Monday, August 02, 2010

More about me and thee!

Okay, this one totally sums me up to a tee.. read this and you'll know all about my personality. :)

My Cancerian Personality

Also, this site is great, because you can select the zodiac sign of your partner or prospective partner and it will tell you if you are compatible or not... So go for it! Have a read!

Jules :Oj


Vixey said...

hahaha! I'm sorry, what was that they said about a great memory? ;o) lol
I would definitely say it describes you well though.

SIMON said...

LOL!! I'm with Vixey it says 'retentive memory'.....mmmm.....NOT!!!
I also love this bit....
*"Sometimes you can get locked into your own private lifestyle, and only come out at full Moon."*LOL!!!

It is a better site than some I've seen and I think for prospective partners it is ideal not current or past ones though!
Thanks for sharing though!!!

Jules said...

Hey hey now, you two!! What's wrong with my memory?!? ;OP

Actually, I can remember some things very very well. Career related stuff. I've got a good memory for book stuff. Does that count?? Just because I can't remember birthdays, names, faces, places, dates... what I did yesterday...

Vixey said...

Actually my dear, your memory is better than you give yourself credit for. You remember things I sure don't. So I'm really one to talk. LOL