Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guilty Indulgence #3

DISCLAIMER: This post is rated P for perverted. If this surprises you from my blog, you haven't been around long enough to know me well enough. If it grosses you out, you can spew and get all high and mighty later, but for now, at least watch the video.

#3 Guilty Indulgence

Before you spazz out, it doesn't go internal. But hot dang... this MISTER deserves high praise. He only needs about 15 seconds and I'm screaming for joy. Yes. I'm guilty... and I DO indulge. Frequently.

Jules :Obuzzzzz-ahhhh)


Vixey said...

hooooo! That man has one SEXY bod.
And I don't mind sayin'... Damn, I wish I looked like her. lol

franck said...
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franck said...

Good for you!

Jules said...

Vix - You were the one to show me that video to begin with.. I love it!

Franck - Ohhhh... so that's what it takes to get you back to my blog and commenting, hey?? Sex, sex, sex?! LMAO! Hope Russia is treating you well, my dear friend! xo

SIMON said...

As the video is blocked in the UK I can only go by the track, which is good, though the video must be pretty damn hot for MR MAGIC to be pictured and explained!!!
I love the 'guilty' way you hurriedly explain "it doesn't go internal."!!!! LOL!!!

Diane said...

I told you it was nice! ;)