Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Guilty Indulgence #4

This spring/summer/autumn, I spent sooo much time in the mountains. They are my favorite place on earth.. apparently it doesn't matter where either. I went to Montana and loved them, Waterton and loved them, Banff and Kootenay National Parks and loved them. I guess, suffice it to say that the Rocky Mountains have a sort of magic to them that is really astounding and energizing. I feel like a different person when I'm there, as if the earth's abundant vibrancy flows up through my feet and rejuvenates my soul.

So, my Guilty Indulgence #4 is

One of my favorite things about being in the mountains is the wildlife I get to see there, because being in a city, you don't come across it much. Well, here we don't. I love this recent photo:
The last time I was there, I went into a place where there was a forest fire some years ago and it was a totally unique experience. Normally when you think of the mountains, you think lush forest with a great mixture of trees, each giving off their own fragrance. But here, the new growth still had several years to catch up and reforest the area. It really did take your breath away and make you think about what had gone on there, and how it impacted that part of the mountains. I found this burned out tree that captivated me completely. It looks like a human face to me.. see it (click to blow it up)? First I saw it as a small letter "d" but then I noticed the face. It became special to me instantly.

The thing that really steals the show for me is the clarity and the color of the water in the mountains, with all it's natural mineral richness. I love the hues of greens and blues that you find as you pass by almost every body of water in the mountains. It's so much different than the rivers that are run through the prairies which are so murky looking.

This is Olive Lake in Kootenay National Park, BC.. So green and beautiful, perfectly crystal clear. Really more the size of a pond, but totally worth stopping to indulge yourself in.

This is Numa Falls in Banff National Park. From the road this doesn't look like much of anything. Take my advice and stop there. It's the sort of place that it only takes a few seconds to realize its magnificence, and one that you will spend a lifetime remembering and wishing you could visit more often. The rock formations there are amazing and the turquoise water is very pleasing to the eye.

I can't go without posting this totally incredible photo of the reflection of a mountain in a little bit of river water that was left behind as the water receeded for the winter. To me, there's nothing like a snow topped mountain on a perfectly blue sky.

I consider myself so lucky to be close enough to enjoy these truly magnificent beauties, and thankful to have people to share them with! I suppose that's enough of that indulgence for the time being. I doubt I'll make it back out there again this year, unless the snow stays away in November... hard to say.

Jules :Oj


SIMON said...

Hey Mountain Girl.
Personally I am so surprised that this comes in at #4, maybe because though as guilty indulgences go it isn't that guilty!
To be at one with nature and to go out of your way to be so makes you the complete all round 'better' person.
Nice one Jules! You rock(y)!!!!

Jules said...

It's a guilty indulgence because this year I put aside other things so that I could shut off the world and go indulge myself in my favorite soul revival. Had I not put off other things, maybe it wouldn't be considered a guilty pleasure.

Diary of a Gay Soldier's Husband said...


Jules said...

Yeah, it's a beautiful country here, Dilly.