Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Are you hot or cold?

There are just some things that I think taste better cold than hot. This post is randomly brought forth by the fact that my body is cold, and I was sitting here thinking of ways to warm it up and I recalled my Dad saying once that if you're cold, eat something cold, it will lower your internal body temperature and thus make the cold outside seem less frigid. Incidentally, this theory of his stands for feeling hot as well.. eat something hot to make you less hot. I don't know if I get it entirely, and I'm certain there's no scientific backing to it, but hey... it's a fun concept and well worth the giggle it made me produce when he told me!

Some things I think are better cold than hot are:
  1. Coffee
  2. Chicken (especially if it's fried and left in the fridge overnight)
  3. Water
  4. Milk
  5. Pizza
  6. Nipples... but I won't elaborate there.

Do you have a favorite item that you think tastes better cold than hot? Tell me and I'll try it and see if I agree with you... as long as it's not complicated to make (I'm not a big fan of having to cook).

Hey, it's almost Halloween. How about you lurkers take this as the opportunity to come forth from the shadows and say hi to me? Come on... I know you're there, and I promise not to scare you away. ;P

Jules :O)


The Grunt said...

Farting is much better when it is cold.

SIMON said...

Well I'd like to expand on the nipples one that I agree with.....or maybe not!!! That's more to do with ways of warming up!!

Not just your chicken but almost any meat, most vegetables, especially potatoes....yum yum
All eggs except fried eggs.......

Coffee needs to be hot (sorry)but tea can be cold... says the only Brit not to drink tea at all!!!

Have to say your Dad is right!

Quiet Paths said...

Hi! Fun post. Chocolate cake is best cold too with a glass of cold milk...

don said...


Vixey said...

I don't know Jules but I have heard this too. The idea is it raises or lowers your internal body temp to your external body temp thus helping you regulate your overall body temp. Sounds good to me. Not that I actually have tried it cause I gotta tell ya... the last thing I wanna do when I'm cold is eat or drink something cold (and the same for hot). Oh well. :o)
Personally I prefer my hot beverages hot (coffee, tea etc) and my cold beverages cold (milk, juice, water)and I really can't be specific here but I like ALL my cooked meals hot (especially at the beginning). I could elaborate more but I don't wanna take up too much space. LOL

Jules said...

Grunty... you mean when it's cold outside, so the warm farty fresh air can surround you and warm you up? lol

Si - I dunno about the almost any meat thing... ?! I will just trust you on that one.

Qupee - I agree, I think!

Don - I can't argue with that. In my whole life I've never known anoyone to go "Ahhhhhhh!" after taking a swig of warm beer.

Vix - You've heard it too? Did you hear it from me? I tried having an iced cap the other day when it was cold out and I still felt cold. Maybe it wasn't cold enough.

Vixey said...

No, I didn't hear it from you. I honestly don't remember who told me but I know it wasn't you. I think it was someone from work at Mich.

Diary of a Gay Soldier's Husband said...

I prefer my crow and humble pie to be ice cold. Make it a little more palatable.

Jules said...

Hmmm... that's cool Vix! Maybe that means there's some truth behind it!

Dilly - LOL... ya... I get what you're saying there.

Tys on Ice said...

coffee...cold coffee is far better than hot ones...

certainly beer..

cold wind is far better than hot ones. ( Not refering to the Grunt kind)