Monday, August 16, 2010

My thoughts...

As I sat in total tranquility I became aware. Awareness makes you see things you never saw before. I grasped the pen, scribbled on the napkin and these words slipped from my brain to my fingertips with ease this evening. I felt comfort and a sense of purity.

A shiny fly sits atop a blade of grass
The sun reflects off its back and wings
It sparkles with all colors of the rainbow
It bathes to clean away the settled dust
It is beautiful, it is free
I marvel at the simplicity of its life.

A long spider treks across the endless landscape
It traverses mountains and valleys without complaint
Its tiny feet touch the grass six times more than mine ever could
I marvel at its ability to feel so much more than I.

A ruby dragonfly happily clings to a strangers back unknowingly
It savors the feeling of movement without having to flap its wings
It will stay as long as it is welcome, it needs the break
I marvel at its ability to know safety from danger.

Lessons can be learned even from the smallest of things, all you have to do is open your eyes and be willing to see.

Jules :O?


SIMON said...

Man generally takes longer than nature to pick up on even the simplest things.
More's the pity!

Nice heartfelt words encompassing everything that makes us who we are.

Tys on Ice said...


that was beautiful..awareness...such a simple act of observing without thoughts.

hearing without listening
looking without seeing
existing, without effort,
being natural.
watching...every thought..without involvement.

isnt it amazing how any emotions dissapitate like the mist under a warm sun, when its being observed?

Jules said...

Si - Thanks, you know I don't do poetry, I guess this is as close as I get. But it slipped right out of me that night.

Tys - Your comment was just as beautiful as my post. Thank you for that!