Wednesday, September 15, 2010


OMG. My son has had 9 official days of school and the words a parent dreads the most were spoken when I went to pick him up today. "Nathan, there's your mom... (and then she discretely says to me) Ohhh, I need to talk to you."

Crap. Certain dread shivers pulse through my body.

My kid's a good kid, isn't he?

Lately, I've been having a bit of a problem with back talk at home, and not following through on what I ask him to do. I just sort of figured this was normal for an almost 5 year old boy, so I've dealth with it as best as I can. But apparently now it's spilled over into his school behavior. Oh, and poking and punching. GREEEEAAAT.

My son's been in the hallway two days in a row now for misbehaving in class. Ms. B says she spends alot of time with him, trying to make him listen and follow the routine and rules, but from time to time, he needs to be removed from class. WTF, Son?!? Honestly? Do I have to be MORE of a disciplinarian with you at home so that you can realize how to follow rules at school? Makes sense now, why he's having a hard time wanting to go to school in the mornings if he's getting into trouble there. The kicker is that I discipline him more than they would....

People tell me that I should take him out of school, but frankly, I'm not cool with that. I want him there learning, making friends, having to be accountable for his actions. I want him to learn how to react and respond appropriately to other people, his age and adults. I've been home with him all his life, and I think he's too dependant on me now. Plus, honestly... I need the break from him in the mornings these days.

I hope this isn't going to be a year full of visits to the Principal's office. Now I have to go wrack my brains to think of an appropriate "rewards" system that will work for him when he has a good day at school.. aka "subtle bribery system". LOL

Wish me luck with this child of mine. I know he's really a good boy... really...

Jules :O/


SIMON said...

Some kids just take a little bit longer to settle in to any environment that is different. It's not good luck you need because you know he's a good bright kid, just a bit of patience.
Oh you need the break from him and he needs the break from you, so don't listen to the peeps that say to take him out of school. Don't worry it will work out. Good kid/good parent it can't fail.
The bribery part should be the easiest!!

Shell said...

That sucks, Jule. Hope things work themselves out at school soon. *hugs*