Sunday, September 19, 2010

My ME day... but I missed you.

Well, I went to Banff. I wasn't sure about going, because I like companionship on something like that and had nobody to go do it with... but I was told I still should go and that I would have a great time, by Thor. He knows me well. I had the most fantastic time!!

I didn't arrive there until 2 and by 2:15, I was hiking up the mountain. It was a very tough climb, uphill all the way... no flat spots to stop and catch your breath. It took me 1.75 hours of constant up, up, up. Legs burning, heavy breathing, butt flexing. I was dripping with sweat by the time I reached the summit. There was a sign that warned that it was a moderate to strenuous climb, but I didn't care. It felt like a Bucket List thing that I needed to go do and cross off. So on ward and upward I went.

After I looked like a drowned rat, but to be fair some of it was rain. LOL

I enjoyed the view immensely, even thought it wasn't the first time I'd been up there. I super love looking at mountains from the top of mountains. It's a totally humbling experience that completely fills you with awe. I don't want to seem self absorbed, but here are two photos of myself. The first one is how bad I looked when I got to the top, and the second one is how adorable I look in the mountains (once I dried out, LOL)!!

See how amazing they look on me? And to think... not ONE stranger hit on me. Hmmpph!!

After the hike, I went to Sanson's Peak (the neighbouring mountaintop) and then took the Gondola down. I went to the Banff Upper Hot Springs and soaked in them for 3/4 of an hour and then got a Quesadilla and took it down to Bow Falls for a picnic supper. Bow Falls is one of my very favorite places on God's green earth. I could go there and stay for hours and hours, just watching and listening to the Falls.

A day for me, about me, totally to fulfill my soul. A ME DAY. It was tops!!

Next time, though... somebody really should join me. ;)

Jules :Oj


SIMON said...

Yeah it was self absorbing but you can be forgiven as it was a me day and off the record just between you and me I like the both of them!!
Sounds like you had a great time, nice one!

Mrs. Dude said...

awww you so pretty :)

don said...

Great pics! Must have been a real climb!

Vixey said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic day. Everyone needs "me" days once in a while and that's exactly who they should be about. Trust me, I know. And I am in DESPERATE need of one right now. (Especially after the week I've been having.) :o)

Jules said...

Si - I did have an amazing time, and thanks for the compliments. :)

Mrs. D - Not half as pretty as you are, my dear!

Don - Sweaty, very difficult for lots of it, could have used a few more breaks I think... but it was ever so worthwhile!! I can't wait to torture myself with it again someday. Maybe again before winter sets in... ;)

Vix - You are SOOO in need of a me day. 2 hours in the afternoon just doesn't quite cut it, hey? Hang in, sis... love you! xo