Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

My son and I decorated with tons of spider's webs, spiders, pumpkins, skulls, ghosts, horrific faces, giant skeleton posters, witches, black cats and spooky trees this year. Should protect my house from the evil spirits that are floating around this year on Hallow's Eve. There are 3 occupants of my household at the moment, so there are 3 carved pumpkins. This is one of the skeletons as you walk your way up my winding front walkway. At night it catches the light and sort of glows, as do the ghost ones, and the wicked cat ones.

One pumpkin is a graveyard, one is supposed to be a vampire tiger (lol, kids have such great imaginations), and one says beware on it.
My son was with his dad for trick or treating this year, so I set up camp at my house to commence the rather dull task of handing out candy. I do enjoy seeing costumes and hearing the 7 - 8 year olds have their competitions about who will get the most candy.. but overall, it's just "meh" when I'm not the one taking my son around trick or treating. Anyway, here's my campout spot on my ultra comfy stairs. I knew they'd come in handy when I bought the place.
(Though at the time I was probably more thinking about performing outrageous indecent acts of... errr.. nevermind).

I hope you all had a great Halloween today and that you were able to keep the evil's at bay, whatever form they were in.
Jules :Obooooo!


Mrs. Dude said...

it'd be hard to share your son especially on nights like tonight, sorry about that. I see you are doing some light reading!!! wooo!!

don said...

My mom had a bowl for candy like that when I was growing up.

SIMON said...

You were certainly all prepared - nice one!!
Hope you had a great All Hallows Eve.
Mine was totally a non event certainly compared to the last two, which were two of the best days ever!!
So it goes!
Welcome to November!!

The Grunt said...

I waited for the Great Pumpkin but it never came.

Diary of a Gay Soldier's Husband said...


Jules said...

Mrs D - Ya, it made for a lackluster Halloween... next year I'll have him. Yes! I am reading this cool book by this rockin author, I intend to do a post about it when I'm all done reading it. ;)

Don - LOL, it's my biggest mixing bowl... and I use it every year. This year I ran out of candy. Need more and a bigger bowl.

Si - Yes, so it goes. I guess we have to make it good, whatever the circumstance. The last two were nice though.

Grunty - Sweetie, you just didn't wait long enough....

Dilly - Thanks! I guess these are the years to treasure for Halloween... cuz kids don't trick or treat forever!