover and pillow shams for my bed. It's vibrant, bold and beautiful. Bright pink, orange, red, and light pink. Stripes and daisy-like flowers on one side and stripes on the other side. I'll likely flip flop it and use both. Well, I'll just attach a photo of it. That's easier. It reminds me of the colors of India. Then when I got home, I went and got some throw pillows (i love the pop of green) and new sheets to complete it all. It's ultra feminine and cheery... I doubt any man would be comfortable with that as their bedroom design, but it's just me here, so I can do what I want right now! LOL

Gotta go, though, because my eyes are doing some sort of funky chicken thing right now.

Jules 8O)