Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I finally got it!

All is right in the world!! I FINALLY got my proper region DVD of My Name Is Khan in the mail today!!! I've never been so excited to get a movie ever!! I opened it and put it on as soon as I got home! YAY!! My sister got it for me for my bday back in June, but it was the wrong region, so my DVD player wouldn't read it. But now.. problem solved!

I'll stop watching it now though, and continue tonight when I can:

a) Give it the proper attention it deserves
b) Feel free to cry my eyes out, and
c) Revel in the aftermath of the greatest movie ever

OHHHHHH!!! I'm SOOO thrilled!!!

Jules :OD


SIMON said...

I hope you always get so much enjoyment from it!

However your name isn't Khan!!!

Shell said...

Man, what a lame-o your sister is for getting you a dvd you can't even watch. If I was you I would get her back by giving her Indian stuff she can only look at.

Glad you can watch now!

Jules said...

Si - My name really IS Khan.. I've just been in disguise all these years. ;P

Shell - Hahaha!! I tried to mailorder SRK for you in time for your birthday.. I'll let you know if I was successful on Sept 20th. However, this is a look but never touch gift. He's already on reserve for anything touchy feely at my house each night.

Shell said...

Um I don't think so little sister. As the older didi I have dibs!!!! I'm sure that's a rule somewhere and if it's not I declare it to be so starting now!

Mail order Shah sounds just about perfect!!

Also, guess what? He's in Toronto in Sept for film festival. What the fuck?! And I've spent my money on Vegas. Damn damn damn. He'd better be back next summer is all I can say.