Friday, September 17, 2010


The only good thing about Autumn arriving is that I get to wear scarves again. I fell in love with this one the other morning when I went shopping with my sister.. and those earrings too. The earrings came in a set of 3 and I love them all. In fact, I've worn a set for the last 3 days in a row. They make me feel pretty.

Soooo... do you like my scarf and earrings? (Nothing like fishing for compliments on one's blog, is there?? LOL)

Now, on another note... I'm trying to decide whether I am going to Banff for the weekend or not. The weather's been rainy and chilly.. and I seem to have lost my waterproof jacket, and I'm sure it will rain while I'm there, so I'm not sure. On the other hand, I would super love to hike up to the summit of Mount whats-its-name (I sincerely can't remember the name of it) and then go relax in Banff Hot Springs. I just wish I had someone to do it all with. Does anyone want to meet me there Saturday afternoon and go hiking with me? LOL Even if you don't want to meet me, at least help me to decide whether to go or not!

Jules :Oj


SIMON said...

If you mean the one with the Gondola it's Sulphur Mountain!!
Of course you should go, but you know that really don't you?!
On the other point and the fishing for compliments, the answer's yes!!

Diane said...

Those are pretty awesome earrings. They look like they go with that scarf too.

I must not be a "scarf" person. I love silk scarves but never wear them. :(

Vixey said...

Yes, your scarf and earrings are very nice and you are right they make you look pretty but you are pretty even without them. :o)
As for the Banff thing... I'm a little late but... Of course you should go and I'd love to meet you there, unfortunately I have other commitments.

Jules said...

Si - Yes, it was Sulphur Mountain and it was superb!!!

Diane - Thanks! I am a scarf wearer tons... but then, it's cold here for half the year. I have lots of them, silk, knitted, other fabrics. I love them.

Vix - Awwwww... thanks Sis! Too bad you couldn't join me yesterday, it would have been a much better day for you! I'll go do it again, and when I do, you can join me. :)