Sunday, September 12, 2010


Well... that's not good. I was pruning all of my shrubbery in the yard today, getting it ready for autumn/winter and this happened. Needless to say, I had to stop pruning and go do first aid. Actually, this cut is really really deep.. not quite to the bone, but deep. It's been 6 hours and it's still bleeding. I never knew how much a wound like this to the fingertip would be such a gusher. I probably should have gone and gotten a stitch or two, but with both boys, it seemed like too much trouble. So I cleaned it out well and I'll clean it out again and then get some polysporin and a waterproof bandaid and call it fixed. Hopefully it will reattach itself given enough time.

Jules :O(


don said...


SIMON said...

OWEEEEE!!! I'd have been inclined to get a stitch or two despite the obvious hassle but hey?!!
It will be ok I'm sure and you can lose a huge amount of blood before you need to worry - after all you are fit!
No I mean look at all the jogging you do!!!!

Tys on Ice said...

goddamn ! ouch!

if u go with india, i wud ask u to put turmeric powder on it and then tie it up with a cotton bandage..

Diane said...

Holy crap!

I hope you feel better soon!

I once nicked my finger/fingernail with a knife when I was chopping up cabbage once. Not quite as bad as yours, but the person I was with convinced me not to go to the E.R. It didn't bleed as long as your cut did, but it did feel tingly/funny for about a week afterwards.