Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Okay, so I've been out jogging the last 2 days and when I'm done jogging I've been indulging in my favorite basics... crunches, squats, push ups, steps, etc. But that's neither here nor there. There is really only one reason for me to be writing this post. And it's a totally serious question regarding sport ettiquite.

Are people involved in heavy exercise allowed to spit?

Cuz when I jog, even though I'm drinking water, I still get that really thick saliva that forms a white lining at the corners of your mouth if you're not mindful and forget to wipe it away. That sticky spit that just coats your whole mouth and no matter now hard you try, you can't really swallow it? It feels like the only course of action is to spit it out. Scrape if off the lining of the cheeks, and the tongue and toss it to the edge (when nobody's around to see, of course). But I want to know if it's allowed or acceptable, incase I ever go running with someone one day and I get the dreaded sticky spit mouth thing when I'm with them, which is pretty much guaranteed to happen.

Please, do let me know!

Jules :Optttew


SIMON said...

I think it's very much a personal thing - for myself I can't stand to see anyone, whether heavily involved in sport or not, expectorate.
I guess though if you see professional sports people spitting all over the place then it must be more acceptable than it used to be.

Vixey said...

I really don't have the answer for you but... If you ever go jogging with me, please DON'T. eww

The Grunt said...

Go on, spit away! It's fun to do and you can hit things with it.

Diane said...

I get the rabid, thick, foamy spit too. There's no cure.

don said...

it's common for cyclists to spit and blow their noses. I'll take a small drink swish it around and spit it out. Everyone does it.

Jules said...

Si - I think it's unavoidable, really.. so I think for you it would probably be best not to watch anyone involved in heavy sport. LOL

Vix - Okaaayyy... I'll just be subtle and do it when you're ahead of me with your ear buds in. ;)

Grunty - Right?! It totally flies well and stays stuck together.

Di - Yeah, but what do you DO with it, is the question, my Dear!

Don - Yay! This is great news. Not only for the spit factor, but also because a bug flew up my right nostril today and I spazzed out a bit.. the end result being me doing the 'on the move athelete nose blowing maneouver'.