Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guilty Indulgence #2

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know this one. I love me a good, hot, bubbly time.

Guilty Indulgence #2:

I don't have baths all the time, sometimes I like a nice revitalizing cleansing shower as well. But on cold days, or days when I have sore muscles or a lot of stress, there's just nothing like unwinding in a steamy bubblicious bath. Above are the current products I'm using. The Vanilla Honey Fa foam bath is good, it gives a nice stretchy playful bubble that lasts for at least 30 minutes. It smells good... but ohhhhhhh... the Cocunut Scrub is delectable. OMG. If it wasn't soap I'd eat it every time I used it. I just wanna rub it all over me and never wash it off. And it really does leave the skin feeling soft and silky. I love it!! I'll definitely buy it again.

Looks relaxing, doesn't it? Ahhhhhhhhhh.... yesssssssssss.

Jules :Oohhahh!


Vixey said...

Nice! I love a good relaxing bubble bath from time to time. Especially by candle light, it's just soooo dang relaxing (by oneself of course, we're not talking naughty Indulgences just Guilty ones lol).
Thanks for the tips on the products too. Will definitely have to give them a try. :o)

SIMON said...

Stretchy playful bubbles ..... LOL!!

Of course being very old I remember when your avatar was a bubbly pic of you!!

Diane said...

Legs! Legs!!!

Jules said...

Vix - Well... I hae a naughty indulgence that I'm sure will appear on here eventually too! LOL

Si - I am a bubble conasseur, don't you know? I can't seem to find that old avatar, but it was a good one!

Diane - Well, yes!! I do have them!! **giggle**

Mrs. Dude said...

scaaaaandalous!!! ooooh!