Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well, since my last post left most of you speechless, I'll go back to posting something *decent*. Here are some gorgeous mountain tree-scapes for you to enjoy, taken the last time I was in Banff on my "me day" hike.

Jules :Oj


Vixey said...

Oh-MG!! I am so in love with the roots in that first pic. GORGEOUS!!!!
As a matter a fact, I think I'd like a copy of that blown up and framed. (maybe say... for Christmas. ;o) lol)

SIMON said...

Well it is Canada where the trees outnumber the people by 2000 : 1 but those few of your quota are glorious!

don said...

I love the sky and mountains in the picture at the bottom, and those rocks in the next to bottom. Looks like you climbed down a cliff..

Jules said...

Vix - Hmmm... food for thought! Yes, that tree is AMAZING!

Si - Thank you! All it takes is an open eye and a camera, hey!

Don - It was a brilliant setting.. I promised I would stay away from cliffs and I did.. well, I didn't climb down any, I just looked up at them. :)